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The July Messenger Issue #553

Jun 30, 2014

The Messiah

July 3rd starting at 5:00pm

WOW – it’s hard to believe that I have served Messiah-Park Ridge community for five years! The past five years have been filled with hope, promise and new beginnings. Reflecting on our time together, I am thankful to God and to each of you for the opportunity to serve alongside you as your Pastor. We have seen our community’s spiritual growth, seen a physical transformation in our campus, and discovered new gifts that are used through Messiah ministries all to the glory of God!
We have celebrated together in the best of times, and mourned with one another in the sad times. And God’s presence has brought us all hope, promise, grace and renewed energy to get up every day and try it all again. Through all of these times, it has truly been my privilege to preach and teach, worship with you, meet with you on campus and in your homes, preside at weddings, baptize babies and children, welcome new members, bury our sisters and brothers in Christ, work with the gifted staff and children in the Child Care Center, share our differences and celebrate our successes, learn your stories, and to love one another. For all this, I am deeply grateful to each of you and to God for these years together.
And, as we enter the sixth year of my call to Messiah Lutheran Church and Child Care Center, we realize that we are called to be God’s presence in this place… in this time. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, there is still much to do with the gifts and blessings that we have been given! I began my ministry five years ago with “Chats with Pastor.” These opportunities to hear how God is active in your lives were helpful in getting to know one another. I would like to invite each of you to “Continuing the Chat with Pastor” this coming year. Please sign up and be ready to chat about these four questions: What is God up to in my life? How do I understand my vocation or calling as a Lutheran? What gifts do I have to offer our community – Park Ridge and North Maine Township? How can Pastor Lynne support my call and ministry?
Looking forward to the next year serving with you all!
In Christ,
Pastor Lynne

We were so blessed to have MANY young people join our church in June! Our six Confirmands are now full members of Messiah – congratulations to them and all their hard work for the last 3 years.Also, on June 1st, we rejoiced to celebrate the baptism of Ava Veronica Manzella, daughter of Vince and Jennifer (Herak) Manzella, Les and Nancy Herak’s granddaughter, Joyce Johnsen’s GREAT granddaughter!

Some of you have already seen or heard about “Flat Jesus” this summer. Based on the popular “Flat Stanley” book series, the children in our Sunday School and Child Care Center have been given a “Flat Jesus” to take with them this summer that reminds them that Jesus is always with them - and all of us as God’s children (of all ages) can use that reminder! So the challenge is to take “Flat Jesus” with you this summer and take a picture. Send in the picture via e-mail, text, or letter – whatever works for you – and your picture or story of where “Flat Jesus” has been this summer will be shared on one of our bulletin boards! For details on “Flat Jesus”, check out our website or facebook page. You can get your “Flat Jesus” from there or you can also find him at church! Let’s find out “where in the world is Flat Jesus”!!   

Pentecost flowers have been planted - thanks for those donations! Also Moni Ryzcek brought dozens of perennial splits and we got those planted to (along with help from Alex, one of the boy scouts from our Messiah troop.) Several of our men members worked on tilling and moving soil earlier in June. We were also blessed by help from our community by John and Ricardo who are working on the hospital project with their bobcat. They generously moved the topsoil moved to approximately where it needs to be. We still have plenty of work to do; steady progress is the goal this summer. More splits of perennials or donations of grass seed would be welcome. Eventually shrubs will be planted, but that expense will be delayed until we have paid off the primary MAP expenses - thanks for your MAP donations to date, and keep an eye on the updated list. I will reach out for more help, many of you have offered. But most of all - thank-you, it has really been a team effort! - Debbie Sasak

The Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Center’s (LOMC) Swing Choir will present an evening concert at Messiah at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 24th. The Swing Choir is made up of high school-aged campers who travel during the summer to share their musical ministry! Admission is free; a free-will offering will be taken to benefit LOMC. We thank Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for their support of LOMC ministries. Everyone’s help is needed to make this happen:
• We’ll start with a potluck supper for the choir at 6pm on Thursday. We’ll purchase a main course so help is needed to bring side dishes and dessert.
• We’ll need a few people to serve as hosts, ushers, etc. for the evening.
• We need volunteers to house the campers and their adult leaders (approximately 25-30 individuals) Thursday night.
To help, please sign up on YES! Sheets or contact Sue Fox at jspfox@aol.com or 847-698-0460. And don’t forget to invite your friends, neighbors, family members to attend – it will be a great evening of music and fellowship!   

