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The Messiah Messenger > The April Messenger Issue #586
The April Messenger Issue #586

Mar 30, 2017


The April Messenger Issue #586

March 30, 2017

Hosanna! And All***ia! Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
This month we mark the events of Holy Week and celebrate Easter, the day that defines our Christianity.
As we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, I'd like to reflect back on Lent for a moment. The Holden Evening Prayer Services have been full of good music, prayerful reflection and Spirit-led sharing on The Small Catechism. (If you’d like to hear some of the music, just click here http://www.giamusic.com/search_details.cfm?title_id=8024.) The reflective time of Lent can help us prepare for a festive celebration of the resurrection of our Lord on Easter Sunday and throughout the Easter Season.
The first half of April, we will come together and experience a wide range of emotions. We will join together with the crowds of Palm Sunday in shouting “Hosanna to the Son of David!” (Even the rocks shouted!) We join together with the disciples in the sharing of the feast at the Last Supper. We will teach first communion students and continue to be bound together by his command to “love one another.” We will gather together in silence and awe at the foot of the cross and we know that Christ suffered and died for us, as individuals and as a community.
As we join together, we look for new life and new hope on Easter morning and every morning. This is indeed a time to celebrate and to shout “All***ia!” for the new life and the new things that God is doing in and through the people called Messiah Lutheran Church and Child Care
In this month, we will look back with gratitude for all those who have come among the people of Messiah, and we will look forward to the new people who will join us and who, by their very presence, will change Messiah, new songs that will be sung, new joys that will be celebrated, and the new ways that we will find to share and bear one another's burdens.
Blessed are you Creator of the universe – from old you have led your people by night and day. May the light of your Christ make our darkness bright, for your Word and your presence are the light of our pathways, and you are the light and life of all creation. Amen. (from the Evening Thanksgiving in the Holden Evening Prayer Service.)
In Christ,
Pastor Lynne

Messiah welcomes the newest member of our congregation, Elaine von Schwedler. She will serve as Publicity Chairman for the church and CCC.
Elaine comes to us with over 10 years’ experience of doing publicity for her previous church, Trinity Lutheran in Des Plaines. Besides doing the publicity for the church, she also served on the Worship & Music committee and Church Council, volunteered as bookkeeper and assisted the treasurer. She also served as the editor for the monthly newsletter.
Elaine enjoys crocheting. She crocheted bookmarks which the Stephen Ministers delivered at Christmas time to the homebound members they visited year round. She also shared her bookmarks with the students at First Communion, & Confirmation.
Elaine also did publicity for over 20 years for the VFW, winning many awards both at the state and national level.

Highlights from the March 13 meeting include:
• Remaining CCC Board position (community member)
• Approval of requests for facility use and discussion about long-term use of parsonage
• Review of financial audit comments
• Constitution revision
• New member – Elaine von Schwedler – will handle publicity for Messiah
• 2017 meeting schedules
• Finances including fundraising

March Attendance Wk1=46, Wk2=45, Wk3=55, Wk4=34
*97 individuals worshiped in February, attending between 1 and 4 times.

March Giving (Gen. Fund)
Wk1=$1,531, Wk2=$2,097, Wk3=$1,575, Wk4=$1,676

‘April Showers!’
April has been designated “Landscaping Services” month for special collections. To indicate your preference to contribute towards our landscaping bill, please write “Landscaping” on a pew envelope. Your gift will be applied directly to that particular account.

PLEASE check with church office before you schedule an event – there is a room assignment calendar maintained by the Office Manager.

FIRST COMMUNION Classes in Planning
Pastor Lynne is asking all those with children ready for their First Communion to contact her at pastorlynne@messiahparkridge.org. Classes could begin in late April or early May.

APRIL 4 Please remember that April 4 is Election Day in Park Ridge. Voting stations will be set up in the Friendship Place for citizens to record their preferences.
There are still election judges needed for the many voting areas around the community.
There are two positions available: Election Judge or Equipment Manager. Both assist voters and ensure the polling place is running smoothly. Equipment Managers are also responsible for setting up and maintaining the equipment.
Election Judges earn $190, and new Equipment Managers earn $340. To learn more and apply online cookcountyclerk.com/judges.

Sunday, May 7, is Good Shepherd Sunday!
2017 will be an exceptional year as LSSI (Lutheran Social Services of Illinois) celebrates its 150th anniversary of transforming lives!
LSSI serves over 73,000 people — of all ages, races, incomes, and religions — helping make changes in their lives.
How you can support the LSSI mission?
• Give generously to LSSI, so we can continue to help people. For information, call 847-635-4617.
• Join the Good Shepherd Society, LSSI’s monthly giving program.
• Remember LSSI in your will or financial plan. For information, contact David P. Novak at 847-635-4671.
• Schedule a presentation about LSSI and its programs in your congregation by calling 847-635-4617.
• The Thrivent Choice® program lets members recommend direct their Choice Dollars®.
• Pray daily for the people served by LSSI and for the LSSI staff.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL April 18 & 19 at 6:15 in Fellowship Hall
Join the Child Care families for Ice Cream and Magic with the awesome Mr. Ash! Tickets are available in the Child Care Center office.

