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The Messiah Messenger > The June Messenger Issue #516
The June Messenger Issue #516

May 31, 2011

The Messiah


(part 1)
Acts 2:43-47
Did you know that this year Pentecost Sunday is the latest it can possibly be? Based on the date of Easter, Pentecost will not be this late again until 2038! No matter how late we (the Christian Church) celebrate Pentecost, the birth of the Church of the Resurrected Christ, the arrival of the Wind and Flames of the Holy Spirit, the one who sustains us, remains a powerful image.
Perhaps you have wondered - what exactly is the significance of Pentecost to us today, in daily life of the Church? What does it mean to BE the Church? And why is this important?
The first disciples who followed Jesus during his ministry were the beginning of a community of faith that continued after his resurrection. Early on, the church was comprised of Jewish people who came to believe that Jesus was the Messiah. At that time, the church was primarily a group of people gathering to pray in believers’ homes – usually over a meal. While some of them spread the message of Jesus in Jerusalem and the surrounding area (Luke 24; Acts 1), others maintained connections with Galilee (Matthew 28; John 21). As these believers established new communities throughout the region, the church grew and new challenges arose.
In the times after the death and resurrection of Christ, these early believers had a sense that the Spirit of God was moving among them. The book of Acts tells of the Spirit descending on the disciples at Pentecost, empowering them to reach out to other communities and preach in other languages.   
The Spirit was also instrumental in leading the church in its outreach. The apostle Paul's letters speak about the Spirit moving people to believe the gospel message.
As the needs of the communities changed, leadership adapted to meet the new needs and spread the gospel. According to Acts, Jesus' disciples led the Christian communities in the early times. There was conflict when addressing care of the needy, so responsibilities for food distribution were delegated to others. Among these were Stephen and Philip, who also began a preaching ministry. Stephen's preaching generated opposition from some Jewish leaders and he was martyred, but Philip spread the gospel to the northern region of Samaria and the southern region of Gaza.
It is helpful today for us to hear the history of those early believers as we continue to work to be the Church in these times. The next two months we will explore what it means to be the Church in 2011 in a suburb of Chicago in the United States of America.
In Christ,

Last month we lost two people who have had a wonderfully positive impact on our Messiah Family in recent years. Lois Bunt passed away Saturday April 30th. Lois had been a friend of Messiah for many years, attending with her husband Les until he died. She was a sweet, faithful woman who will be missed.
John Borgeson was the son of Gene and Marilyn Borgeson. John was confirmed here, and still had many friends in the community. John died suddenly of a heart attack on Sunday May 5th at his home in Michigan. His memorial service was here at Messiah on May 21st.

Messiah Church and Child Care Center have co-sponsored a routine in this year’s AMA Dancers and Music School Spring Program! The theme of the program this year is “All in a Day’s Work” and features dance numbers that are connected with local community businesses. Our dance is called “Are You Ready for a Miracle?” and features a great gospel choir number and kids in choir robes. Other sponsors for this event include MB Financial Bank, Pesche’s, Mrs. V’s Restaurant, and about 30 others! The program is June 11 and 12 at 1 PM in the auditorium at Maine East High School. Tickets are available by contacting AMA directly at 847-727-7066. Lots of our church and child care families have kids that are students at AMA – we encourage you to come out in support of this great community event!   

If it seems like a lot of things are happening around Messiah lately, you are right! And many of those new things involve worship … even better!
Last month, Hope Korean Baptist Church, who uses our sanctuary on Sunday afternoons, began several additional prayer services. They continue to have an evening prayer service on Wednesdays at 8pm, but added not only a Saturday evening service (also at 8 PM) but an early morning service as well! Monday through Friday, our friends from Hope Korean gather in our sanctuary from 5-6 am to pray quietly and worship God.
Messiah will also be adding a worship service to our schedule. WOW is Worship On Wednesdays, and will be a contemporary worship opportunity this summer. We will hold this service every Wednesday at 7 PM in the sanctuary. The format for this service is still in the planning stages - please contact Jennie Read if you are interested in participating, whether it is musically, sharing faith stories, leading worship, or any other way! She plans to hold an organizing/ brainstorming meeting Wednesday June 1 at 6:30 pm. If you can’t make it, talk to her or email her ideas at rjennifer007@gmail.com
Given all this extra activity, isn’t it exciting that our House is home to worship services every day of the week? Add this on top of the Christian Education that our pre-schoolers receive from the Child Care Center every weekday, and Messiah Lutheran Church is a house of worship, indeed.

