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The Messiah Messenger > The July 2019 Messenger #613
The July 2019 Messenger #613

Jun 28, 2019

From the Pastor
Not So Ordinary Time

We are launched into that long season of the church year known as the season after Pentecost. In some Christian traditions, it’s called Ordinary Time. There are no major festivals in this period. Each Sunday is named just for the number of weeks it’s been since the Day of Pentecost.

If there are to be special times in the Christian year, then there must be some ordinary times as well!

But ordinary time is not insignificant time. In fact, ordinary time is when most of our living gets done. It is in the ordinary days and weeks of life that work gets done, relationships are built and mended, children are raised, character is formed, and our priorities are lived out. It is in ordinary time that we are either faithful or not to the commitments we make and to the values we hold. In that sense, ordinary time is the most important time of all.

All of our days are an extraordinary gift from God, so in the end there really is no ordinary time. We have been given the gift of these days in which to enjoy God’s creation, celebrate and share it with others, and use our gifts for the sake of the world, in Jesus’ name.

Faithfully, Pastor David

The Season of Pentecost

Having been taken through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and baptized by the Holy Spirit, the church is now emerged into a long season of renewed and deepened discipleship, reflected in the deep green of this season’s liturgical color – the season of Pentecost. The season of Pentecost is the longest season in the church year. It begins the Monday following the Day of Pentecost and lasts until the season of Advent begins. It lasts anywhere between 22 and 27 weeks, depending on when Easter takes place. In 2019 the season of Pentecost began June 10 and will last until November 30. The season of Pentecost is often referred to as the “non-festival” half of the church year because there are no major festival days during the season. It is also referred to as “Ordinary Time”. Rather than meaning “common” or “mundane,” this term comes from the word “ordinal,” which simply means “counted time” (First Sunday after Pentecost, etc.), which is probably a better way to think of this time of the year. Counted time after Pentecost always begins with Trinity Sunday (the first Sunday after Pentecost) and ends with Christ the King Sunday (last Sunday before the beginning of Advent). The season also includes observance of Reformation, All Saints and Thanksgiving.

MUSIC MINISTRY    Singing Behind Bars

In Acts 16, we read that the Apostle Paul had entered the Roman city of Philippi, his first venture into Europe. There, a woman—actually a psychic and slave—began following Paul and his partner, Silas, around town. She frequently cried out, “These men are working for the Most High God. They’re laying out the road of salvation for you!” After several days of this, Paul became wearied of her constant outbursts and commanded that the spirit driving her to do this would cease and desist. She became free. But to her owners, this turn of events upset them terribly because this woman was their slave, and she made a lot of money for them as a psychic.

In retaliation, the owners set the crowd against Paul and Silas: The crowd joined in attacking them, and the magistrates had them stripped of their clothing and ordered them to be beaten with rods…they threw them into prison and ordered the jailer to keep them securely. Following these instructions, he put them in the innermost cell and fastened their feet in the stocks (Acts 16:22-24).

How might one respond to such a nasty turn of events? In Paul and Silas’ case, they prayed and sang. About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them (Acts 16:25). Praying only seems natural when our lives fall to pieces. But singing late at night, bruised and beaten, while in jail?

However, other prisoners were listening to the duo. But then an earthquake struck the city. The walls of the prison began to shake and the doors of the cells were jarred open. The jailer feared the worst: his prisoners would escape and this would end his job and perhaps his life. As the jailer was about to take his own life, Paul yelled, “Don’t kill yourself; we’re all here. No one has escaped.” The jailer, badly shaken, came to Paul and Silas. The praying, the singing, and the earthquake had shattered his world and expectations. All he can think of were a couple of simple questions: “What must I do to really live?” “What must I do to be saved?”

When one’s world is shaken apart, these are not unusual questions. Praying and singing hymns are two ways to see through the challenges we face. I would guess that the hymns you chose to sing as “Favorite Hymns” this summer hold this kind of inner power for you: The Old Rugged Cross, There is a Redeemer, To God Be the Glory, On Eagles Wings, Just a Closer Walk with Thee, and Holy, Holy, Holy.

