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The Messiah Messenger > The January Messenger Issue #535
The January Messenger Issue #535

Dec 28, 2012

The Messiah

Happy New Year!


At least once a year, many Christians become aware of the great diversity of ways of adoring God. Hearts are touched, and people realize that their neighbors' ways are not so strange.
The event that touches off this special experience is something called the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (WPCU). Traditionally celebrated between 18-25 January (in the northern hemisphere) or at Pentecost (in the southern hemisphere), the Week of Prayer enters into congregations and parishes all over the world. Pulpits are exchanged, and special ecumenical worship services are arranged.
Ecumenical partners in a particular region are asked to prepare a basic text on a biblical theme. Then an international group with WCC-sponsored (Protestant and Orthodox) and Roman Catholic participants edits this text and ensures that it is linked with the search for the unity of the church.
The text is jointly published by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and WCC, through the WCC's Commission on Faith and Order, which also accompanies the entire production process of the text. The final material is sent to member churches and Roman Catholic dioceses, and they are invited to translate the text and contextualize it for their own use.
The theme for 2013 is, “What Does God Require Of Us?” (Micah 6:6-8) and the eight days of the WPCU are each given a sub-theme which is as follows:
Day 1: walking in conversation. We reflect on the importance of the practices of dialogue and conversation, as a means of overcoming barriers.
Day 2: walking with the broken body of Christ. Recognizing the solidarity between Christ crucified, and the ?broken peoples of the world, we seek as Christians together to learn to be more deeply a part of this solidarity ourselves.
Day 3: walking towards freedom. As Christians committed to greater unity, we learn that the removal of all that separates people from one another is an essential part of fullness of life, freedom in the Spirit.
Day 4: walking as children of the earth. Awareness of our place in God‘s creation draws us together, as we realize our interdependence upon one another and the earth.
Day 5: walking as the friends of Jesus. Today we reflect on the biblical images of human friendship and love as models for God‘s love for every human being.
Day 6: walking beyond barriers. Walking with God means walking beyond barriers that divide and damage the children of God.
Day 7: walking in solidarity. To walk humbly with God means walking in solidarity with all who struggle for justice and peace.
Day 8: walking in celebration. The biblical texts on this day speak about celebration, not in the sense of celebrating a successful completion, but celebration as a sign of hope in God and in God‘s justice. Similarly, the celebration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is our sign of hope that our unity will be achieved according to God‘s time and God‘s means.
In Christ,


Thanks to EVERYONE who bought gifts for children last month. We supplied presents for 60 children, plus some additional families that we have been helping out during the Christmas season. Your generosity is overwhelming, and is MUCH appreciated by the folks at LSSI/Intact. Thanks, also, to Moni Ryczek who organized this again this year – we couldn’t have done it without her!
Our glove/hat/scarf drive was also
generous this year. We shipped 30 pairs of gloves, 18 hats, 5 scarves, and two pairs of thermal socks to the Night Ministry, and handed out several items to some of our regular “guys” that visit us for assistance. Thanks to all who donated items for this gift as well!    

Highlights from December 17th:
•   Discussed how we can help St. Matthew’s Center for Health with their building project.
•   Planned a budget Meeting.
•   Scheduled to meet with all our Use of Facilities folks to sign 2013 usage agreements.

November Attendance
11/4=71, 11/11=77, 11/18=72, 11/22=27, 11/25=53
November Giving (Gen. Fund)
11/4=$4054, 11/11=$4191, 11/18=$1483, 11/25=$1666

On Sunday, December 23rd, we welcomed baby Francesca Lucia DiVita into God’s family. Francesca is Paula DiVita’s granddaughter, and the fourth child of David and Marti DiVita to be baptized at Messiah. The DiVitas live in Florida, but David grew up here and enjoys having his children baptized here.   