Here are some of the responses we’ve received for the “Messiah Challenge” to work on improving our financial situation:
•   An idea to increase a family contribution from Connie & Dave Kaufman. “Dave and I talked after the congregational meeting about the fact that Messiah had a shortfall and that we all need to step up and contribute more so that Messiah can continue to be an active church. We decided that if Dave rode his bike to work once a week and if I made my lunch and took it to work once a week, we could (and will) increase our pledge $5 per week. So, our challenge to the rest of Messiah is ... what could you go without so that you could increase your weekly giving?”
•   Two different fundraising ideas were given by Kathi Scheck and Jennie Read and are being considered by the Executive Committee
•   Kristin Yager suggests that members    increase their purchase of Manna cards. Laura Hauser pointed out that last year Messiah profited over $1100.00 from Manna – and there is great potential to increase this profit! There are many, many examples of ways to use Manna cards for your every day purchases. It just takes a little planning ahead. The Manna order form is available on Messiah’s website, right on the nome page in the “Quick Links” section. Check out the form for all the different types of Manna cards that can be purchased. The form also gives the percentage that Messiah receives for your purchase. Again – at no additional cost to you! Think about what Manna cards you can use and how that can help Messiah! (Over the next couple of weeks, we will post some examples of HOW Manna could work for you in the News from the Pews.)
This is only the beginning of Messiah Challenge ideas. Let us know what you are thinking!

Highlights of the EC meeting Monday May 16:
•   Accepted proposal to hold a weeknight contemporary worship - Jennie Read will be the Worship Coordinator and will engage youth in the leadership for the WoW (Worship on Wednesday)
•   Messiah Challenge: accepted a proposal from Jennie Read to hold a Day of Wellness as a Fundraiser
•   Messiah Accessibility Project (MAP): will review status and set a meeting for those interested
•   Meetings Set: Leadership Team either Sunday August 14 or Monday August 15;    •   Congregational Meeting set for Sunday August 21
•   Approved a parking request for Green Bay Lutherans going on a mission trip to Haiti (June 16-23)
•   Synod Assembly - still need another person to attend!
•   Recommended a back-to-school-retreat for current and incoming Confirmation Students (to be held in August)

Weekly Attendance for April (Easter)
4/3=60, 4/10=81, 4/17=94, 4/20-24=408
Weekly Giving for April (Easter)
4/3=$1733, 4/10=$1494, 4/17=$3731, 4/20-24=$1238, Lent cont.=$4331

(PLEASE always check with church office before you schedule an event – there is a room assignment calendar maintained by the Office Administrator.)

Friday & Saturday, June 3-4
We need two people to act as synod delegates for Messiah at the Metro Chicago Synod Assembly at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, IL. We pay your expenses and you learn about the exciting ministries of our synod! Please see Pastor for more info.

Tuesday, July 26th at 7 PM
The Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Center’s Swing Choir will present an evening concert at Messiah. The Swing Choir is made up of campers who travel during the summer to offer their musical ministry! We’ll need help to house the campers and provide meals – look for information coming out soon. Contact Carol Hrodey if you can help.

Monday July 25th will be Messiah Brotherhood's 3rd annual Monday Night at the Ballgame. Contact Larry Ryczek or Rich Seggeling for tickets to the game between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers @ 7:10pm. Tickets are $30 and include lower reserved seating and round trip bus transportation. The bus will leave the Messiah parking lot at 5:30.   

Café Women’s Group June 1st at 7 PM hosted by Jennie Read. The craft project from last month will be continued, and the reading assignment chapter is “Desert Mothers” pg 115. This group is focused on fellowship and spiritual enlightenment for Messiah’s Women.

