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The Messiah Messenger > The September 2019 Messenger#615
The September 2019 Messenger#615

Sep 4, 2019

God’s Work

Could you sum up your life in four words? Our parent church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, decided a few years ago to try to sum up its life in these four words: “God’s work, our hands.” That’s the slogan by which we gather on September 8 for worship and service.

It’s a good slogan, but it raises a question: What is God’s work?
God’s work is filling all creation with light and life. God’s work is infusing the world and every creature with energy and purpose. God’s work is sending Jesus Christ to be God with us in the flesh. God’s work in Jesus is to assure us that nothing in life or death can separate us from the love of God.

So, God has done a lot—and God is doing a lot. Because God is already at work, we don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to do God’s work. We can lend our hands to what God is already doing around us—in our families, communities, and workplaces—to give life to the world and to help humans flourish as God intends.

Because God is already at work, we can give the best of ourselves and leave the results to God. Because God is already at work, we can take time to celebrate the ways that we see God working.

And because God is at work, we can sum up our lives in just a few words: “God was working, I joined in.”
Faithfully, Pastor David

God Was Working, I Am Joining In!!

“God’s work. Our hands.” is Sunday, September 8, 2018. This day is an opportunity to celebrate who we are as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. Service activities offer an opportunity for us to explore one of our most basic convictions as Lutherans: that all of life in Jesus Christ – every act of service, in every daily calling, in every corner of life – flows freely from a living, daring confidence in God’s grace.
Please plan to attend!!
•   We’ll start at 9:00 a.m. with a brief prayer service
•   Followed by the 2nd Congregation Meeting of the year
•   Then we’ll have an outside crew collect non-perishable food items in the neighborhood (organized by Connie Kaufman) plus an inside crew assemble LWR personal care kits and quilts (organized by Trudi Handzel & David Swanson).
•   Then, we’ll enjoy our annual chicken lunch provided by the Quilts & Kits crew. Any salads & desserts are welcome!


Congregation Meeting will take place on Sunday, September 8th in conjunction
with ELCA Day of Service.
Please plan to attend this important meeting to get updates from the
Executive Committee!!

Check out Pastor Knutson’s blog at southernafricanconnections.wordpress.com

From Pastor Lynne
As was announced during the worship service on August 18th, Pastor Lynne Morrow has officially resigned her position as Messiah’s Pastor. As you know she went on leave last October to address health issues. Following is her letter of resignation:

Dear Messiah family,

It is with a heavy heart that I submit my resignation as your Pastor. Messiah has been blessed with the pastoral care and leadership of Pastor Lynnette and Pastor David since my leave began last October. Although my health has not changed, it is time for me to give closure so that Messiah can freely move forward with ministry.

I remember vividly arriving at Messiah the first day of VBS in July 2009. I had no idea how much this community would end up meaning to me and my family. I am eternally grateful for all that we’ve done together. Since 2009, we have worshipped together, learned about Christ and each other, and served the community together. We have shared our experiences and stories, celebrated life events together as a Christian community such as baptisms, confirmations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and funerals. When we come together in joy or sorrow, the people of Messiah share God's love with all. Most of all, I feel gratitude for the times you’ve allowed me to really be your pastor: when you’ve shared a joy, a challenge, a grief and allowed me to be present with you during those life events. Your compassion has amazed and humbled me when our family has had challenges.

While it is hard to say goodbye to people we’ve loved so dearly, I know that we will always be connected through our joint ministries at Messiah. I intend to work with EC to prepare for a smooth transition to the next phase of Messiah’s life. You have powerful gifts for ministry, many of which are still just being discovered. I’ve had the privilege of helping you discover some of them and put them to use, and I’m excited for what you will learn and do in the future. There may not be time or opportunity to let each of you know how much you mean to me and my family. I came to you as new pastor and you’ve helped to make me into a pastor…. You all will always be with me.

In reflecting on the mighty ministries of Messiah, there is a sense of history and trust that God’s hand will continue to guide this faith community. Looking ahead to future ministry, I am so grateful to God for leading and supporting Messiah along this unusual journey the past year.

With Hope through Christ, Pastor Lynne

The Executive Committee will be working with the Metro Chicago Synod to develop a plan for moving forward. How can you help? Participate! Give! Lend a Hand! Encourage! Support! Pray! Contact any member of Executive Committee if you have any questions, concerns, ideas!


A Month of Beginnings

September is often the month of beginnings in congregations. For instance, In our music program, the Gloria Dei choir will hold its first rehearsal Sept. 4. The congregation will begin to learn a new liturgy on Sunday, Sept. 15. (The choir will be at worship to lead the congregation in the singing of the liturgy so that it becomes second nature to all of us.)