On Sunday February 3, 2013, if history is any guide, the world will be watching as two of the teams from the National Football League play for the right to be called Super Bowl Champions. On that day, while millions eat and drink at parties while watching the game, millions more will go hungry.
In 1990 the “Souper Bowl of Caring” was born. In that year, the youth of Spring Valley Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC addressed the issue of hunger with this Super Bowl Sunday prayer: “Lord, as we enjoy the Super Bowl football game, help us to be mindful of those without even a bowl of soup to eat.”
The prayer inspired this single church to invite 21 other congregations to join them in collecting $5,700, which was donated to local charities that provide assistance to the those in need. Over the past 20 years, more than $50 million has been raised in cash and food for organizations that fight hunger. From a single prayer and a single youth group, the Souper Bowl of Caring has become a powerful nationwide movement that touches more lives each year.
At Messiah, this will be our SEVENTH year participating. Last year was our biggest ever, collecting over $1100 and exactly 1000 food items! Through your generosity we have given over $5200 and 2,700 food items directly to the Maine Township Food Pantry due to collections around the past 6 Super Bowls! This year the confirmation class will again lead the event and are hoping that, with you help, we do even better than last year.   
We ask that on February 3rd, as you leave worship, you drop a donation, no matter how big or how small, in a soup pot. Your donation will go directly to the Maine Township Food Pantry. With your help, more dollars will be raised, more lives will be changed, and more young people will experience the joy of serving Christ by serving others.
Additionally, you can bring a non-perishable food offering that we will also deliver to the Maine Township Food Pantry, there will be baskets in the Narthex labeled “Souper Bowl of Caring” beginning Sunday January 20th and remaining until Super Bowl Sunday.
The over 35 million people in the United States who live in food insecure households would fill over 500 NFL stadiums! Three million dollars will be spent for a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl and many more millions of dollars are spent to enjoy the Super Bowl experience. However, it can also be a day we choose to turn our thoughts and dollars towards those without a bowl of soup to eat.
Please do not forget a special donation in the Soup Pots after worship. Checks can be made out to Messiah Lutheran Church with a note on the memo line for “Souper Bowl of Caring.”

PLEASE always check with church office before you schedule an event – there is a room assignment calendar maintained by the Office Administrator.)
Monday, Jan. 7th
Annual Reports are due into the church office by Monday, January 7th. This is so reports can be compiled, spell-checked, and printed in time to distribute copies to members on Sunday, January 27th. If you can EMAIL your report, it is much appreciated! If you’d like a digital copy of last year’s report to edit, that can be provided.   

Sunday, Feb. 3rd following the worship service
This is the time of year that we review and celebrate our accomplishments of the past year, set ministry goals for the coming year, approve 2013 budget and elect congregational officers. Please pick up your Annual Report on January 27th, take a little time to read it over, and then be prepared to discuss and vote on our initiatives and our budget for 2013.

Brotherhood Breakfast – Saturday, January 12th at 9am. All men at Messiah are invited! We meet at Just Like Home, 8501 W Dempster Street in Niles. Good conversation and food.
Women's Service Group Date to be determined. If you would like to be notified, please contact Carol Hrodey or Trudi Handzel.

Annual Meeting, 2/3/13
Lent Begins with
Ash Wednesday, 2/13

Sunday   Worship Focus   
Jan. 6   Epiphany of our Lord
1st Lesson: Isaiah 60:1–6
Psalm: Psalm 72:1–7, 10–14
2nd Lesson: Ephesians 3:1–12
Gospel: Matthew 2:1–12
SS: Jesus the Word
CONF: Meaning of Service #1:Serving Others

Jan. 13   Baptism of our Lord
1st Lesson: Isaiah 43:1–7
Psalm: Psalm 29
2nd Lesson: Acts 8:14–17
Gospel: Luke 3:15–17, 21–22
SS: Jesus’ Baptims
CONF: Meaning of Service #2:Love the Lord Your God

Jan. 20   2nd Sunday after Epiphany
1st Lesson: Isaiah 62:1–5
Psalm: Psalm 36:5–10
2nd Lesson: 1 Cor. 12:1–11
Gospel: John 2:1–11
SS: Wedding at Cana
CONF: Meaning of Service #3: Noticing and Reaching Out

Jan. 27   3rd Sunday after Epiphany
1st Lesson: Nehemiah 8:1–3, 5–6, 8–10
Psalm: Psalm 19
2nd Lesson: 1 Cor.12:12–31a
Gospel: Luke 4:14–21
SS: Jesus goes to Nazareth   
CONF: Meaning of Service #4: Forgiving Others

Tuesday, Jan 22 @ 7 PM

Join us in the sanctuary for this special service. Please read Pastor Lynne’s article on page 2 for more information about this worship service. Details will be forthcoming in the News from the Pews.   