Women's Service Group Sunday, June 5th at 11:30 in Fellowship Hall. This group supplements the efforts of our Friendship Day quilters, doing service work on Lutheran World Relief projects pinning quilts and assembling health and baby kits (no sewing required). Bring a sack lunch and join in the fellowship.

Brotherhood Breakfast – Saturday, June 11th at 9 AM, at the Parsonage. We will be holding a cleanup day this month to get ready for VBS in July.

Friendship Day Thursday June 23rd, 9:30 AM Our Friendship Day Quilters make quilts and assemble health kits and baby kits for Lutheran World Relief. Don't worry if you cannot sew, we will teach you how to make a quilt. Please bring a sandwich or whatever you like for lunch if you plan to stay.


Park Ridge Fireworks, July 3
Vacation Bible School, July 25-29   

Executive Committee
Monday, June 20 @ 7:00 pm

June 5   7th Sunday of Easter
1st Lesson: Acts 1:6–14
Psalm: Psalm 68:1–10, 32–35
2nd Lesson: 1 Peter 4:12–14; 5:6–11
Gospel: John 17:1–11   

June 12   Pentecost
1st Lesson: Numbers 11:24–30
Psalm: Psalm 104:24–34, 35b
2nd Lesson: Acts 2:1–21
Gospel: John 7:37–39   

June 19   Holy Trinity
1st Lesson: Genesis 1:1—2:4a
Psalm: Psalm 8
2nd Lesson: 2 Corinthians 13:11–13
Gospel: Matthew 28:16–20   

June 26   2nd Sunday After Pentecost
1st Lesson: Jeremiah 28:5–9
Psalm: Psalm 89:1–4, 15–18
2nd Lesson: Romans 6:12–23
Gospel: Matthew 10:40–42   

Sunday School, Adult Forum, and Confirmation Class
will return Sunday, September 11 with RALLY DAY!

Meanwhile, enjoy the summer, and join us for Vacation Bible School
July 25-29!

Sunday, June 5
On this Sunday we will recognize our Sunday School, Child Care, and any other teachers in our congregation, as well as anyone graduating from Kindergarten, Middle School, High School, and/or college. This is a chance for us to say “well done!” and “thank you!” to the teachers and students in our midst.    

Sunday, June 26th
Messiah members who would like to celebrate “special” wedding anniversaries this year (e.g. 1, 5, 10, …50, etc.) are invited to participate in a Renewal of Vows at the worship service Sunday,
June 26. All are invited to join the celebrating couples for refreshments following the service. Let us know of your participation and your anniversary date using the YES sheet in the Sunday bulletin or by contacting the church office by June 22.

Sunday, June 12th
Join us as we welcome Andrew Fox
and Tommy Hanson as a full, confirmed
members of Messiah! They have completed
a 3-year course of study for the privilege to join the Lutheran church. A celebration reception follows the service in the Fellowship Hall.   

   June 5   June 12   June 19   June 26
   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am   7:00pm
Acolytes   Mikey H   Nickolaus R   Melissa H   Michael Y
Communion Assistants   Kim H   Moni R   Julie H   Floyd Y
Readers   Susan R   Floyd Y   Kevin K   Ravi P
Worship Assistants   Vikki H   Pat K   John F   Diane B
Projection   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H
Ushers   Carol H, Pat K   Carol H, Pat K   Carol H, Pat K   Carol H, Pat K
Greeters   Dan K, Kevin K   Dan K, Kevin K   Dan K, Kevin K   Dan K, Kevin K
Altar Guild   Kathy S   Sue K   available   Kathy S
Bread Providers   available   available   available   available
Counters   Paul H,    Paul H,    Paul H,    Paul H,

Sunday   Flowers are given …    Bulletins are given …
June 5   in memory of Joan Miller by Brad, Pat, Daniel, and Kevin Kovach.   by John and Sue Fox in honor of Peter’s baptism anniversary and graduation from High School.
June 12   *   by John and Sue Fox in honor of Andrew’s confirmation.
June 19   in honor of Mary Jane and Pat Kovach’s birthdays by Brad, Daniel, and Kevin Kovach.   for Samson and Chuchu’s 8th wedding anniversary by mom Worknesh.
June 26   by the Yagers in honor of Michael’s 9th birthday.   by the Yagers in honor of Michael’s 9th birthday.

