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The Messiah Messenger > The February Messenger Issue #536
The February Messenger Issue #536

Jan 31, 2013

The Messiah

In addition to Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day, the month of February also includes multiple seasons in the church. We begin in Epiphany, celebrate Transfiguration and Ash Wednesday midway through the month, and end the month in Lent.
Our Prayer of the Day for Transfiguration (February 10) really connects the whole calendar month together.
“Holy God, mighty and immortal, you are beyond our knowing, yet we see your glory in the face of Jesus Christ. Transform us into the likeness of your Son, who renewed our humanity so that we may share in his divinity; Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.”
This prayer asks God to transform us into the image of Jesus Christ. The opening address to God as holy, mighty, and immortal, will also be heard next on Good Friday as we reverence the cross on that solemn day.
It is an intentional liturgical placement that these two prayers connect. As we strive to follow the greatest commandments and follow the Cross of Christ, we invite God’s participation into our lives to guide us along the way. It seems that nowhere is this invitation for accompaniment more needed than in the “wilderness” of the Lenten season.
Each of us have our own “wilderness” – fear, insecurity, loneliness, and addictions. When we acknowledge the mystery and immortality of God in our worship, we invite God to transform us and our wilderness into a garden of love, security, and companionship.
As we explore the background of the Lutheran liturgy, we will find that all parts lead us to the Cross of Christ.
In Christ,
Pastor Lynne

Well, thanks for asking! The purpose of the PP was to pray, share scripture, determine leader characteristics, and share dreams for the future of Messiah and its ministries. The group met four times to methodically and prayerfully discern to whom the Holy Spirit would direct the PP group for the positions of President, Vice President, Financial Secretary, Secretary and CCC Board Member. The process developed was based on the book Becoming a Blessed Church: Forming a Church of Spiritual Purpose, Presence, and Power by N. Graham Standish. For the past two years, the EC has followed a prayerful meeting agenda for all the meetings that invites God to be the center of the meetings. We believe that this makes for a more Christ centered agenda and focuses on issues without egos and our own personal agendas.
Highlights from
January 21st:
• 2013 Budget worked out.
• At the time of this EC Meeting, Prayerful Process committee had contacted Paul Holzer and Steve Yager, who will be extending their terms. Rich Levy has accepted the president position and VP is to be announced.
• Looking for ideas for Messiah Fundraisers.
• Approval of Boy Scout Troop #160 for a Leadership Retreat Feb 8 & 9.

December Attendance
12/2=83, 12/9=79, 12/16=92, 12/23=115, 12/24=125, 12/25=47, 12/30=36
December Giving (Gen. Fund)
12/2=$2743, 12/9=$1672, 12/16=$3642, 12/23=$7973, 12/30=$1700

A new year brings us new opportunities to share our facilities with groups and clubs and churches who are focused on their own missions to serve the Park Ridge Community. Hope Korean Church continues to make good use of our rooms and sanctuary on a daily basis, and Gospel Life church fills the Parsonage on Fridays and Saturdays with Christian fellowship. Hope Advent Center has been holding their weekly worship service in our sanctuary since last March, and have fallen into a steady rhythm of praise and fellowship. In total, there are FOUR churches worshiping God weekly on our little square of Park Ridge!
We also have a thriving Zumba classes in the MPR on Mondays and Thursdays, helping Zumba-ers to pursue health and wellness. Old Things Antiques Club offers a safe and comfortable place for it’s members to come and socialize, as well as discuss their passion – antiques.
Support groups include Cocaine’s Anonymous and the CA Women’s group on Tuesday and Thursday nights. AA continues to meet on Mondays, and we have various NAMI programs offered at different times throughout the year. Our Scout pack is here most Friday nights, and uses our building for some of their various projects. Last fall we opened up our Library to Victories of the Heart, a men’s bible study group that meets every other Tuesday.
Also include the single-use events for people who request a gathering space for their event. Please always remember to check with the Office before scheduling your meeting, activity, or event. We can certainly find a space for you, but it might take a little bit of doing!
We are blessed to have so many people in and out of our building. Please remember to treat our campus with respect, by:
1.   Share everything.
2.   Play fair.
3.   Don't hit people.
4.   Put things back where you found them.
6.   Don't take things that aren't yours.
-Excerpted from Robert Fulghum,
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
If you or your group would like to use Messiah’s campus for an event, class, or meeting, an application is available through the office or on our website’s homepage. Simply fill it out 30 days before your event, and submit it to the office. The Executive Committee will review (and approve) your event, and the space is yours!