We’re in the midst of Pentecost. It’s a long one. It ends November 24. While many things can be said about this season, this story reminds us of something rather simple for the follower of Jesus in the light of Pentecost: No matter what, pray and sing.

Bill Decker, Music Coordinator


If you have a favorite hymn or hymns you would like to hear and sing during worship this summer, please let me know. You can contact me—Bill Decker—directly at messiahmusic1605@gmail.com or by writing it down on the pew pad when you mark your attendance. Also, with the choir taking a break from singing until September, I’d be interested in knowing if there are individuals who would be willing to share their faith and talents either vocally or instrumentally during the summer in solos, duets, quartets, whatever! Let me know at worship on Sundays or via email at messiahmusic1605@gmail.com.
Bill Decker, Music Coordinator


The Assistance Ministry Team continues to serve a nutritious lunch and brown bag lunch to go for 15 to 33 persons weekly. We have been fortunate to receive donations of food from local restaurants and grocery stores and are doing our best to provide a variety of healthy food choices.

Once again, should you have a party, BBQ, family event, etc. and find that you have an abundance of leftover food, please consider sharing with us. An Eagle Scout group recently donated extra pasta to us and we will add to this to serve as the main meal this coming week.
We enjoy being creative in putting foods together!

As the warm weather is upon us, please keep our guests in your thoughts and prayers.
•   Bug Spray
•   Sunscreen
•   Baseball Hats
•   Tee Shirts
•   Socks
•   Sneakers
•   Shorts & Jeans
•   Large & X-Large men’s casual clothing
•   Backpacks (substantial ones to carry extra clothing, food, etc.)

We are noting that many of our guests enjoy socializing with the other guests and with the volunteers. As one gentleman said to me, "it is so nice to have someone talk to me and see me as a person". Humbling indeed.

Please think about joining our group....all that's needed is a smile and a helpful attitude!

With thanks, Connie Kaufman


It’s the time of year when we focus on collecting items for the school and personal care kits for Lutheran World Relief. Check out details of the LWR Quilts & Kits ministry at https://lwr.org/quilts-and-kits. The lists for each type of kit follow. If you find any good deals on these items please let us know! Or if you’d rather have us shop, monetary donations are welcome!

Personal Care Kits Contain:
• 1 – bath towel
• 1 – nail clipper
• 1 – sturdy comb
• 1 – toothbrush (ask your dentist for donations!)
• 2 – bars of 4-5 oz. bars of soap

School Kits Contain:
• 4 - 70 page spiral notebooks (this is our biggest need since each kit needs 4 notebooks – in years past these go on sale with back-to-school sales at Meijer, Staples, Office Max, Walmart)
• 5 - ballpoint pens (no gel pens)
• 5 - #2 pencils
• 1 - pencil sharpener
• 1 - pair blunt end scissors (these generally go on sale at Office Max & Walgreens)
• 1 - ruler (needs to include cm’s)
• 1 - eraser
• 1 - box of 24 crayons (these generally go on sale at Meijer, Staples. Office Max, Walmart)
Many of the sales limit the number of items purchased so we usually need to make multiple trips to the stores – or need multiple people to make a trip or two!
Meanwhile, we continue to work on quilt assembly every month. Our upcoming dates include:
   **July 28   **August 18   ** September 8 (Day of Service)
    **September 22 (School Kit Assembly & Quilts)
Besides saving these dates, watch for details packing quilts & kits on September 30 (10:00 am) and LWR truck at Messiah on October 5 & 6.
Please join us to assemble quilts – and maybe make a panel or string a cord handle into a backpack or just hang out with us! We meet after the worship service in the Friendship Place! Besides items for the kits, we can always use monetary donations – a roll of batting is approximately $112! Checks can be made out to MLCW!!    
Trudi Handzel & Carol Hrodey

Our Missionary:
Reverend Dr. Philip Knutson - Check out Pastor Knutson’s blog at southernafricanconnections.wordpress.com

Christian Education
Even though Chat Room and Confirmation are off for the summer – we keep Jesus in our hearts and continue learning and growing in our faith!!
See you in the fall!!!