Sunday, April 30
The fourth Annual Park Ridge Ministerial Association Day of Service will be on Sunday, April 30.
The PRMA organized the first Community Days of Service for the last three years, enlisting the support of members of the various church congregations in Park Ridge.
There are a variety of projects, both indoor and outdoor from which to choose to participate. Everyone will meet at 1 pm at Mary Seat of Wisdom (MSW) for registration, blessing and sendoff to various indoor and outdoor projects. If you are interested, please to go http://www.parkridgemanna.org to sign up.
If you can, please bring
non-perishable food for Maine Township Food Bank
Diapers, pull-ups, wipes, and cleaning supplies for WINGS, used eyeglasses for Lions Club children’s books up to sixth grade for Bernie’s Book Bank or gently used shoes.

Thanks to all the “plarners” who have been working on Tuesdays – and Sundays too – to make plarn for our plarn mats. We have 3 mats completed so far and others in n the works. We will continue to work Tuesdays since we have so many bags. In fact, hold the donation of bags for now until we get caught up! On Tuesday, the 4th we’ll again have the opportunity for some early plarning at 5 before the prayer service and then again after the service. And then beginning on the 11, there won’t be a prayer service so we can plarn to our heart’s content from 5-8 pm. We’ve been having fun with this project so please drop by anytime and help! We’ll also do some “plarning” after service on Sundays.
We need help straightening, folding, cutting, and looping bags before they can be made into a mat. If you crochet or want to learn – that last step is for you!
If you are unable to come on one of our scheduled plarn sessions, you’re welcome to take supplies home after a quick lesson on making plarn. (I think they should add “plarn” to Webster’s Dictionary, don’t you?)
Carol Hrodey

To the Messiah family of faith: Longtime Messiah member and cherished friend Millie Anderson is receiving visitors and well-wishes from the congregation.
Cards and emails would be appreciated - if you would like to speak with Millie, please contact either Cheryl or Greg (info below) to arrange a phone call.
Mailing Address: Millie Anderson, Wesley Willows, 4054 Albright Lane, Apt. F118, Rockford, IL 61103
Email: millieanderson@att.net
Phone: Cheryl Erdmann: 815-236-6657 or Greg Anderson: 505-218-1255

In March, we managed to assemble five quilts with only a handful of people. So let’s gather some more people in April and see how many quilts we can assemble with more hands!
On April 9 (Palm Sunday) following worship, we’ll assemble quilts in the Fellowship Place. And remember – no sewing experience necessary! Plus, there will be good fellowship and snacks!
Also, we are continuing to gather items for Personal Care Kits. Be on the lookout for sales of towels at local stores, or we can shop for you for a donation of $3 per towel.
We’re also focused on collecting soap for these kits. We need full-size 4-5 oz. bars of soap. Each kit contains two bars, so if we exceed 100 like we did last year, we need over 200 bars of soap!
See you on April 9. For additional information and to volunteer, contact Carol Hrodey at cjhrodey@sbcglobal.net or 847-828-7819.
Trudi Handzel & Carol Hrodey


April 2 Fifth Sunday in Lent
1st Lesson: Ezekiel 37:1-14
Psalm: Psalm 130
2nd Lesson: Romans 8:6-11
Gospel: John 11:1-45

April 9
Sunday of the Passion/Palm Sunday
1st Lesson: Isaiah 50:4-9a
Psalm: Psalm 31:9-16
2nd Lesson: Philippians 2:5-11
Gospel: Matthew 26:14-27:66

April 16
Resurrection of Our Lord/Easter Sunday
1st Lesson: Acts 10:34-43
Psalm: Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
2nd Lesson: Colossians 3:1-4
Gospel: Matthew 28:1-10

April 23
Second Sunday of Easter
1st Lesson: Acts 2:14a, 22-32
Psalm: Psalm 16
2nd Lesson: 1st Peter 1:3-9
Gospel: John 20:19-31

April 30
Third Sunday of Easter
1st Lesson: Acts 2:14a, 36-41
Psalm: Psalm 116
2nd Lesson: 1st Peter 1:17-23
Gospel: Luke 24:13-35

Apr 2 Apr 9 Apr 13 Apr 14 Apr 16 Apr 23 Apr 30
10:15 am 10:15 am 7 pm 10 am/7 pm 10:15 am 10:15 am 10:15 am