On Friday, September 20, we’ll gather with our two partner congregations who use Messiah’s facilities for worship. There will be a meal followed by a short time of fellowship. Part of that fellowship will include each congregation teaching a song or two from its Christian tradition to the other congregations.

It’s appropriate to do this during the season of Pentecost which is also a time of new beginnings. The birthday of the church—and the beginning of a movement that would eventually circle the globe with its message of the crucified and risen Christ—started 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem during one of Judaism’s festivals, also called Pentecost.

As we heard read in worship just two months ago from Acts 2, something that would rattle the expectations and lives of the earliest followers of Jesus was about to occur. The disciples heard a loud sound one day— “like the rush of a violent wind”—and saw something like a “tongue” or pillar of fire resting on each other’s heads. Brought up to speak the Hebrew language, they then began speaking fluently in languages they had never studied and learned. The different languages they spoke also happened to be the same native languages of the pilgrims visiting Jerusalem. Their words reflected a unified message concerning God’s mighty deeds. What was going on? The Spirit of God was bringing a new reality into existence through these men and women—the church of Christ.

Our own new beginnings stretch back to those earliest days two millennia ago. As Scripture says: “Behold, I make all things new.”
Bill Decker, Music Coordinator


School is starting, cooler weather is on the horizon and, our weekly guests are still in need of lunches, clothing and food. First of all, thank you so very much for your gifts of clothing, food and paper goods.

Thanks so much for all of your help. We are frequently surprised with donations from people who say that they know that Messiah has an Assistance Ministry and that they would like to help. How wonderful this is to be able to share their gifts with those in need.

Our pantry is quite low at this time so we are looking forward to the Day of Service on September 8 so that we can replenish our gifts of food. As we are approaching fall, please remember that sweats, sweatshirts, sweaters, socks, sturdy shoes and fall jackets are needed.

We have noted that our guests seem to come mostly during the first hour, 11:00 to 12:00 so are changing our hours starting in September to Mondays from 11:00 - 12:30. We are still providing a nutritious meal and lunch to go for our guests. Please consider joining us on Mondays from 10:30-12:30 to help serve our guests. It’s truly an uplifting experience! Contact Julie Jensen or myself to let us know when you can help!

With thanks,
Connie Kaufman


THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! Thanks to everyone who donated items and/or money to fill this year’s kits! Special thanks to Thrivent for the grant that enabled us to purchase 85 towels! And also special thanks to David Swanson for picking up the mantle to get donations and shop! We’re in good shape to fill Personal Care and School Kits for Lutheran World Relief (https://lwr.org/quilts-and-kits) – so now we just need help to put everything together!!
Please join us on these dates to pull it all together and send our message of love to those in need:

   ** September 8 (Day of Service – Personal Care Kit & Quilt Assembly)
   ** September 22 (School Kit Assembly & Quilts after worship service)
   ** September 30 (Packing Quilts & Kits – 10:00 a.m. Friendship Place)
   ** October 5 (Messiah hosts LWR truck at Messiah 9 am – 12:00 pm)
   ** October 6 (Messiah hosts LWR truck at Messiah 12:00 – 3:00 pm)

Besides saving these dates, watch for details on packing quilts & kits on September 30 (10:00 am) and LWR truck at Messiah on October 5 & 6. Help will be needed! Please let us know when you can join us! Trudi Handzel & Carol Hrodey

Christian Education
Due to scheduling difficulties of time and leaders, Sunday School is currently not in session. We’d certainly like to have SS or an equivalent program going again so if you would like to help, please consider donating your time. Perhaps a team approach? And it doesn’t need to be a parent of a SS student! There have been many wonderful SS teachers through the years at Messiah whose children have grown but find joy in teaching children about how much God loves them! Any ideas are welcome! If you are willing to help please contact the Executive Committee.
The confirmands meet with Pat Kovach at 9:00 a.m. Sundays in the Confirmation Room, off the choir loft!
Miss Pat always welcomes others to teach and help with the class.

Join us for Coffee & Conversation during Chat Room on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. in the Friendship Place. If you have requests/ideas for future topics, contact David Swanson.

CCC’s fall session is underway!!
Its’ great to see some familiar faces as well as many new faces.
There are still openings in some of the classes if you know a child who would love to come to Messiah and learn about Jesus! For more information on CCC Activities and Programs contact CCC Office at 847-825-3767 or see the website at www.messiahchildcare.com


Sunday, September 15th, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Right here at Messiah!! 1605 Vernon Avenue in the Friendship Place!

A fun evening of games, dinner and a service project!

A donation for the Lutheran World Relief School Kits (see Quilts & Kits list) ...and a friend!

Aly Allemeier!