Due to scheduling difficulties of time and leaders, Sunday School has not been in session. It’s important for the future of Messiah to have offer programs for our youth!! We’d like to have SS or an equivalent program going again so if you would like to help, please consider donating your time. Perhaps a team approach? And it doesn’t need to be a parent of a SS student! There have been many wonderful SS teachers through the years at Messiah whose children have grown but find joy in teaching children about how much God loves them! Any ideas are welcome! Think outside the box!
If you are willing to help please contact the Executive Committee.

Summer camp is well underway for the Child Care Center families! The children will look forward to weekly field trips, playing outside, and theme weeks. Please look at their website for events and updates.
Important CCC Reminders
•   CCC will be closed for Independence Day July 4th
•   CCC Closed July 5th
•   Manna orders due Monday, July 8th by 9:00 am
•   Manna orders distributed Thursday, July 11th
•   Vacation Bible School Week will be the week of July 22nd

For more information on CCC Activities and Programs contact CCC Office at 847-825-3767 or see the website at www.messiahchildcare.com

WANTED: The Executive Committee is looking for 2 Child Care Center Board members to replace outgoing members. If you want to be part this awesome team that helps shape Child Care Center services, please contact a member of the Executive Committee.

Scout Troop 105
Adan M, Senior Patrol Leader, Troop 105, Messiah Lutheran Church is also a member of Venture Crew 1. She was called out to perform and complete her ordeal and be accepted into the Order of the Arrow (OA). Adan took an oath to perform cheerful service to the Scouting movement in her community. She is currently working through her rank and merit badge advancement with Troop 105. Her goal is to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, by performing all the requirements for a Troop level program. The Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s National Honor Society.

A person cannot apply for the OA, rather they are chosen by their peers, based upon the criteria of requirements being met, providing good leadership, and helping others.

Adan is one of the first youth females inducted into the OA nationwide.

We are proud of Adan and her accomplishments. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Adan!!

Thanks to MLC for chartering female Troop 105.

Yours in Christ,
Tim Saul, Charter Organization Representative Messiah Lutheran Church

“God’s work. Our hands.” is Sunday, September 8, 2018. This day is an opportunity to celebrate who we are as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. Service activities offer an opportunity for us to explore one of our most basic convictions as Lutherans: that all of life in Jesus Christ – every act of service, in every daily calling, in every corner of life – flows freely from a living, daring confidence in God’s grace.
We’ll begin our day at Messiah with a brief worship service” at 9:00 am. Our outside crew will again collect non-perishable food items for the Maine Township Food Pantry & Assistance Ministry and our inside crew will work on Lutheran World Relief kits – personal care and school kits – as well as assemble quilts. The MLCW will sponsor its annual chicken lunch (yum!)! Connie Kaufman is coordinating the outside crew and Carol Hrodey is coordinating the inside crew if you have questions. If you need a t-shirt, contact the church office. The day will also include our Congregational Meeting.

Saturday, June 13th at 9:00 a.m. All Messiah men are invited to Jimmy’s on Rand Road in Des Plaines.

Manna orders will be due Monday, July 8th at 9 a.m.! The cards will be distributed by Thursday, June 10th.


The next Messiah Book Club will meet on Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 7 p.m. to- 9 p.m. in the Friendship Place. We’re reading "Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules" : a novel by author Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg. Book Club is open to anyone who enjoys reading. All are welcome. If anyone has any questions, please contact Paul Holzer at 847-296-0734.

Still time to get pre-sale on parking passes – last chance is Monday, July 1st!
40 parking passes are available for the back (east) parking lot for the July 3rd fireworks! Proceeds from this fundraiser go to support the ministries of Messiah! We are suggesting a donation of $15 for each pass, which guarantees a spot in our parking lot. If you want a pass, contact the church office soon – the passes will go quickly! The main (north) lot will be open to the public on the 3rd on a first-come-first-serve basis.