Acolytes: Caitlin L Michaelene Ralphie L Sam Evelyn/Michaelene Ralphie Sam
Readers: Cindy N Ralphie L Marilynn Pat K Rich L Debbie D Dave H
Rhonda C
Teresa L
Steve Y
Rich L
Asst. Ministers: Rhonda C Pat K Diane B Cindy N David S Vikki H Karen B
Projection: Jim H Jim H Jim H Jim H Jim H Jim H Jim H Jim H
Ushers: Deb S TBD Steve Y Steve Y Steve Y Aly A TBD
Arden S
Altar Guild: Cindy N Sue K Marilynn TBD Sue K Cindy N Marilynn D
Counter: Paul H Paul H Paul H Paul H Paul H Paul H Paul H

Sunday Flowers are given … Bulletins are given …
The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex by the hall to the Educational Wing. Flowers are $40, and the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or “Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box.

April 2
Available. Available.
April 9
Available. Available.
April 16
Easter Garden. Available.
April 23
Trudi Handzel’s birthday. Available.
April 30
Les and Nancy Herak’s 40th anniversary. Les and Nancy Herak’s 40th anniversary
Please feel free to stop by and sign up to honor or memorialize a loved one.

Coming to the Messiah Child Care Center!!
Jewelry Fundraiser at CCC the week of April 3, with Touchstone Crystal from Swarovski.
• Ice cream social with magician Mr. Ash, Tuesday, April 18, and Wednesday, April 19.

Child Care Center
Scholastic Book Fair
This annual fundraiser for the Child Care Center will be in the Library April 17-25
Books are “cash and carry” and are not just children’s books!
There are great items for parents as well, including fiction, how-to books, and much more
For more information, contact Miss Rita in the Child Care Center

Graduates’ Recognition
It seems early, but we are thinking ahead to May and graduations! Please let the office know if you have a family member who is graduating from school or college this year!

for Sale! $9 & $13
Orders due by March 14 Look for order forms in Sunday bulletins beginning February 14 or call the office to place an order. This year’s flowers will be lilies, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, azaleas and chrysanthemums.

Poll Position:
A reminder that, again, Messiah Lutheran’s Friendship Place will become a polling station on Tuesday, April 4.
Do your part and vote, wherever your voting place is located!


During Lent, a time of sacrifice and reflection, Messiah Child Care is collecting pennies (nickels, dimes, dollars, are welcomed, as well) for the Maine Township Food Pantry.
Each classroom has a penny jar. The children may bring in their coins until Maundy Thursday. (4/13).
During the 2002 Lenten season, we collected 208.73.
During the 2016 Lenten season, the figure was 903.37!
Close to $9,500 in the past 15 years!! We hope that this relatively small sacrifice will encourage the children to think about our many blessings and our call to help those in need.
Thank you for your support.

On Sunday, April 30, six months from the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we will continue to celebrate our Lutheran musical heritage.
Gloria Dei Choir will help us learn Martin Luther’s first hymn written for congregational use, ELW 594, “Dear Christians, One and All, Rejoice,” and we will continue to use the hymn in worship each month leading to Reformation.
This hymn, though relatively unknown to Messiah’s congregation, was Luther’s popular hymn while he was alive. To those early Lutherans, it declared God’s grace with boldness and vigor; however, it also reflected Luther’s own spiritual journey. The hymn was originally titled in 1524, “A Christian hymn of Dr. Martin Luther which gives voice to the inexpressible grace of God and the true faith.”
One of the reasons for its popularity was its tune. Its melody fairly jumps with exuberance and joy as it proclaims Jesus’s victory over death for our sake … a beautiful Easter theme!

Special Quilts, by Kids
Two very special quilts will be hanging in the Friendship Place this year before being sent to Lutheran World Relief this fall. The quilts contain special panels made by children in the Child Care Center. One quilt has tie-dye panels and the other has colorful strips made by students. What a joy for children in the CCC to learn about helping others who are less fortunate!!

Boy Scout Pack 105’s Blue and Gold awards ceremony was held March 19 at Messiah Lutheran Church. Our guest speaker, Thompson Schweider, who started out in Pack 105 and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 2016, discussed how important scouting had been to him in the past and how it still has a positive influence on his future.
During the ceremony, each scout lit a candle, symbolizing lighting the path to their futures. The candles were part of a beautiful candelabra handmade by the very talented and also 2016 Eagle Scout, Jake Saul.
Date to Remember
May 19-21: Spring Camping trip, Blackwell Preserve, Warrenville, IL. (See Den Leaders for all the details.)
Featured Scout
This month’s Featured Scout is Lucasz Petrocci! Lucasz is a Wolf in Pack 105 and demonstrates friendship, perseverance, and comradery by including all of his fellow scouts in all activities and keeping things fair.
Congratulations to Lucasz!