PLEASE always check with church office before you schedule an event – there is a room assignment calendar maintained by the Office Administrator.)
Sunday, Feb. 3rd following the worship service

Remember to show your support for this annual food and funds drive by our Youth Group. All monies collected go to the Maine Township Food Pantry. Drop your cash in the soup pot, or add your canned goods to the Wall of Food … every little bit helps fight hunger in our community.

Sunday, Feb. 10th following
the worship service

This is the time of year that we review and celebrate our accomplishments of the past year, set ministry goals for the coming year, approve 2013 budget and elect congregational officers. The Annual Report will be available Sunday, February 3rd in the narthex. Take a little time to read it over, and then be prepared to discuss and vote on our initiatives and our budget for 2013.   Women's Service Group Sunday, Feb 17th until 3pm. We start right after the worship service and continue to work for Lutheran World Relief quilts and kits - but will also look for other service opportunities. Everyone is welcome - we actually don't do any sewing on the Sundays we meet, so don't worry if you don't have any sewing skills! We prepare quilt materials and assemble kits - and enjoy each other's company!! Come join us!

Brotherhood Breakfast – Saturday, February 9th at 9am. All men at Messiah are invited! We meet at Just Like Home, 8501 W Dempster Street in Niles. Good conversation and food.

Community Egg Hunt, 3/23
Holy Week 3/24-31   


Feb. 3   4th Sunday after Epiphany
1st Lesson: Jeremiah 1:4–10
Psalm: Psalm 71:1–6
2nd Lesson: 1 Cor 13:1–13
Gospel: Luke 4:21–30   
SS: Jeremiah
CONF: Meaning of Service #5:Giving your Gifs Away

Feb. 10   Transfiguration of our Lord
1st Lesson: Exodus 34:29–35
Psalm: Psalm 99
2nd Lesson: 2 Cor 3:12—4:2
Gospel: Luke 9:28–43a]   
SS: The Trans-figuration
CHAT: Making Sense of the Cross Series   
CONF: Meaning of Service #6:Living in Love

Feb. 17   1st Sunday in Lent
1st Lesson: Deut 26:1–11
Psalm: Psalm 91:1–2, 9–16
2nd Lesson: Romans 10:8b–13
Gospel: Luke 4:1–13   
SS: Tempted
CHAT: Making Sense of the Cross Series   
CONF: Video and Discussion

Feb. 24   2nd Sunday in Lent
1st Lesson: Gen 15:1–12,17–18
Psalm: Psalm 27
2nd Lesson: Phil 3:17—4:1
Gospel: Luke 13:31–35   
SS: God’s Promises to Abraham   
CHAT: Making Sense of the Cross Series
CONF: Building the Church #1: Who will be our guide?

Ash Wednesday Feb. 13
Lent begins with Ash Wednesday services at 9:15 AM and 7:30 PM. Please note that the early service will be DURING our Child Care Chapel time, and we will be offering imposition of ashes to children as well as adults. THEN …

Supper, Service & Study Wednesdays beginning Feb 20
9:15 AM - Child Care Chapel (adults invited!)
6:00 PM - Light Supper
6:45 PM - First Communicants Class departs for study
7:00 PM – Lenten Service w/ Bible Study – Holden Evening Prayer (First Communicants Class joins at 7:30)   

We hope you will join us for any or all of these Lenten opportunities. If you have a child who is the right age for First Communion, contact Pastor Lynne to get enrolled in the class as soon as possible.

