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FLAT JESUS is on the move for Summer 2017!


Today your child is bringing home ‘Flat Jesus’. This is a Messiah Lutheran Church and Child Care Center take-home summer mission based on the popular Flat Stanley book series. If you are not familiar with Flat Stanley here is an overview.

‘Flat Stanley’ is an early chapter book originally written in 1964 by children’s author Jeff Brown. In 1995, a Canadian teacher named Dale Hubert revisited the Flat Stanley story and began a classroom letter writing program which evolved into a worldwide phenomenon called the Flat Stanley Project. The original story is about a young boy named Stanley who is accidentally squished “as flat as a pancake." Stanley soon discovers being a half inch thick has its advantages and his unique size gives him the ability to help his family and neighbors out of some unusual situations. But, what stood out for educator Dale Hubert the most was Stanley’s ability to travel.

Flat Stanley could fit into an envelope and be mailed off to visit relatives and eventually travel to exotic places around the world. Following the concept of Flat Stanley, it seems logical to combine with the Great Commission:  “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

As we remind our children at Messiah Lutheran, Jesus is with us – everywhere, everyday! We want the children to continue their faith formation over the summer and to share God’s Good News. Who better to send with them than Jesus?

Flat Jesus is a paper doll children cut out and color. He can accompany you by car, plane, via snail mail or go digitally. When Flat Jesus arrives at his destination, photograph and document his adventures. You can make multiple copies and even send Flat Jesus abroad. If you lose Flat Jesus, don’t worry he (in electronic format) can be found on our website; www.MessiahParkRidge.org OR our facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/MessiahLutheranPR/.

In September, we will host a Welcome Home party for Flat Jesus. Prizes will be awarded in several categories including; best outfit, best travel story, furthest distance traveled, best photography, most photographs, most different locations, etc. If you stay at home this summer and bring Flat Jesus to Messiah for Sunday worship, CCC Summer Camp, CCC Chapel, or Worship on Wednesday and have him signed by a worship leader or teacher, there will be a prize for most Messiah photos, too!

Help us help your kids take Flat Jesus on a summer mission to see the world God created.  

In Christ,

Pastor Lynne


How to Get Started:

1.  Cut out and color your Flat Jesus. If you think he’ll be getting wet, you may want to laminate him!

2.  Take Flat Jesus with you on your travels this summer whether by car, plane, via mail or virtually.

3. Take photos at various destinations and document Flat Jesus' adventures.

4.  Save the photos and stories and bring them to church in September for a welcome home party where prizes will be awarded!




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