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6th, 7th & 8th Graders

“To Know, To Live, To Grow”
published by Augsburg Fortress
Divided into three years:
Year AMartin Luther’s Small Catechism 
              Learning & Understanding the Lord’s Prayer, 
              Ten Commandments & Apostles’ Creed and 
              studying the life of Jesus
Year BOld & New Testament’s of the Bible
              Learning about the major stories, people &
              themes of God’s love for His people
Year CLiving Out Our Christian Faith
              Exploring faith issues, the meaning of service and building the church

The program is on a rolling three-year cycle and the three years are not necessarily sequential.  So for example, Year A is not a prerequisite for Year B, etc. 

Join us for Rally Day (the second Sunday in September) to start off the fall season including the new year of Christian Education.

First Confirmation class is the Sunday following Rally Day during the Christian Learning hour at 9 AM.  Class will meet weekly at the same time on Sundays with the last class for the year in May one week before Confirmation.  We also offer The CHAT Room for parents and Sunday School for siblings.

The Confirmation Program also includes periodic “Lutheran Learning Experiences.” The goal is to have one of these events once a month for some fellowship, fun, learning and review.  We will do a variety of things to reinforce learning and to deepen the student’s relationship with God and with one another.  We will be as flexible as possible with sports and other activities.

In addition, there will have a few “field trips” and service projects throughout the year.  Many of these are done with the High School Youth Group.  These additional events are designed to work with the students to help them live out their Christian faith by helping others and showing Christ’s love. Youth Group activities can be found in the Messiah Messenger.

For more information or to enroll your 6th grader contact the church office at 847-823-6984. 




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