   Feb. 3   Feb. 10   Feb. 13   Feb. 17   Feb. 24
   10:15am   10:15am   7:00pm   10:15am   10:15am
Acolytes   Samantha F   Michael Y   Phil H   Alesha S   Arden S
Communion Assistants   Jennie R   Floyd Y   Julie H   Cynthia S   Debbie S
Readers   Ann W   Rich L   *   Ralph L   Kristin Y
Worship Assistants   Diane B   Andy T   *   Susan R   David S
Projection   Jim H   Jim H   na   Jim H   Jim H
Ushers   Connie K,
Steve Y   Connie K,
Steve Y   Connie K,
Steve Y   Connie K,
Steve Y   Connie K,
Steve Y
Greeters   Rich L   Rich L   na   Rich L   Rich L
Altar Guild   Dotty B   Dotty B   na   Marilynn D   Kathi S
Bread Providers   *   *   na   Samantha F   *
Counters   Paul H,
*   Paul H,
*   na   Paul H,
*   Paul H,

* These are spaces that we need filled. Please check with your coordinator to sign up!
Sunday   Flowers are given …    Bulletins are given …
Feb. 3   by the Handzels in honor of Mrs. Perzentka’s birthday.   in celebration of Christopher Scheck’s 9th birthday by Kathi Scheck.
Feb. 10   by the Ryczek Family in honor of Nikolaus’ birthday.   in memory of grandmothers Viola and Evelyn from the Hausers.
Feb. 17   by Brad and Pat Kovach in honor of committed couples for Valentine’s Day.   Available.
Feb. 24   by Brad and Pat Kovach in memory of Joan Miller.   Available.

The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex by the hall to the Educational Wing. Flowers are $30, and the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or “Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box. REMEMBER TO PAY FOR YOUR FLOWERS OR BULLETINS!
Note to all those purchasing flowers: Your flowers are yours to take home!
If you wish to donate them to one of our shut-ins, please be sure to let the Altar Guild know.

See Calendar Page

The NAMI class mentioned in last month’s newsletter has been postponed due to illness of one of the instructors. We will let you know when that 6-week class will be in the Multipurpose Room.

Thanks to Rev. Ron Duty for preaching and presiding on Feb. 10 so that Pastor Lynne could help chaperone the Messiah Youth Retreat!

Manna Dates for 2013
For 2013 we are continuing with Manna orders on the FIRST Sunday of the month. So for the next six months, dates are as follows:

February 3 – order due    February 7 – cards available
March 3 – order due       March 7 – cards available
April 7 – order due       April 11 – cards available
May 5 – order due       May 9 – cards available
June 2 – order due      June 6 – cards available

Also, for the MOST up-to-date order form, visit our web page and click on the link for Manna on the home page. This will take you directly to the Manna website and most recent order form. The form changes often, so this is your best bet. Then, you can either print out the form and drop it off by the due date, or simply send an email to the office with the cards you want. Thank you for your continued support of this program! Any questions, please call Kathi Scheck or Diane Wilson.

Dear Friends in Christ,
As we journey from Christmas to Epiphany we move quickly from the focus on the birth in Bethlehem and the witness of the poor shepherds living out in the fields to the life, ministry and message of Jesus. In Luke's Gospel, Jesus stands up in the synagogue in Nazareth where he had been brought up and reads from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor…release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor."

To read the whole article, please visit: http://www.messiahparkridge.org/rev_phil_knutson.html

Thank you for your prayers and continuing support and companionship through the ELCA Missionary Sponsorship program.

Yours in Christ,
Philip Knutson
ELCA Global Mission
Regional Program Assistant – Southern Africa
South Africa

“Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.”
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
Isaac Watts, 1707

In one of the most beloved hymns ever written, Isaac Watts sums up our lives as Christians. Rather than giving something up for Lent, (beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 13) why not add an act of service? We invite you to join the Gloria Dei “40 Day” Choir for Lent and Easter. The “40 Day Choir” is a great way to experience leading worship through singing, and there is no obligation past Easter. Rehearsals are on Tuesdays, from 7:30pm to 8:45pm in the Multi-purpose room. Please join us, using your time and talent, serving our God!