•   July 3rd Fireworks
•   4th Independence Day (MLC Office closed
•   4th & 5th – CCC Closed
•   8th Manna Orders Due
•   13th Brotherhood Breakfast
•   15th EC meeting
•   16th CCC board meeting
•   28th Quilts & Kits

•   5th Manna Orders Due
•   9th Brotherhood Breakfast
•   18th Quilts & Kits
•   19th EC Meeting
•   20th CCC Board Meeting
•   Week of 19th CCC Closed for prep for Fall classes
•   26th CCC Open House
•   27th CCC Fall session begins

Congregation Meeting will take place on Sunday, September 8th in conjunction with ELCA Day of Service. Please save
the date!!

Growing up at Messiah can provide a special foundation for individuals that can last a lifetime. We continue telling you about some of our current members who grew up at Messiah!

Jim Handzel, our current Financial Secretary, came to Messiah in 1958 when he was 2 years old! He came with his parents of course, Skip and Lorraine Handzel. Plus, older sister Donna and baby brother John. Donna & Jim had already been baptized but Jim believes John was baptized at Messiah. All three Handzel children were confirmed at Messiah and were present at Messiah services and activities along with their very active parents. Skip was an architect who often brought his knowledge and skill of buildings to MLC. He served on the Property Board, designed the church’s original sign on the west side of the building and was often involved in building repairs & maintenance. Lorraine had a catering business along with Leona Johnson and frequently brought those skills to many Messiah events. Lorraine was the primary person who coordinated all things kitchen – for example, she researched and recommended the current refrigerator & freezer we have, among other things. Lorraine also taught Sunday School and was active with MLCW, including what we currently call the Quilts & Kits Ministry. These skill sets seem to have been passed down to Jim & Trudi! They were married at Messiah in 1986 and began their involvement in the ministries of Messiah (Jim’s sister, Donna was also married at Messiah in 1980). Both Jim & Trudi have served or are currently serving on Messiah’s Executive Committee. Trudi is known as Messiah’s MacGyver – its amazing what she can pull out of that little purse! And she brings her amazing creative craft skills as the co-coordinator of Quilts & Kits Ministry – as well as to numerous other service projects. Trudi has also co-coordinated Messiah’s participation in the annual Crop Walk along with David Swanson. And she sings in the choir! And then there’s Jim and his formidable blacksmithing skills. Our processional cross was made by Jim, along with the bracket for the eternal flame and a framed cross that is currently in the Fellowship Hall. He’s demonstrated blacksmithing and a couple of our Harvest Festivals. Jim, not unlike his father, has often assisted with property repairs/maintenance issues at Messiah. He also works with Paul Holzer on running our AV operations from the choir loft on Sundays. There’s a lot of talent packed into this couple! When asked to say something about being members of Messiah, Jim noted that if they didn’t like being part of Messiah, they’d go to church closer to home. Trudi added that “you choose your family”.

Hopefully we see the joy of family involvement in church life and what can be passed on to future generations. May we build on this foundation for the future of Messiah and its ministries.

THANK-YOU We continue to say THANK YOU to everyone who is pitching in and helping during Pastor Lynne’s leave of absence – prayers, support & words of encouragement are appreciated We also continue to be grateful for Pastor David’s ministry & leadership during this time.


The office will soon be developing a member information update sheet. Our records will need to stay as up to date as possible so the office can communicate with everyone more effectively. This information sheet will contian the usual information needed as well as a few questions regarding your opinion on what is the most effictive way of reciving information. When you receive the update sheet, please be sure to fill it out honestly and accuratly and return it to the office as soon as you are able to do so. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


A summary of the Metro Chicago Synod Assembly Meeting in June can be found at http://www.mcselca.org/assembly/
Congratulations to Bishop-elect Yehiel Curry who was elected to be the sixth bishop of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, ELCA, at this year's assembly. His six-year term begins officially on September 1, 2019. Bishop-elect Curry replaces Bishop Wayne N. Miller who is retiring August 31, 2019, after two terms. Bishop-elect Curry's installation as bishop will happen in October.