The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex by the hall to the Educational Wing. Flowers are $30, and the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or “Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box. REMEMBER TO PAY FOR YOUR FLOWERS OR BULLETINS!
Note to all those purchasing flowers: Your flowers are yours to take home!
If you wish to donate them to one of our shut-ins, please be sure to let the Altar Guild know.

* Flowers for Pentecost
They are $5 each. Check your weekly bulletin starting May 29th for order forms, or call Jennifer in the church office to place an order. Deadline for ordering is Monday, June 6, so order soon! The flowers will be displayed on the altar on Pentecost morning, and an insert in the bulletin will list the names of those honored and remembered by the flowers.


We would like to thank you all for your presence, prayers, and for the memorial gifts. Your expressions of sympathy and love
are much appreciated.
Eugene and Marilyn Borgeson

Confirmation Pictures
In trying to compile annual confirmation pictures we discovered we are missing pictures from the following years (some are group pictures – some would be individual confirmands):
1972, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002,
2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010
If you have any pictures from these years, please submit them to Carol Hrodey for inclusion in the confirmation albums that were started at the time of the 50th Anniversary. Thanks!


Summer Coffee Hour Volunteers Needed
Any one interested in helping with Summer Coffee Hour please contact David Swanson. We especially need people to volunteer to bring treats and fruit. I will take care of making coffee and lemonade. Also, we will need help with serving the goodies. I will have a sheet in the narthex for signing up for a particular Sunday. In the past we have had a good response to having it on the lawn in front of the church. We hope to be able to continue this great fellowship event.

Pastor on Vacation!
The much-anticipated vacation is finally here! Pastor Lynne will be gone June 18-28. Contact the office if you have a pastoral emergency – pastoral care will be available.

Manna Dates
Orders for Manna will be ONE WEEK EARLY in June to accommodate Father’s Day and Child Care end-of-year. Orders due on June 5!

The date for Harvest Festival 2011 has been set for Saturday, November 12th! Start planning now! Do you have a craft or skill that you might like to try your hand at selling? Or do you know a crafter who might like to get a table? We’ll also repeat our Silent Auction so think about things you can donate (services or items) – or ask businesses you frequent for donations of gift certificates/cards or items. For vendor or silent auction information, please contact Carol Hrodey at 847-828-7819.

The Friendship Day Kettle (also know as Angels in the Narthex) will be in the narthex from June through Labor Day for donations. No amount is too small. The donations will be used for Personal Care Kits, and Baby Care Kits for Lutheran World Relief. There will also be a surprise … check it out!!! Please be an Angel and help us. Thanks and God Bless – Millie A.

Please join Maine East’s Tri-M Music Honor Society, Chapter #1, in supporting Tri-M member Peter Fox thru donating or walking in the Leukemia Research Foundation’s (LRF) Walk in Lincoln Park on June 16th. LRF’s mission is to conquer leukemia, lymphoma, and myelodysplastic syndromes by funding research into their causes and cures and to enrich the quality of life for those touched by these diseases. Maine East’s team is called “The Maine Foxes”, and is made up of members and friends of the Fine Arts Department. Please go to www.active.com/donate/lrf2011/SDjordj to support the Maine Foxes and this worthy cause.   

Jackie Steigerwald has requested mailing addresses for friend and family members that are currently serving in any of our military forces. She has been writing cards to these people, letting them know that we are praying for them! You can email those addresses to Jackie at jwsteigerwald@mac.com.

June 12 is the festival of Pentecost and, also, Confirmation. In addition, it is also the final Sunday for the Messiah Choir’s season. I want to thank each and every one of you who has sung with the choir since last August. You have great dedication to praise God and lead worship. I look forward to another exciting season with you beginning in the fall.
Music at Messiah continues after Pentecost. We will once again be asking for favorite hymns to sing during our summer worship. Please look for the space on the “Yes” insert to your bulletin to submit your favorite, and if you can, please include why you like the hymn. This information will be included when we sing your hymn. We can see hymns in a more meaningful way if we look at them thru another’s eyes.
~ Sue Fox

Like last Summer, we’d like to know what your favorite hymns are and why. Write yours on the YES! Sheet in early June, and we will start using them in worship!