~ Sue Fox
Health benefits to singing:
•   Reduce stress and improve mood
•   Lower blood pressure
•   Boost the immune system
•   Improve breathing
•   Reduce perceived pain
•   Improve a sense of rhythm
•   Forge comforting memories
•   Promote communal bonding
•   Provide comfort
•   Motivate and empower
•   And above all, serving God!

Quin Santucci, Melissa Holzer, Amalia Ruez, Sara Stuve, Phil Holzer, Sam Santucci, Christian Travis, Haley Lippert, Arden Sasak, Alesha Ruez, Dina Salemi, Julia Fogel, Alexandra Ruez will be attending "Our Daily Bread Retreat" February 8-10 at Lutherdale. Chaperones include Cheryl Erdmann, Andy Travis, Teresa Lippert, Julie Holzer and Pastor Lynne. The Retreat will focus on the Lord’s Prayer and all the different ways we can be connected to God through prayer. Activities will include Music, games, camp-style worship, Toboggan Slide (weather permitting), friends, fellowship and fun! This retreat is being hosted in collaboration with the Chicago Youth Ministry Network for youth of the Metro Chicago Synod.
The Youth will return just in time for the Mardi Gras celebration and Celebration of Ministry at the Annual Meeting!
The posters are up. Baskets are out and labeled, and we have begun collecting food gifts, building up to our collection on February 3rd. This will be the seventh year Messiah participates in the Souper Bowl of Caring. Last year we collected $1200 and over 800 food items. THIS year, a challenge has been issued … the students have agreed to get $1500 and 2500 items over a three week period. If they DO, then Floyd Yager will shave his head. If they DON’t they have to sing and dance to "Arky Arky" in front of the congregation! All the food they get counts. They will be talking this up to the church and child care as well as having some skits during worship!

Ethan Ash, 2/2
Christopher Scheck, 2/2
Jean Reeve, 2/3
Linda Larson, 2/4
Melanie Moon, 2/4
Maureen Dieball, 2/8
William Norberg, 2/9
Kristin Rosequist, 2/11
Bob Hanson, 2/16
Linka Jones, 2/17
Joseph Rosequist, 2/17
Lisa Saul, 2/18
Timothy Saul, 2/18
Nikolaus Ryczek, 2/19
Sarah Nugnis, 2/24
Rosemary Paulus, 2/26
Audrey Krell, 2/27

Dave and Connie Kaufman – 2/28/1976, 37 years

Pastor:    Rev. Lynne Morrow
Coordinator/Music Ministry: Sue Fox
Child Care Center Director: Karen Black
Office Administrator:    Jennifer Schneider
Bookkeeper:    Helen Levy
Property Maintenance:    John Handzel, Jr., Patrick Brennan

President:   **
Vice President:    Diane Wilson
Secretary:    Stephanie Yager
Treasurer:    Larry Ryczek
Financial Sec.:    Paul Holzer

David Hanson, Rhonda Cady, Bob Bisgard, Karen Black, Carol Hrodey, & Marilynn Duckett

The CHAT Room:   David Swanson/
Steve Yager
Altar Guild:   Sue Kopij, Cindy Norberg
Brotherhood:      Rich Seggeling
CCC Board Chair:   Ravi Penumaka
CCC Board Members:   Donna Berzins, Teresa Lippert, Laura Hauser, Pat Fragale
Christian Education:   Julie Jensen
Confirmation/Youth:   Floyd Yager, Julie Holzer
Manna Coordinators: Kathi Scheck, Diane Wilson
Women’s Service Group: Trudi Handzel,
Carol Hrodey
Property Team Coordinator: Ray Ejnik
Stewardship & Mission: Andrew Travis
Worship Assistants:    David Swanson
Worship Readers:    Rich Levy
Contact the Church Office for phone numbers or email addresses for these folks.