Highlights from June 16th meeting:
• Open positions were discussed - bookkeeper and CCC school board member. Both positions are now filled.
• Audits (both financial and safety) need to proceed. Team members are needed for both efforts.
• The Leadership retreat is scheduled for Saturday morning August 16 and will be held in a location near Messiah. Leaders of the all the committees should please put that on their calendar and plan to attend.
• Fundraising ideas were discussed. A leader for the Fall Festival is urgently needed for that event to be possible.
• Leaders to coordinate Rev. Knutsen's visit is needed.

May Attendance
May Giving (Gen. Fund)
5/4=$2928, 5/11=$3017, 5/18=$1876, 5/25=$1292

We are still collecting sheets for the quilts and monetary donations for shipping the kits and quilts. We need flat sheets for the backing, and place monetary donations in the offering plate (designate for LWR kits). Next month we’ll collect for the school kits so watch for “back to school sales”:
• 70 sheet spiral (no loose paper)
• #2 pencils – unsharpened
• black or blue ball point pens (no gel ink)
• 16 or 24 pack boxes of crayons

PLEASE check with church office before you schedule an event – there is a room assignment calendar maintained by the Office Administrator

Thursday, July 3rd
begin around 5 pm
Families are invited to bring a picnic dinner, games, and their own chairs or blankets, to relax on our grounds for the July 4th celebration!

Sat, July 19 at 4pm
Join us for an evening program with Rev. Phil and his wife as they share more fascinating stories of their time in South Africa!   

Saturday, July 12
This event is taking place at St. Peter’s UCC in Skokie. We are advertising it here because some Messiah members will be providing musical entertainment! Paul Holzer’s band “Unhinged” has agreed to play again this year while folks chow down on great grilled bratwurst. They will perform at 4pm – just in time for dinner! This event is a fundraiser for the Niles Township Food Pantry and St. Peter’s UCC. For more info and a schedule of the musical acts visit www.stpeteruccskokie.org.

Tuesday, July 22 @ 7pm
Steve Yager invites you to join her as she presents an explanation of the Spiritual Gifts and how they can grow our congregation. It helps if you take the survey prior to the meeting. Visit www.HealthierChurch.org for your Gifts assessment survey.   

Brotherhood Breakfast – Saturday, June 12th at 9am. All men at Messiah are invited! We meet at Just Like Home, 8501 W Dempster Street in Niles. Good conversation and food.

Women's Service Group Our main focus this summer is still on quilts so that we can reach our goal of 60! We will work on quilts on Sunday, July 20th after the worship service – in the Fellowship Hall. Watch announcements for a possible additional date. Please join us to work on quilts - remember no sewing experience necessary!! And we need more hands to make our goal!


MLC Leadership Team Meeting, August 16
CCC Closed for cleaning,
August 18-22
CCC Open House, August 22   


Sunday   Worship Focus
July 6   4th Sunday after Pentecost
Reading: Romans 7:15–25a
Gospel: Matthew 11:16–19, 25–30

July 13   5th Sunday after Pentecost
Reading: Romans 8:1–11
Gospel: Matthew 13:1–9, 18–23
July 20   6th Sunday after Pentecost
Reading: Romans 8:12–25
Gospel: Matthew 13:24–30, 36–43
July 27   7th Sunday after Pentecost
Reading: Romans 8:26–39
Gospel: Matthew 13:31–33, 44–52   

Sunday, July 6 12-12:30pm
Join us for a brief singing of patriotic hymns and prayer, led by Pastor Lynne. More details in “Music Notes” on page 11.

Wednesdays all Summer in the Friendship Place
6:30 pm Service
7:15 pm Shared Meal

This year’s format is from the Faith5.org curriculum:
Share, Read, Talk, Pray, and Bless
Our topic this summer will be “I Am” and will include study for all ages … families are encouraged to come together for this fun, contemporary, “cross+generational” worship format.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no WoW on Wednesday, July 2nd.