   Jan 6   Jan 13   Jan 20   Jan 27
   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am
Acolytes   Adam H   Julia F   Haley L   Nikolaus R
Communion Assistants   Laura H   Jennie R   Teresa L   Moni R
Readers   Larry R   Laura H   Bridget G   Dotty B
Worship Assistants   Pat K   Karen B   Cindy N   Vikki H
Projection   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H
Ushers   Connie K,
David K   Connie K,
David K   Connie K,
David K   Connie K,
David K
Greeters   *   *   *   *
Altar Guild   Marilynn D   Sue K   Sue K   Dotty B
Bread Providers   Diane B   *   *   *
Counters   Paul H,
*   Paul H,
*   Paul H,
*   Paul H,
* These are spaces that we need filled. Please check with your coordinator to sign up!

Sunday   Flowers are given …    Bulletins are given …
Jan 6   by Dan and Kevin Kovach in honor of Grandpa Don’s birthday   by the Fox Family in honor of Peter’s 20th birthday.
Jan 13   Available.   Available.
Jan 20   Available.   Available.
Jan 27   Available.   Available.


The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex by the hall to the Educational Wing. Flowers are $30, and the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or “Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box. REMEMBER TO PAY FOR YOUR FLOWERS OR BULLETINS!
Note to all those purchasing flowers: Your flowers are yours to take home!
If you wish to donate them to one of our shut-ins, please be sure to let the Altar Guild know.



In whatever language speaks to you, please hear my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all who have contributed throughout the Advent and Christmas seasons!
•The Music Ministry Team led by Sue Fox, along with the cantors, Gloria Dei Choir, instrumentalists and soloists for beautiful music that enhanced our Advent and Christmas services.
•All who helped decorate our sanctuary for Advent and all the Christmas services.
•The Altar Guild - thank you for your tireless attention to all the details that make our worship happen so smoothly.
•The Tech Team - thank you for coordinating all the audio and visual details that enhance our worship.
•All who contributed gifts to LSSI, the Maine Township Food Pantry, and the Night Ministry.
•The Sunday School Team for the extra efforts in presenting us with a special production of "Jesus, the Giver and the Gift."
•The Messiah Child Care Center staff, students, and families for the wonderful Peanutcracker and Christmas Programs.
•The Worship Teams of ushers, greeters, readers, acolytes, as well as worship and communion assistants.
•To Diane Wilson and Dorothy Nagle for their faithful assistance with the bulletins and newsletters.
•To Ray Ejnik for his leadership in organizing and operating our Messiah campus.
•To the entire Messiah Staff for keeping the place clean, operating well, and running efficiently during such a busy time.
•A special thank you to Deaconess Cheryl Erdmann and Donna Hanson for coordinating and leading the Advent Vespers.
•A special thank you to Jennifer Schneider for her boundless energy, creativity and commitment to Advent and the week of Christmas.
•A special thank you to Sue Fox for faithfully and joyfully coordinating the music, rehearsing, playing, teaching us and proofing bulletins.
And finally, I would like to thank you all for making Advent and Christmas at Messiah such a special time for me and my family. We thank all who remembered us with a card, gift, or holiday blessing. We are blessed by your generous love and we appreciate all of you!
~ Pastor Lynne

The Church Office will be closed Jan 1st, 2nd and 4th.
The Child Care Center will closed on Tuesday January 1st.