Kimberly Jones, 4/2
Jennifer Manzella, 4/3
Diane Wilson, 4/4
James Seggeling, 4/8
Connie Kaufman, 4/10
Peter DiVita, 4/12
Sue Fox, 4/19
Trudi Handzel, 4/23
Jean Seggeling, 4/28
Eva Thoren, 4/28

Paul and Julie Holzer, 4/20/1996, 21 years
Les and Nancy Herak, 4/30/1977, 40 years

If you do not see your birthday or anniversary here, that means the church office does not have it in the system. Please let us know if we don’t have your “celebration information!”

Pastor: Rev. Lynne Morrow
Coordinator/Music Ministry: Sue Fox
Child Care Center Director: Karen Black
Office Manager: Rodney Richey
Bookkeeper: Daniel Kovach
Property Coordinator: David Hanson

President: Larry Ryczek
Vice President: Trygve Jensen
Secretary (acting): Carol Hrodey
Treasurer: Rhonda Cady
Financial Sec.: Paul Holzer
Chair: Tim Saul, Erik Grove
Secretary: Cindy Norberg
Treasurer: Erik Grove
Members: Tim Saul, Pat Kovach, Sue Kopij

Floyd Yager and Jennie Read Robles

Assistance Ministry: Connie Kaufman
Altar Guild: Sue Kopij, Cindy Norberg
Brotherhood: Rich Seggeling
CHAT Room: David Swanson, Steve Yager
Cross+Gen: Julie Luck Jensen
Confirmation/Youth: Pat Kovach
Memorials: Carol Hrodey
Women’s Serv. Grp.: Trudi Handzel, Carol Hrodey
Spiritual Gifts Coordinator: Steve Yager
Worship Assistants: David Swanson
Worship Readers: Rich Levy
Ushers: Larry Ryczek
John 17 Fellowship: David Swanson, Steve Yager
Publicity: Elaine von Schwedler
Prayer Cards: Jackie Steigerwald
Sign Ministry: Staff

MEMORIAL REPORT as of March 20, 2017 No memorials this month.

Please include the following individuals and families in your prayers this month:
Millie Anderson and her family, Nicholas Levy and his family, Joe, Mike Kivel, and Nancy Maltec (Rhonda Cady’s mom). We also keep in our prayers the Duval/Higgins family, as they mourn the loss of Mark. Also: Estaven Vargas, Meaghan, EB, Tyler, Zander, Chad Adams and Family, Griffin family, Dottie Burger, Terry DeSchepper, Dan S., Helmke Fields, The Hauser Family, Worknesh Deressa, Donna Hanson, Joann Wood, Brad Kovach, John, Penumaka family, Rev. Mark Wiberg, Linda Ostrand, Carol Hrodey, Szul family, Jeanne Dumerer, Laura Soto, Ruth Perzentka, Tom Jason, Irene Luck, Fred D, Bob and Justine Bisgard, Lippert family, Joanne Trestrail, Barb Loverme, Jeane Reeve, Eva Thoren, Victoria Candiotti, Richard Levy, Julie and Mark Higgins, Maria Raica, Arlene Baranowski, George and Audrey Krell, those living with cancer, those living with mental illness, Norb Wenson, Provenzano family, Cathie Glesener, Ted Gradt, Jim Leeney, Behl family, Swenson Family, Schiaone Family, Diane Brendza, Teri + Bill Muenster, Ron Nytko, Robin Horton, Fran,
Chris, Julia Ramsland, Frost family, Sean White, Jackie Powers, Mary Cvetan, Bill Schuman, Charlie Kizer, Jeff Koszczuk, Gary Hamilton, Ruth, Sandi, Tom, Tony, Mary, Peg, David, Don, JT, Kraiger Family, Mary-Jean, Jim, Nancy, Scott, Mary, Jimmy, Megan, those living with addictions, refugees fleeing persecution.*
Please update us as your loved-ones’ status changes.

In joyous celebration Steve Yager gave thanks for a newborn daughter, Grace Marie, born to Andy and Robin Horton.
And thanks be to God for Dottie Burger’s return home and for her continued recovery!
The healthy birth of Brady Krueger on March 15 was celebrated by his mother, Miss Jen (CCC teacher) and her husband, Ricky.
And on March 20, we welcomed spring! Finally!
(We understand that some prayer requests are short term for specific events, while others find ongoing prayers to be powerful.)
We want to remember in our prayers military and first responder personnel (those known or not known to us): Brandon Ajyek, Tim David, Tyler Daye, Bob Hanson, Bobby Hanson, Tom Hanson, Andreas Johnsen, Jason Koesler, Sam Krawitz, Joey Rosequist, Claudine Ward, Matt McGannon.
We also want to remember in prayer our college students: Art DeSchepper, Andrew Fox, Tommy Hanson, Melissa Holzer, Kevin Kovach, Paul Song, Brynn Wildenauer.

Please let the office know if you are moving! Thanks!

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