July 6   July 13   July 20   July 27
   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am
Acolytes   Ryan H   Nick L   Nikolaus R   Haley L
Communion Assistants   Laura H   Helen L   Larry R   Tess L
Readers   Neena P   Dina S   Erik G   Arden S
Worship Assistants   David S   Andy T   TBD   Karen B
Projection   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H
Ushers   Jackie S,
Nancy H   Jackie S,
Nancy H   Jackie S,
Nancy H   Connie K
Nancy H
Greeters   Marilynn D   Marilynn D   Larry & Moni R   Larry & Moni R
Altar Guild   Marilynn D   Sue K   Kathi S   Marilynn D
Counters   Paul H   Paul H   Paul H   Paul H

IMPORTANT NOTICE for READERS – your readings will be emailed to you the week before you read, and a hardcopy left for you in the Sacristy that Sunday.

Sunday   Flowers are given …    Bulletins are given …
The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex by the hall to the Educational Wing. Flowers are $30, and the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or “Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box.
July 6   In celebration of Steve Yager’s birthday.   In celebration of Adam and Ryan’s 13th birthday by the Hauser Family.
July 13   In celebration of Haley and Hannah Lippert’s birthdays.   In celebration of Carolyn Morrow’s birthday.
July 20   In celebration of Eric Ryczek’s birthday by the Ryczek Family.    Available.
July 27   In celebration of Irene Luck’s birthday (24th).   Available.
Please see our Calendar page online.


Christmas In July
Thanks to those who have given a little extra to help pay for last winter’s snow removal bills.
We have received over $260 towards that end. We’d like to ask for an additional “Christmas in July” gift if you are able to help offset the rest of the $1500 we are over budget. Thanks!    

Assistance Ministry
A reminder that we need men’s clothes -especially jeans and t-shirts as well as draw string bags (sturdy ones) for our Assistance Ministry. Please leave any items in the south alcove of the narthex.

Manna Order Dates
July 6 – order due
July 10 – cards available

Flower Cartons Request
The Altar Guild is looking for donations of ½ gallon paper cartons (juice, milk, etc.) for them to cover and use to send home flowers on Sunday mornings. Please rinse out donations and leave them in the sacristy. Thank you.

Vacations and Closings
The Church Office will be closed
Friday, July 4 and Friday, July 11.
The Church Office Administrator will be on vacation August 11-15.
Sue Fox will be on vacation July 6
Pastor Lynne will be on vacation
July 29-August 10   

Church Secretary
Substitute Needed!
August 11-15, 9am to 1pm
Light duty – phones, messages, and some administrative tasks
$15 per hour
Please contact Jennifer in the Church Office
if you are interested

St. Isaccs Jogues Cabaret
On July 13, 3 p.m., there will be a cabaret type show at SIJ Church featuring some performers of the professional scene in Chicago. It is a fundraiser and the tickets are $20. Tickets are available at the door that day beginning at 2 p.m. or call Dee at 847/966-1180

June 5, 2014
Dear friends,
“Why are the good men quiet?” was the question posed by Ms. N. Mokwena in her keynote address. She was speaking at the launch of the “Lutheran Action Against Gender Violence” campaign which took place at the Lutheran Center in Bonaero Park, Johannesburg, South Africa in May this year. Ms. Mokwena is a member of People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) an NGO which provides referral services and shelter to women experiencing domestic violence. Ms. Mokwena challenged the Lutheran church leaders and members gathered for the event not to look away but to act decisively against gender based violence and to say , “No, not in my name!” and “Not in the name of my culture or religion!”
Read the complete letter at http://www.messiahparkridge.org/rev_phil_knutson.html

Yours faithfully,
Philip Knutson
ELCA Global Mission
Regional Program Assistant
Johannesburg, South Africa

JOIN US Saturday, July 19 at 4pm for an evening program with Rev. Phil and his wife as they share more fascinating stories of their time in South Africa!   

“America! God shed his grace on thee”
- Katherine Bates, 1893
“America, the Beautiful”, written by Katherine Bates, is one of our most beloved national songs, and is sometimes called the unofficial National Anthem. It was originally sung to the tune “Auld Lang Syne”, before it was published in 1911 with the tune we sing.
You are invited to remain in the sanctuary after worship on Sunday,
July 6, for a special celebration of freedom. We will sing a few faith based patriotic tunes, including “America, the Beautiful” and offer prayer for our country and its precious liberty. America’s founding fathers justified our freedom in the Declaration of Independence, “with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence.” We must always remember that there is only one way to truly find freedom, and that is thru Christ and His victory on the Cross. ~ Sue Fox