Hello, I'm reaching out to you on behalf of Scouts BSA Troop 105, the historic first all-girl scouts BSA Troop in Blackhawk District, dedicated to the knowledge and growth of young women.
We'd love your help raising funds to support Scouts BSA Troop 105 Fundraiser. Please check out our fundraising page at https://honeybakedfundraising.com/fundraisers/Scouts_BSA_Troop_105_Fundraiser.

If you would like to forward the link to others who might be able to use this, please do so - just in time for the Holidays! Thanks for your support! Tim Saul

Saturday, September 14th at 9:00 a.m. All Messiah men are invited to Jimmy’s on Rand Road in Des Plaines.
Manna orders will be due Monday, September 9th at 9 a.m.! The cards will be distributed by Thursday, September 12th
Sunday, September 29th at 1:00 p.m. Bring your special friends for the annual blessing on the lawn of the church!

Potluck, Sharing, and Song with Hope Adventist & Hope Korean Churches
7 to 9 pm, Friday, Sept. 20, 2019

We will gather at 7 pm for a potluck dinner. Messiah members are invited to bring a non-meat item to share (salad, snacks, fruit, vegetarian dish).

After dinner, we will have a program of sharing together about our faith, traditions, and backgrounds, and share some music from our traditions. And there will be a chance to ask questions.

Please plan to attend to meet and break bread with the brothers and sisters in Christ who share our building and learn about their witness to God.
•   Gloria Dei Choir Resumes
•   8th Day of Service
•   Congregation Meeting
•   8th Youth Mixer
•   9th Manna Orders Due
•   10th CCC Board Meeting
•   14th Brotherhood Breakfast
•   15th Christian Education Hour Resumes
•   16th EC Meeting

We’ll meet on Thursday, October 3rd at 7:00-9:00 pm in the Friendship Place to discuss “The Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin. The Mysterious death of an eccentric millionaire brings together an unlikely assortment of heirs!
Book Club is open to anyone who enjoys reading. All are welcome. If anyone has any questions, please contact Paul Holzer at 847-296-0734.

The Harvest Fest which will be Saturday, October 19th will have a new theme this year, Trunk-or-treating! Trunk-or-treating is a safe alternative to the traditional trick or treating where children go from trunk to trunk asking for treats. Families decorate the trunk of their cars in any way or theme they choose and hand out treats to trunk-or-treat’ers. This is a great opportunity for Messiah to reach out and welcome the community to a fun Halloween themed event. We will also have snacks for sale, pumpkin decorating, bounce house and more. Please contact Alaine in the office if you would like your car to be part of the trunk-or-treating.

The annual Niles-Park Ridge Crop Walk is coming up on Sunday, October 20th Walkers and/or donations welcome – speak with David Swanson or Trudi Handzel.

•   3rd Messiah Book Club
•   5th LWR Truck
•   6th LWR Truck
•   8th CCC Board meeting
•   12th Brotherhood Breakfast
•   21st EC meeting
HELP WANTED!! Compassionate, friendly people needed to help serve our guest during Assistance Ministry! No experience necessary!! Weekly commitment not necessary but we ask for availability on Mondays from 10:30-12:30 whenever you’re available! Comes with great benefits!! Contact Connie Kaufman or Julie Jensen!
EC Corner – The August meeting was held just after receiving the resignation from Pastor Lynne and focused on next steps relative to Messiah’s Ministry.
1st Reading   Psalm   2nd Reading   Gospel
September 1st – Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
Proverbs 25:6-7   Proverbs 25:6-7   Proverbs 25:6-7   Proverbs 25:6-7

September 8th – Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Deuteronomy 30:15-20   Deuteronomy 30:15-20   Deuteronomy 30:15-20   Deuteronomy 30:15-20
September 15th – Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Exodus 32:7-14   Exodus 32:7-14   Exodus 32:7-14   Exodus 32:7-14
September 22nd – Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Amos 8:4-7   Amos 8:4-7   Amos 8:4-7   Amos 8:4-7
September 29th – Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Daniel 10:10-14, 12:1-3   Daniel 10:10-14, 12:1-3   Daniel 10:10-14, 12:1-3   Daniel 10:10-14, 12:1-3