Through Kingdom of the Son VBS, we will explore the Serengeti along with the Lord's Prayer. Children will learn to talk to God and develop a personal relationship with Him. Please join us on our VBS adventure July 25 - 29th from 9am-12 noon. Children age 4-10 are welcome. The cost is $10 per child, or $25 per family. Scholarships are available to families in financial need, please contact Pastor Morrow. To register, go to Messiah’s home page and click on the VBS Registration link under “Quick Links” – it is that easy!

Youth Group will continue having drop-in nights at the Parsonage every second Saturday of the month from 6pm-9pm. Please make sure Julie Holzer has the current email you are actually using, so that you can find out about all of the upcoming Youth events! A Laser Tag outing is coming soon. Date TBA.

We got the following note from Advocate Lutheran General Hospital:
“Dear Messiah Lutheran Church,
thank you for your donation of [Easter] baskets to the children and their families. This donation will make the children’s stay more positive.
Thank you, Child Life Services”

Thank you, Sunday School students, for your thoughtfulness and generosity.   

On Sunday, May 15, the Sunday School took a collection give a gift to the ELCA Good Gifts Project: God’s Global Barnyard. The students raised $100, and with that money have purchased a goat, a pig, and 20 chicks! Thanks to all who donated!

Goats change lives. In extreme climates where other animals cannot survive, goats provide families with fresh milk to drink and fertilizer for the land. As goats multiply, families often share offspring with a neighbor in need — helping lift entire communities out of hunger and poverty.

A pig in the pen is like money in the bank. Within months, piglets grow to weigh a couple hundred pounds — bringing a big payoff at the market. Families can also use and sell a pig's natural fertilizer to help grow crops.

Ten little chicks can make a big difference! Within a few months of birth, chicks begin laying eggs. Eggs make nutritious meals for growing kids, and the extra eggs generate income to grow a small business.

Matthew Seggeling, 6/1
Christine Ruterschmidt, 6/2
Vikki Hanson, 6/3
David Tjhio, 6/5
Edward Corkill, 6/6
Susan Bromstad, 6/7
Katharine Scheck, 6/7
Jimmy Olson, 6/9
Claudine Ward, 6/12Nancy Boomer, 6/13
Susan Kopij, 6/13
Linda Raymond, 6/13
Pat Kovach, 6/14
Natalie Norberg, 6/17
David Divita, 6/19
Kyle Cramer, 6/22
Barbara Loverme, 6/22
Mary Jane Kovach, 6/23
Michael Yager, 6/24
Floyd Yager, 6/26
Sara Christiansen, 6/28
Jake Saul, 6/29   Jessica Saul, 6/29
LuAnne Jelonek, 6/30

Neil and Laura Hauser 6/6/1995, 16 years

Samed and Lauri Hamden 6/9/2007, 4 years

David and Donna Hanson 6/12/1965, 46 years

Mark and Anne Wiberg 6/18/1960, 51 years


Pastor:    Rev. Lynne Morrow
Coordinator/Music Ministry: Sue Fox
Child Care Center Director: Karen Black
Office Administrator:    Jennifer Schneider
Bookkeeper:    Helen Levy
Property Maintenance:    John Handzel, Jr.
Custodian:    Worknesh Deressa

President:   John Fox
Vice President:    Diane Wilson
Secretary:    Stephanie Yager
Treasurer:    Larry Ryczek
Financial Sec.:    Paul Holzer
The CHAT Room:   David Swanson
Altar Guild:      Linda Raymond
Brotherhood:      Rich Seggeling
CCC Board Chair:   TBD
Christian Education:   Julie Jensen
Confirmation/Youth:   Floyd Yager
         Julie Holzer
Evangelism:      David Swanson
Friendship Day:    Trudi Handzel, Sandi Collie
Property Coordinator: Ray Ejnik
Stewardship:      Floyd Yager

Contact the Church Office for phone numbers or email addresses for these folks.