Feed My Starving Children August 23 from 2-4 in Libertyville
Space for 150 Jr & Sr. High kids/chaperones. More information about sign up will be available soon, but mark your calendars. We have done this event in the past, and really enjoyed it!
Youth Gathering July 15-18, 2015
Registration starts in September!!! Please start thinking about it! Registration cost $325 (early). Hotel cost approx. $200. Food $200 at least. Travel cost to be determined. We can use the Spagetti Dinner to fund our trip.
Ultimate Lockin @ Enchanted Castle November 7-8. Mark your calendars.
Lutherdale Confirmation Retreat Feb.6-8, 2015

Date to be determined
Watch the Messenger for details, and then invite your friends and neighbors for this delicious event!   

After a year on hiatus as we relocated our headquarters, we are excited to announce that the applications for the 2014-2015 Nationa l Youth Advisory Board are now available!
Each year Souper Bowl of Caring selects a group of high school students (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors) from across the nation to serve in a leadership position, learning about service and philanthropy while lending their voices to our mission and leading their own communities in the fight against hunger.
NYAB requirements include attending two mandatory meetings organized by Souper Bowl of Caring at its headquarters in Houston, TX. The youth also serve as spokespeople for the media and act as ambassadors for the organization, sharing Souper Bowl of Caring with others in their communities while offering ideas on ways to continue growing the movement.
"I am proud to be fighting poverty and hunger nationwide through Souper Bowl of Caring," said Katlyn Riggins, a past NYAB member. "This organization lets me fulfill my passion for helping people in need." Apply today!

Carol Hrodey, 7/4
Stephanie Yager, 7/5
Katelyn Elder, 7/6
Alice Hulterstrum, 7/7
Lester Thurow, 7/7
Adam Hauser, 7/8
Ryan Hauser, 7/8
Joyce Tjhio, 7/9
Kimberly Bujalka, 7/11
Kevin Kovach, 7/11
Michaelene Marchetta, 7/11
Dorothy Nagel, 7/11
Jaelyn Benjamin, 7/13
Theresa Duty, 7/13
Donald Wenn, 7/14
Ralph Dieball, 7/16
Anne Wiberg, 7/16
Robert Kallas, 7/18
David Swanson, 7/18
Eric Ryczek, 7/19
Hannah Lippert, 7/20
Karen Black, 7/23
Clifford Paulus, 7/23
Irene Luck, 7/24
Haley Lippert, 7/27   
Robert Bisgard, 7/28
Evelyn Allemeier, 7/29
Thomas Yager, 7/30

Lynne Morrow & Larry Fogel, 7/3/1994 20 years
David & Julie Jensen, 7/8/1989 25 years
Larry & Arlene Johnson, 7/10/1954 60 years
Kimberly & Mike Bujalka, 7/15/2007 7 years

Pastor: Rev. Lynne Morrow
Coordinator/Music Ministry: Sue Fox
Child Care Center Director: Karen Black
Office Admin: Jennifer Schneider
Bookkeeper: Daniel Kovach
Property Coordinator: David Hanson

President:   Rich Levy
Vice President:    Neena Penumaka
Secretary:    Debbie Sasak
Treasurer:    Larry Ryczek
Financial Sec.:    Paul Holzer

Floyd Yager and Jennie Read
The CHAT Room:   David Swanson/
Steve Yager
Altar Guild:   Sue Kopij, Cindy Norberg
Brotherhood:      Rich Seggeling
CCC Board Chair:   Ravi Penumaka
CCC Board Members:   Cindy Norberg, Pat Fragale, Connie Travis
Sunday School:   Julie Jensen
Confirmation/Youth:   Floyd Yager,
Julie Holzer
Manna Coordinators: Kathi Scheck, Karol Kamman
Women’s Service Group: Trudi Handzel,
Carol Hrodey
Spiritual Gifts Coordinator: Steve Yager
Stewardship & Mission: Andrew Travis
Worship Assistants:    David Swanson
Worship Readers:    Rich Levy
WoW Leader: Jennie Read