EC Corner – June meeting included update on Pastor Lynne’s ongoing LOA and coverage. EC is seeking 2 new CCC board members and someone to complete Tryg’s VP term when he moves. Contact EC if interested in any of these positions. EC also seeking person to coordinate Harvest Festival in October. Besides ongoing church operations, EC reviewed Visioning process for Messiah. Congregation meeting scheduled for September 8th in conjunction with ELCA Day of Service
June Attendance
Wk 1=57    Wk 2=45
Wk 3=43    Wk4=41
Wk 5=not available at press time
June Giving (general fund facility use, MAP)
Wk 1= $3371    Wk 2= $2168.75
Wk 3= $4157 Wk 4= $3,320    Wk 5 = not available at press time
1st Reading   Psalm   2nd Reading   Gospel
July 7th – Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 66:10-14   Psalm 66:1-9   Galatians 6:1-16   Luke 10:1-11, 16-20

July 14th – Fifth Sunday after Pentecost
Deuteronomy 30:9-14   Psalm 25:1-10   Colossians 1:1-14   Luke 10:25-37
July 21st – Sixth Sunday after Pentecost
Genesis 18:1-10a   Psalm 15   Colossians 1:15-28   Luke 10:38-42
July 28th – Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
Genesis 18:20-32   Psalm 138   Colossians 2:6-19   Luke 11:1-13

July 7   July 14   July 21   July 28
   10:15 am   10:15 am   10:15 am   10:15 am
Acolytes   Adam H   Novena C   Novena C   TBD
Assisting Ministers   Andy T   Pat K   Cindy N   Tryg J
Readers   Rich L   Janitha C   Dave H   Andy T
Comm. Assts.   Laura H   Janitha C   Janitha C   TBD
Ushers   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD
Projection & Video   Jim H & Paul H    Jim H & Paul H   Jim H & Paul H   Jim H & Paul H
Altar Guild   TBD   Cindy   Sue K   Nancy H
Counter   Jim H   Jim H      Jim H   Jim H
Sunday   Flowers are Given By   Bulletins are Given By
The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex near the entrance to the choir loft. Flowers are $40, and the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or “Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box.

July 7   Dan Kovach in Honor of
Kevin’s birthday   The Hauser Family in honor of
Adam & Ryan’s 18th birthday
July 14   The Kopij family in honor of
Dorothy Nagel’s birthday   Available
July 21   The Ryczek family in honor of
Eric’s birthday   Available
July 28   Available   Available

Laura Hauser in memory of Neil Hauser for Messiah’s 65 years of ministry.

A BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR MESSIAH!! It’s not too late to consider giving a “Birthday Present” for Messiah’s 65th Birthday in the form of a monetary donation to help pay off MAP!! We’re celebrating all year! It’s clear that Messiah has touched all of us in some special way – let’s all think about what Messiah has meant to us and our community over the last 65 years and consider honoring that with an extra donation for its birthday this year!
Interim Pastor: Rev. David Heim
Music Ministry Coor.: William Decker
Child Care Center Dir. Karen Black
Office Manager: Alaine Wong
Bookkeeper: Laura Hauser
Property Coordinator: David Hanson

President: Paul Holzer
Vice President: Trygve Jensen
Secretary: Vikki Hanson
Treasurer: Larry Ryczek
Financial Sec.: Jim Handzel

Chair:       Erik Grove (temporary)
Secretary: Kathy Malyszko, Sue Kopij
Treasurer: Pat Kovach
Assistance Ministry:    Connie Kaufman
Altar Guild:    Sue Kopij,
Cindy Norberg
Brotherhood:       Rich Seggeling
CHAT Room:    David Swanson
Confirmation/Youth:    Pat Kovach
Memorials:    Office Manager
Women’s Svc. Group: Trudi Handzel
Carol Hrodey
Worship Assistants: David Swanson
Worship Readers:     Rich Levy
John 17 Fellowship: David Swanson
Prayer Cards:        Jackie Steigerwald
Sign Ministry:     Staff
Floyd Yager and Jennie Read Robles