September 1   September 8   September 15   September 22   September 29
   10:15 am   9:00 am   10:15 am   10:15 am   10:15 am
Acolytes   Michaelene M   Evelyn A   Hanna L   Kyle H   Nikolas R
Assisting Ministers   David S   Day of   Pat K   Andy T   Cindy N
Readers   Andy T   Service   Larry R   Dave H   Debbie D
Comm. Assts.   Mary Jo M   Aly A   Teresa L   Laura H   Larry H
Ushers   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD
Projection & Video   Jim H & Paul H    Jim H & Paul H    Jim H & Paul H   Jim H & Paul H   Jim H & Paul H
Altar Guild   Nancy H   Sue K   Marilynn D   TBD   Marilynn D
Counter   Jim H & Tim S   Jim H & Tim S   Jim H & Tim S   Jim H & Tim S   Jim H & Tim S
Signing up to donate the chancel flowers or weekly bulletins is a great way to honor or remember a special person or event. It also helps to offset the cost for the church. The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex near the entrance to the choir loft. Flowers are $40, and the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or “Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box.
September 1st    In loving memory of our parents by Les & Nancy Herak   In loving memory of our parents by Les & Nancy Herak
September 8th    In loving memory of Bud Duckett by Marilynn Duckett   Available
September 15th    In loving memory of Skip & Lorraine Handzel by Jim & Trudi Handzel   In honor of Kyle’s 14th birthday by the Hauser Family
September 22nd    Available   Available
September 29th    Available    Available

We would like to thank Pastor Phyllis Kersten for once again filling in while Pastor David is away this week. Thank you for leading us in worship today.
Many thanks to David Jensen, Ryan Hauser, Julia Fogel, and Alan Christensen for sharing their musical talents this summer in worship. David played a medley of hymns on his banjo, Julia and Ryan sang a duet, and Alan brought a J.S. Bach hymn tune to life on his amazing cello. Thanks so much for bringing both joy and just plain fun to our worship this summer.
We are pleased to welcome Pastor Cynthia Hileman who will preside at worship this morning while Pastor David is away. Pastor Hileman works part-time at the Metro Chicago Synod office as an Associate to the Bishop. She is the pastoral contact for the Near West and Northwest conferences. We are thankful for teachers and students as they return to school and pray for a good school year. All the very best to Novena Christal, Julia Fogel, and Ryan & Adam Hauser who are beginning their first year of college.
We would like to thank Trygve Jensen for all of his time and dedication to Messiah throughout the years. Most recently Tryg has served as Vice president of the Executive Committee and has contributed to many of the events and fundraisers at Messiah. We wish him the best as he begins Grad school in Minnesota. Godspeed Tryg!

As of August 25th Worship Bulletin
The Dumerer Family Pastor Lynne Morrow and the Fogel Family
Trudi Handzel   Jim Handzel    The Hauser Family
Carol Hrodey   Bob Kallas   The Family of Deborah Dietrich
Don & Mary Jane Kovach   Richard Levy
Daniel Kovach Maria Raicia (mother of Laura Hauser)
Ruth Perzentka (mother of Trudi Handzel)    Terry DeSchepper (friend of David Swanson)
Ron Sersen (friend of David Swanson)        Chris Kubiluis (friend of the Jensen Family)
Ted Gradt (friend of the Jensen Family)       Dick Moody (friend of the Jensen Family)
Sonja Snell (niece of Bill & Cindy Decker)    Katie Brandon (friend of Dotty Burger)
Karen Heisler (friend of the Jensen Family)
Bonnie Bomhack (friend of the Jensen Family)
The McEnerney Family (friends of the Kaufman Family)
Bonnie Bomhack (friend of the Jensen Family)
Judy Swensen (friend of the Jensen Family)
Mary and Bruce (friends of David Swanson)
Victims of gun violence         Victims of all violence

Those who are homebound:
Arlene Baranowski   Barb Loverme    Dorothy Nagel Eva Thoren      

Those serving in the armed services and first responders:
(those known to us & all those who serve)
Brandon Ajyek    Tim David       Tyler Daye
Jerred Engvall    Bobby Hanson    Jenni Hanson
Mikey Hanson    Andreas Johnson Claudine Ward
Jason Koesler Joey Rosequist Officer Matt McGannon    
Those attending college:
Rachel Daye Melissa Holzer    Thomas Yager Julia Fogel
Phil Holzer   Kevin Kovach    Nick Levy Novena Christal
Haley Lippert Dina Salemi    Arden Sasak Adam Hauser
Jake Saul   Jessica Saul    Christian Travis Ryan Hauser   
Those who celebrate:
Julia Fogel, 9/4 David Hanson, 9/8 George Magerl, 9/11 Melvin Shapiro, 9/12
Caitlin Levy, 9/13 Marilynn Duckett,9/14 Michael Hanson, 9/14 Kyle Hauser, 9/16
Tom Hanson, 9/17 Richard Levy, 9/18 Teresa Lippert, 9/20 Holly Norberg, 9/21
Worknesh Deressa, 9/22 Steve Loverme, 9/23 Julie Jensen, 9/25 Barbara Valasek, 9/26
Pat Fragale, 9/28
Bill & Sandi Downie, 9/16, (58 years) Richard & Helen Levy, 9/20 (28 Years!)
Please let us know if you do not see your birthday or anniversary here!
We want to be sure to celebrate you!




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