MEMORIAL REPORT as of May 26, 2011
All gifts to the Memorial Fund are automatically acknowledged to the giver by a personal note, which includes a confirmation of the amount. Unless otherwise designated, all gifts go into the Property Reserve Fund. Addresses and envelope numbers on memorial cards or checks are much appreciated. The purpose of this report is to confirm that gifts are received and properly allocated. If you don’t see your gift listed here after 2 months, please contact Karen Black.

There were memorials in May, they are still being processed.
They will be listed in the July Messenger.

As the legendary Dragon Warrior, Po (the kung fu panda) dutifully guards the Valley of Peace alongside his allies, the Furious Five. When a frightful new enemy emerges, Po and company embark on a perilous journey to save China and the art of kung fu.
I was very excited when I learned they were doing this sequel. If you will remember, I encouraged people to “RUN, not walk, to see” Kung Fu Panda. The fantastic martial arts, the touching moments of sensitivity, and the fall-on-the-floor funny throughout the film made it instantly one of my favorites. We were so eager, we went to opening night!
And I did enjoy it. It was definitely not as funny as the first one … a big part of the comedy in Kung Fu Panda (the first) was the brilliant depiction of classic kung fu films, and how a big, bumbling panda fit into them. So in defense of this film, it is unfair to expect that humor to carry it all the way through a second movie. What the film lacks in comedy, however, it makes up for in richness of story and character. My favorite aspect of THIS movie was the flowing seamlessness of the team – Po and his friends Tigress, Mantis, Viper, Crane, and Monkey work together in gorgeously choreographed fight scenes, and Po, as the Dragon Warrior, has an equal part in the action. He still bumbles … his tummy still grumbles. But as a group they can accomplish anything (little lesson there, eh?)
Other themes that prevail are that of inner peace, and of leaving the past behind. We find out that Po is adopted (big surprise), and where he comes from. A word of caution – what happened to Po’s parents is quite sad, and while authors of the movie deal with it very tastefully, it may potentially be upsetting to young children. Indeed, some of the action sequences, while beautiful, are intense, and some scenes may be scary for little ones.
Po comes through it all, however, learning that it is not as important where you come from as who you are, and what you do in the here and now. Inner peace can only be found if you accept yourself, believe in yourself, and love those who love you right back. I recommend this movie!

Worknesh Deressa gives thanks in joyful celebration of Abedi and Lansa’s first anniversary. Her son and daughter-in-law moved to Dubai last fall, and we give thanks for the answered prayers of their happy marriage and continued success in a far away land. We also give thanks today for the birth of Neena Penumaka’s sister’s baby last month, a healthy girl!   

Please include the following individuals and families in your prayers this month: Piers Anderson, Evan Barrutia, John Beirne, Kelly B, Bruce and Laurie Bachman, Viv Beyer, Val Bowman, Evelyn Burval, Shirley Busse, Sara Christiansen, Cheryl Donahue, Gerald Engval, Linda Foltz, Pearl Fox, Peter Fox, Graham Family, Walter Goelling and Family, Arlene Johnson, Kennet, Vera Koehler, Audrey Krell, Richard Levy, Margaret Mulberry, Mary, Aidan Ray, John Read, Richard Reeve, Aleida Rodriquez, Greg Russo, The Santos Family, Luke Samuel, Diana Stimpel, Harry and Sue Trestrail, Linda Ufkes.

We want to remember in our prayers military personnel (those known to us as well as those serving who are not known to us): Jason Koesler, Tim David, Kevin Hrodey, Lars Johnsen, Andreas Johnsen, Sam Krawitz, Jesse Olesen, Dane Preisser, Joey Rosequist, Kevin Ward, and Claudine Ward.   

We also want to remember in prayer our college students: Julie Berzins, Adrianne Blanks, Nick Boomer, Joey Ejnik, Bobby Hanson, Trygve Jensen, Kevin Kaufman, Daniel Kovach, Eric Ryczek, Jake Stolz, and Paul Stolz Jr..

PLEASE NOTE: Due to HIPAA laws, pastors are NOT notified if you are hospitalized. If you are in the hospital and would like us to know it, you or someone acting for you has to call the church office and tell us.

Please let the office know if you are moving! Thanks!


The Messiah

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