NAMI Cook County North Suburban along with 3 other NAMI Affiliates will be offering WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) here at Messiah Tuesdays, February 12th through March 19th at 7 pm in our Fellowship Hall.
WRAP is a wellness program for individuals living with mental illness developed by Mary Ellen Copeland. The program is evidenced-based, meaning it works and has controlled scientific studies to prove this.
The class will be taught by two certified and experienced WRAP teachers and NAMI members. Students will create their own action plan for wellness. The class will be offered free of charge and open to anyone who has a desire to be well and stay well.
For more information and an article about one of the instructors, please visit http://www.megbreslin.com/public-battles.html .
If you’d like to participate in the class, and/or would like more information, please contact:
Julie Savastio
NAMI Cook County North Suburban
Ph: (847) 325-7835   

On Epiphany, January 6, Gloria Dei Choir is singing a special anthem entitled “Follow the Christmas Star”; the composer, Ruth Elaine Schram, used a traditional African–American spiritual, “Follow the Drinking Gourd,” as inspiration. There is no song more closely associated to the Underground Railroad (the trail north to freedom for slaves) than “Drinking Gourd.” The song was a musical map which led fugitive slaves north to freedom, by following the points of the drinking gourd (the Big Dipper) to the brightest star-- the North Star.
In Schram’s anthem, she encourages us to follow the star with the Magi to the baby sleeping in a manger in Bethlehem. The use of hand chimes and finger cymbals adds shimmer to the music as we follow the star to the one true Light: Jesus, the Savior.

~ Sue Fox

Please note: choir will resume rehearsal on Janurary 8th.

(MYDI Night)

Saturday January 12th from 6-8 pm.

Middle and High Schoolers – there will be a Retreat at Lutherdale Feb 8-10, 2013. Please let Mrs. Holzer or Pastor Lynne know of you'll be attending.

Parents of Sunday Schoolers - there are two Elementary School retreats offered at Lutherdale. There is one Jan 11-12, 2013 and one April 12-13, 2013. Let Pastor Lynne know if you're interested and which date works better.

Julia Mix, 1/1
Richard Seggeling, 1/2
Paul Holzer, 1/3
Nicholas Levy, 1/4
Peter John Fox, 1/5
Donald Kovach, 1/7
Ralph Lippert, 1/7
Larry Ryczek, 1/7
Jennifer Schneider, 1/10
Thomas Jason, 1/12
Tait Jensen, 1/12
Ryan Bujalka, 1/13
Mark Jones, 1/13
Kaelyn Yager, 1/16
Raymond Ejnik, 1/20
Lester Herak, 1/20
David Chervinko, 1/22
Heba Penumaka, 1/22   
Christopher Boomer, 1/23
Karol Kamman, 1/25
Evelyn Burval, 1/26
Michael Bujalka, 1/28
Lytle Thompson, 1/28
Eric Daniels, 1/29

None in January

Pastor:    Rev. Lynne Morrow
Coordinator/Music Ministry: Sue Fox
Child Care Center Director: Karen Black
Office Administrator:    Jennifer Schneider
Bookkeeper:    Helen Levy
Property Maintenance:    John Handzel, Jr., Patrick Brennan

President:   **
Vice President:    Diane Wilson
Secretary:    Stephanie Yager
Treasurer:    Larry Ryczek
Financial Sec.:    Paul Holzer

David Hanson, Rhonda Cady, Bob Bisgard, Karen Black, Carol Hrodey, & Marilynn Duckett

The CHAT Room:   David Swanson/
Steve Yager
Altar Guild:      Sue Kopij, Cindy Norberg
Brotherhood:      Rich Seggeling
CCC Board Chair:   Ravi Penumaka
CCC Board Members:   Donna Berzins, Teresa Lippert, Laura Hauser, Pat Fragale
Christian Education:   Julie Jensen
Confirmation/Youth:   Floyd Yager, Julie Holzer
Women’s Service Group: Trudi Handzel,
Carol Hrodey
Property Team Coordinator: Ray Ejnik
Stewardship & Mission: Andrew Travis
Worship Assistants:    David Swanson
Worship Readers:    Rich Levy
Contact the Church Office for phone numbers or email addresses for these folks.
MEMORIAL REPORT as of December 27, 2012
All gifts to the Memorial Fund are automatically acknowledged to the giver by a personal note, which includes a confirmation of the amount. Unless otherwise designated, all gifts go into the Property Reserve Fund. Addresses and envelope numbers on memorial cards or checks are much appreciated. The purpose of this report is to confirm that gifts are received and properly allocated. If you don’t see your gift listed here after 2 months, please contact Karen Black.
No memorials to report in December.   