MEMORIAL REPORT as of January 28, 2013
All gifts to the Memorial Fund are automatically acknowledged to the giver by a personal note, which includes a confirmation of the amount. Unless otherwise designated, all gifts go into the Property Reserve Fund. Addresses and envelope numbers on memorial cards or checks are much appreciated. The purpose of this report is to confirm that gifts are received and properly allocated. If you don’t see your gift listed here after 2 months, please contact Karen Black.
No memorials to report in January.   

Young Victor conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life, only to face unintended, sometimes monstrous, consequences.

I will warn you now, I really did not like this movie. I do not think it was appropriate for children, and I was very sorry that we had watched it. I was very disappointed … we were trying to find something to watch together as a family, and the pickin’s were slim, folks. Most everything available to watch OnDemand was either not appropriate, not well reviewed, or we had seen it already. So, we thought that Frankenweenie would be something we could all enjoy – my husband and I are both Tim Burton fans, and Jess likes pets.
Well, the kids are creepy. The substitute teacher is scary. The dad doesn’t accept his son for who he is, and when he forces the creative genius to play baseball, the result is that Victor’s cherished dog Sparky is killed as he runs into    the street to retrieve the ball. Then, instead of spending time dealing with this crushing loss, Victor decides he is going to bring Sparky back to life, a la Frankenstein’s electrical voltage. The direct result of THAT is that all the OTHER kids want to bring their pets back to life, too, and by the end of the movie everyone’s beloved pets have either been killed AGAIN, or turned into a monster that has to be destroyed. Uhm, no thanks.
I understand what Burton was trying to do, and I am sure the film is a semi-autobiographical story. The whole movie was an homage/tribute to classic horror films that he loved as a kid. Caricatures of Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Peter Lorre are all in this movie. The animation is very beautiful, and deftly captures the look and feel of those classic horror movies. But it is definitely not for the sensitive heart – basically, if your child doesn’t’ like horror movies, then they shouldn’t watch this film. I wish we hadn’t.

On another note, I have had the opportunity to see several of this year’s Oscar contenders for a change. While NONE of them are family friendly fare, I highly recommend Argo as the don’t-miss movie of the year. Followed very closely by Silver Linings Playbook.

Please include the following individuals and families in your prayers this month*:
Maria Raica, Jean B, George Hrodey, Arlene Baranowski, Viv Beyer, O’Driscoll Family, Cheryl Donahue, Pullaiah and Vijaya, Sara Christiansen, June Albert, Rosalie Lucarelli, Lynn Webb, Graham Family, Harold Hjelm, Kennet, Audrey Krell, Larry and Arlene Johnson, Judie Hernandez, Jairam, Richard Reeve, Gnanamari, Val Bowman, Richard Levy, Aidan Ray, and Minerva.
Rhonda Cady stated that Caroline Long returned to church only 3 weeks after a double mastectomy. This was Caroline’s goal, and we gave thanks in joyful celebration for answered prayers of healing and strength.
The Holzer Family also gave joyful thanks for answered prayer – Grandpa’s eye surgeries were successful, and he can now see without glasses!

We want to remember in our prayers military personnel (those known to us as well as those serving who are not known to us): Brandon Ajyek, Alex Apostolou, Jason Koesler, Tim David, Lars Johnsen, Andreas Johnsen, Sam Krawitz, Jesse Olesen, Joey Rosequist, Cory Sandford, and Claudine Ward.   
We also want to remember in prayer our college students: Julie Berzins, Nick Boomer, Art DeSchepper, Joe Ejnik, Peter Fox, Bobby Hanson, Jenny Hanson, Tait Jensen, Trygve Jensen, Daniel Kovach, Joe Levy, Holly Norberg, Jennie Read, Eric Ryczek, Jake Stolz, and Bryce Wildenauer.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to HIPAA laws, pastors are NOT notified if you are hospitalized. If you are in the hospital and would like us to know it, you or someone acting for you has to call the church office and tell us.

Please let the office know if you are moving! Thanks!
New 2013 Phone Directories will be available at the Annual Meeting!

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