MEMORIAL REPORT as of June27, 2014
All gifts to the Memorial Fund are automatically acknowledged to the giver by a personal note, which includes a confirmation of the amount. Unless otherwise designated, all gifts go into the Property Reserve Fund. Addresses and envelope numbers on memorial cards or checks are much appreciated. The purpose of this report is to confirm that gifts are received and properly allocated. If you don’t see your gift listed here after 2 months, please contact Karen Black.
Given in memory of Martin Ruterschmidt by: Gregory and Martha Harris, Jeremy and Pam Meek, Susan Bromstad, Carol Ryczek, Ann and David King, Jackie Steigerwald, Lois Adams, Nancy and Edward Ryczek, William and Margaret Fortman, Scott and Kathryn Volpi, Lawrence and Catherine Martin, Margaret Kokot-Hart
Given in memory of George & Betty Hrodey by: Carol Muller, Al Henning, and Carol Hrodey
Given in memory of Evelyn Hanson by: Jackie Steigerwald, David Swanson
Given in memory of Gerald Velasek by: Barbara Valasek, Diane Wilson
Given in memory of Ruth Holzer by: Paul Holzer
Given in memory of Hilda Hogan by: Al Nugnis and Family

When Hiccup and Toothless discover an ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find themselves at the center of a battle to protect the peace.
This is an awesome, awesome movie. If you only see one movie this summer, see this one. It helps if you really liked the first one a lot (which I did), but this film stands on its own as a fantastic achievement in animation. Move over, Frozen, there’s a new Dragon in town.
Five years have passed, and Hiccup has grown into an adventurous, intelligent 20-year-old. He has a secure position in the little world of Berk as a hero and a peacemaker. His father, Stoic, is ready to hand over the mantle as chief of the tribe … but Hiccup is not ready to try to replace him yet. Instead, yearns to explore the world in ways no Vikings have done before – on the back of a flying dragon. Toothless remains his best friend, and Astrid is his girl. In the way of the world, however, new changes, surprises, and relationships are just over the horizon, especially when you go looking for them.
Every frame of this movie is gorgeous, from waving hair, to misty oceans of clouds, to monstrous dragons. And the story is strong, complex, and compelling. Primary and secondary characters all get to take powerful journeys, and Hiccup learns about family, friendship, and loyalty in ways he never thought possible.
Along the way there are lots of laughs and excitement. The dragons themselves add to the fun, with their characteristic dog-like qualities – playing fetch, loving to be scratched, etc. There is a fun sub-plot of Snotlout and Fishlegs, both of whom have a crush on Tuffnut, … sound familiar?
I really, really recommend this movie. I really, really hope this one actually finally wins the Animated Feature Oscar this year, because Dreamworks deserves it. Whatever happens, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Please include the following individuals and families in your prayers this month: Kim Hanson, Joyce Johnsen, Jean Reeve, Terry K, Ardene Ejnik, Molly McGonagle, Carrie R and family, Phyllis, Ron Wenn, Carol Hrodey, Mark Higgins, Al Bettisch, Cindy Norberg, Rani and Sadgunarao (Neena’s parents), Mrs. Lippert (Ralph’s mother), Steve W., Victoria Candiotti, Barb Loverme, the Hauser Family, Steve Schmidt and Debbie Dietrich, Hugh Williams, Tom Jason, Ruez/Santos Family, Janis, Toni Krawczyk, Maria Raica, Arlene Baranowski, Cheryl Donahue, Pullaiah and Vijaya, Rosalie Lucarelli, George and Audrey Krell, Larry and Arlene Johnson, Gnanamari, Val Bowman, Richard Levy, Aidan Ray.   JOYFUL THANKSGIVING
We joyfully celebrated the baptism of Ava Veronica Manzella, daughter of Vince and Jennifer (Herak) Manzella, Les and Nancy Herak’s granddaughter, Joyce Johnsen’s GREAT granddaughter!
We also celebrated our graduates and teachers, as well as fathers and those like fathers in our community.
The Levy family gave thanks for good health for Dan Kivel
Pat Kovach celebrated Kevin’s gift of running, as he participated in the state championship with his team!

We want to remember in our prayers military personnel (those known to us as well as those serving who are not known to us): Brandon Ajyek, Tyler Daye, Jason Koesler, Tim David, Lars Johnsen, Andreas Johnsen, Sam Krawitz, Jesse Olesen, Joey Rosequist, Cory Sandford, and Claudine Ward.

We also want to remember in prayer our college students: Art DeSchepper, Leah DeSchepper, Joe Ejnik, Peter Fox, Jenni Hanson, Tait Jensen, Joe Levy, Holly Norberg, and Bryce Wildenauer.

Please let the office know if you are moving! Thanks!

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