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The May Messenger Issue #503

Apr 30, 2010

The Messiah

Vacation Bible School
ONLINE Registration Available Now!
VBS is July 26-30


Dear Friends,
Hallelujah! He is Risen! We continue to celebrate the Risen Lord, Jesus the Christ, for fifty days through the Day of Pentecost on May 23. The Day of Pentecost is the celebration of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, The Holy Spirit! At Christmas, we celebrate God's incarnation; at Easter we celebrate Jesus the Christ's resurrection and at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is celebrated!
God’s living presence among us is not seen, so a number of images are used to describe it - the wind, the dove, and fire. The Holy Spirit appeared as wind on the day of Pentecost and like the Holy Spirit wind is not seen, but its effects are quite powerful. The effects of the Holy Spirit are gifts to those who are open to receive them. In Hebrew, ruach is breath, in Greek pneuma is Spirit…whatever name is used, wind and air are essential for life just as the Holy Spirit is essential for the life of the church. On the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit also appeared as fire. The image of Fire is also very powerful and like the Holy Spirit Fire gives strength and purifies and so can the Holy Spirit Fire can be used to guide, and the Holy Spirit guides the church.
The image of tongues of flame has been used as a sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the church. Therefore, red is the energetic color for this day and all are invited to wear red on that day. Those with knowledge of a language other than English will participate in a simultaneous reading of John 3:16 during the Gospel reading. The music will be full of life and the sanctuary will be full of movement as we welcome the Holy Spirit among us. We will offer red geraniums to decorate our    
worship space, that may be purchased in honor of special people or occasions in our community's life (like the lilies and poinsettias for Easter and Christmas).
Messiah's tradition is to celebrate Confirmation, or the Affirmation of Baptism on the Day of Pentecost. This year, Kevin Kovach will affirm his baptism during our worship using the words of the Apostle's Creed…which include the Third Article, which Martin Luther defined as "On Being Made Holy."
I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting.
We invite all adults to share letters of encouragement with Kevin as he moves forward in his faith journey with Jesus Christ.
Let us make this a joyous time for Kevin and for the church! Let's make this an extraordinary celebration of the 50 days following the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior!
In Christ,
Pastor Lynne

The first step in reorganizing our leadership structure and revising our constitution took place on Tuesday April 13th when a group of 22 people gathered in the sanctuary at Messiah. We heard the Gospel and prayerfully considered the Mission and Ministry of Messiah. The Holy Spirit was present among us and stirred our hearts and minds. We shared how Messiah has made a difference in the lives of Messiah members and the community. We determined that our Mission Statement is still valid and we discussed the universally shared guiding principles that define who Messiah Lutheran Church and Child Care Center was, is and will be.
The next step will be a meeting in June to begin to revise the constitutional by-laws and the leadership structure of Messiah Lutheran Church and Child Care Center. We ask your prayers as we move forward.
~ Carol Hrodey and Pastor Lynne

Got a story about how Messiah has made a difference to you personally, or to the community? We’d love to hear it! Share with Pastor Lynne or email it to the office!   IN MEMORIAM
Carol Smith
Messiah members were saddened to hear that one of our longtime members had passed away. Carol Smith moved away to Washington State in summer of 2008 to live with her daughter. Before that, Carol was a dear presence at Messiah, volunteering her time and talents often as a reader, a sewer for the Friendship Circle, an advocate of AlAnon, a coffee hostess, and a bulletin/ newsletter stuffer. She was missed when she left 2 years ago, and now we can rejoice that she is with Jesus. When we find out more details of the Memorial Service, we will pass them along.
John Oswald
John was born in Canada in 1921. His family moved to Chicago in 1923, and he stayed in the area for the rest of his life. John worked at the Chicago Tribune for more than 30 years, he was in the Navy during World War II, and met his wife Betty through her brother during the war. The Oswalds and their children (Terry, Gary, Donna, and Debbie) were members of Messiah for some time. The Fellowship Hall renovation in 1995 was dedicated to Betty Oswald. John passed away on April 22. A funeral service was held at Cooney Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Salvation Army (c/o downtown Chicago address).

(PLEASE always check with church office before you schedule an event – there is a room assignment calendar maintained by the Office Administrator.)
Sunday May 9, during our regular worship service.
We will be celebrating all Scouts-Cub, Daisy, Brownie, Boy and Girl Scouts, and the church is looking for current and former scouts of all kinds, and adult Scout leaders, to help with greeting, ushering, reading and serving as Communion assistants on Scout Sunday. If you are interested in participating in the service, please contact the church office. All Scouts are encouraged to wear their uniforms to church on Scout Sunday.