(Now Showing)
One of the most anticipated films in the last decade is finally here. The staggering success of the unparalleled Lord of the Rings Trilogy made this movie inevitable, and the only reason it took so long to come out was some very human quibbling about who would do what, and who would pay for it. The behind-the-scenes drama that delayed the opening of this first installment of The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien has done nothing to detract from the film’s quality and richness. In fact, I read an article that claims that director Peter Jackson wanted so badly for Martin Freeman and NO ONE ELSE to play the iconic Bilbo Baggins, that Jackson re-worked his shoot schedule around the actor’s conflicts. Freeman shot into the spotlight in 2011 playing Dr. John Watson on BBCOne’s contemporary adaptation of Sir Arthur Connan Doyle’s legendary character, Sherlock Holmes. (See my review of Sherlock in the June 2012 Messenger!) Well, it was worth the wait … Freeman brings the perfect blend of wit and witlessness, kindness and strength, adventure-seeker and home-body to Bilbo Baggins. And the good stuff only STARTS there …
We have come to expect a certain level of excellence in digital rendering in all movies these days – computer generated imagery is the norm rather than the exception, and this is a genre that came into its own fully with the original Rings trilogy. Jackson and his wizards do not disappoint in this round – the scenery and filmography are exquisite. And the proof is in the details … I have yet to figure out how they get a bunch of actors who are all roughly the same size, and then put them into scenes where the Hobbit is exactly half the size of the tallest elf in the room (Galadriel, played by Cate Blanchet). Stark moments of discovery and character growth are interspersed with exciting action, and humor is present when it desperately needs to be.
Above all, the cast is superb. The characters of the dwarves are all played by little-known actors who are outstanding. And Andy Serkis reprises his role as Gollum – I do believe that he will be the first actor nominated for an Oscar without ever appearing in the film in person.
I don’t think it is surprising for me to recommend this movie. I will say that the PG -13 rating is a good one – many scenes are very scary and violent, too much for younger kids. Jessica is almost 10, and she was able to enjoy it, but there were some eye-covering scenes. Overall, however, it is an awesome movie. (PS – Have you discovered the amazing new theater out at Randhurst yet? Box style seating with tables and individual booths! What a luxury!)

Please include the following individuals and families in your prayers this month*:
The community of Newton, CT, Ben K, Jean B, George and Maria Raica, The Knuth Family, George Hrodey, Arlene Baranowski, Viv Beyer, Cheryl Donahue, Pullaiah and Vijaya, Sara Christiansen, June Albert, Rosalie Lucarelli, Linda Ufkes, Lynn Webb, Graham Family, Harold Hjelm, Kennet, Audrey Krell, Larry and Arlene Johnson, Judie Hernandez, Bill Decker, Jairam, Richard Reeve, Gnanamari, Val Bowman, Richard Levy, Aidan Ray, and Minerva.

The Yager family gives thanks in celebration of Maggie and Cory’s engagement. Congrats!
David Swanson gives thanks for Vikki Hanson, who has been on the East Coast helping the recovery efforts from Superstorm Sandy as part of her job as FEMA employee. May God bless Vikki and all those who are helping repair damage to lives and property in the affected area.

We want to remember in our prayers military personnel (those known to us as well as those serving who are not known to us): Brandon Ajyek, Alex Apostolou, Jason Koesler, Tim David, Lars Johnsen, Andreas Johnsen, Sam Krawitz, Jesse Olesen, Joey Rosequist, Cory Sandford, and Claudine Ward.   
We also want to remember in prayer our college students: Julie Berzins, Nick Boomer, Art DeSchepper, Joe Ejnik, Peter Fox, Bobby Hanson, Jenny Hanson, Tait Jensen, Trygve Jensen, Daniel Kovach, Joe Levy, Holly Norberg, Jennie Read, Eric Ryczek, Jake Stolz, and Bryce Wildenauer.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to HIPAA laws, pastors are NOT notified if you are hospitalized. If you are in the hospital and would like us to know it, you or someone acting for you has to call the church office and tell us.

Please let the office know if you are moving! Thanks!

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