Congratulations to all of the graduates for all of their hard work and meeting their education goals. Good luck in the
next phase of your journey. Pentecost is a day of promises fulfilled. The promised Spirit of God is poured out. The
baptized have become “children of God” and “joint heirs with Christ.” By the power of the Spirit we have seen the face
of the Father in his only begotten Son and been saved by him. Bless the Lord, O my soul. When the Maine Township
was called to pick up our latest food pantry donation, they paid Messiah a fantastic compliment. The pick-up
coordinator said they are so grateful to Messiah because they can always count on us to provide food for the hungry
people of Maine Township. She continued to say that Messiah is a small but powerful congregation and she is in awe
of what comes out of Messiah. We are truly blessed to be a blessing. Last weekend at the Metro Chicago Synod
Assembly, a new bishop was elected, Yehiel Curry. You can read about the new bishop’s background and highlights of
his faith journey with Christ on the synod’s website at http://elca.org/News-and-Events/79874. We thank God for the
service of our current bishop, Wayne Miller, who will retire at the end of August, and we ask that God will bless and
give Bishop Curry wisdom as he leads the congregations of the Synod in the years ahead. We are especially grateful
to all of the fathers and father figures in our lives that have helped guide us, and shape us. We are thankful to Andy
Travis and Karen Bruchman for sharing their time and talents with us while Pastor David and Bill Decker were away
last week.
As of June 23rd Worship Bulletin
Those who mourn:
The Hannes Family (friends of The Seggeling family)

Those who are ill, in recovery, or facing adversity:
The Dumerer Family    The Hauser Family
Pastor Lynne Morrow and the Fogel Family
Trudi Handzel       Jim Handzel    
Carol Hrodey       Bob Kallas      
The family of Deborah Dietrich
Don & Mary Jane Kovach Richard Levy
Daniel Kovach Maria Raicia (mother of Laura Hauser)
Ruth Perzentka (mother of Trudi Handzel)
Terry DeSchepper (friend of David Swanson)
Ron Sersen (friend of David Swanson)
Lauren Givens (a friend of Pastor Lynne)
Judy Swenson (former member of Messiah)
Matt, Sean and Toni (friends of Rich Seggeling)
The Kara Family (friends of Alaine Wong)
Chris Kubiluis (friend of the Jensen family)
Ted Gradt (friend of the Jensens)

Those who are homebound:
Arlene Baranowski, Barb Loverme, Dorothy Nagel, Eva Thoren      

Those serving in the armed services and first responders:
(those known to us & all those who serve)
Brandon Ajyek    Tim David      Tyler Daye   Jerred Engvall    Bobby Hanson
Jenni Hanson    Mikey Hanson   Andreas Johnson     Claudine Ward
Jason Koesler Joey Rosequist Officer Matt McGannon

Those attending college:
Rachel Daye Melissa Holzer    Phil Holzer Kevin Kovach Nick Levy
Haley Lippert Dina Salemi    Arden Sasak Jake Saul    Jessica Saul   
Christian Travis       Thomas Yager
Those who celebrate:
Debbie Dietrich, 7/4
Carol Hrodey, 7/4
Jeanne Dumerer, 7/5
Steve Yager, 7/5
Alice Hulterstrum, 7/7
Lester Thurow, 7/7
Adam Hauser, 7/8
Ryan Hauser, 7/8
Joyce Tjhio, 7/9
Kim Bujalka, 7/11
Kevin Kovach, 7/11
Michealene Marchetta, 7/11
Dorothy Nagel, 7/11
David Swanson, 7/18
Eric Ryczek, 7/19
Hannah Lippert, 7/20
Karen Black, 7/23
Clifford Paulus, 7/23
Haley Lippert, 7/27
Robert Bisgard, 7/28
Evelyn Allemeier, 7/29
Thomas Yager, 7/30
Pastor Lynne & Larry Fogel, 7/3 (25 years!)
David & Julie Jensen, 7/8
(30 years!)




1605 Vernon Avenue
Park Ridge, IL 60068
p 847.823.6984           f 847.823.6996