May 16 at 11:30 am
This meeting is to vote on moving forward with the plan for accessible entrances, accessible bathrooms and enlarged gathering space setting specific conditions for congregational participation and levels of fundraising prior to breaking ground.   
Saturday, May 22nd
11 AM – 2 PM
The Fair runs from 11 AM to 2 PM, and features games, rides, food, and fun for kids, and a Silent Auction for the grownups! The Silent Auction will be open for bidding on Friday, May 21st during school hours, and also at 9AM on Saturday while staff is setting up. Bid early and bid often, for the good of the Child Care Center! Items include Cubs tickets and an Ernie Banks jersey, vacation homes, and our class’ special baskets!
Volunteers are needed from the congregation to help run games and meet people. If you can devote a few hours that day to pitch in, please contact Karen Black at 847-825-3767.

VBS July 26-30, 9am-12pm
Saddle Ridge Ranch…Roundin' Up Questions, Drivin' Home Answers
Saddle up for VBS 2010 where kids will be ridin' the range and roundin' up questions like: "What is God's plan for me?" and "How can I be like Jesus?" At the end of the day, they'll discover that God's Word has all the answers. Click on the Quick Link on our homepage to for LOTS more details, and to register your children now! Cost: $10/child up to 2/family; $25 for family of 3 or more.
Monday, May 31st
On Memorial Day, we will gather at the “step-off” point at 9:45 AM, (exact spot to be announced). The parade starts at 10 AM. This was a LOT of fun the last FIVE years, and we will be using this as an evangelism opportunity, handing out Messiah Church and Child Care flyers, and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ! If you can help or march, let Julie Holzer know!   

Friendship Day – May 27 starting at 9AM or whenever you can come for an hour or more. Dessert will be served. Please bring a sandwich or whatever you like for lunch if you plan to stay. Don't worry if you cannot sew, we will teach you! Also you may work at home, making sweaters for the layettes, patterns available. Just check if there are other things you would like to do. Knitting lessons started in January.
Last year there were some members that wished to work on quilts after church on Sundays as they could not come on the 4th Thursday. It has also been suggested there might be a Saturday work day. We would like to have input from you on this, so please contact Trudi Handzel @ 847-359-7830 or Sandy Collie @ 847-768-0222. Also Email addresses are in the new Church Directory.

Men’s Brotherhood Breakfast – Saturday, May 8th at Jimmy’s Restaurant. Join us for great food and fellowship.
June 4-5
We STILL need two people (preferably one male and one female) to act as synod delegates for Messiah at the Metro Chicago Synod Assembly on Friday and Saturday, June 4 and 5 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, IL. We pay your expenses and you learn about the exciting ministries of our synod! Please see Pastor or Carol Hrodey for more information.

Sunday, June 6 during worship service
Please let us know if you have a family member who is graduating this May or June. We like to list their names in the bulletin, as well as recognize all the teachers in our midst, from the Child Care Center, Sunday School, and those of our congregation that teach in the wider community. Contact the office, or put names on the YES! Sheets on Sundays.

Child Care Board
Tuesday, 5/4 at 6:30 PM
Dream Team
Tuesday 5/11 7:00pm
Executive Committee Meeting
Monday, 5/17 at 7 PM   

Date to be determined
At this meeting we will begin to revise the constitutional by-laws and the leadership structure of Messiah Lutheran Church and Child Care Center. This will also be a regular “business” Congregational Meeting.

Sunday   Worship Focus   Sunday School   Adult Forum   Confirmation
May 2   Fifth Sunday in Easter
1st Lesson: Acts 11:1–18
Psalm: Psalm 148
2nd Lesson: Revelation 21:1–6
Gospel: John 13:31–35   Gather in Grace
Week 4   New Testament
Corinthians   Building the Church #8
May 9   Sixth Sunday of Easter
1st Lesson: Acts 16:9–15
Psalm: Psalm 67
2nd Lesson: Rev. 21:10, 22-22:5
Gospel: John 14:23–29   Year End Review
Last Day of Sunday School   New Testament
Corinthians   Summary and Wrap Up
May 16   Seventh Sunday of Easter
1st Lesson: Acts 16:16–34
Psalm: Psalm 97
2nd Lesson: Rev. 22:12–21
Gospel: John 17:20–26   Pancake Breakfast /
Celebration Sunday

May 23   Pentecost
1st Lesson: Acts 2:1–21
2nd Lesson: Romans 8:14–17
Gospel: John 14:8–27   CONFIRMATION DAY

May 30   The Holy Trinity
1st Lesson: Prov. 8:1–4, 22–31
Psalm: Psalm 8
2nd Lesson: Romans 5:1–5
Gospel: John 16:12–15   Begin Summer Schedule -
No choir or Sunday School
Prep for Memorial Day Parade,
Blessing and Decorating of Bicycles

The month of May is chock full of special events in worship …
May 9 – Scout Sunday Recognition
Scouts of all ages are encouraged to wear their uniforms to church on Scout Sunday.
May 9 – Mother’s Day
We honor the women in our congregation with special prayers and a gift of roses.
May 16 – Celebration Sunday
We have our final Pancake Breakfast of the season, and celebrate what we have learned together in our Christian Ed Classes.   
May 16 – Gloria Bible Dedication
Pew bibles have been purchased in honor of Gloria Solum (David Swanson’s mother) using memorial money given in her name. This Sunday we will dedicate our new bibles, which will remain in our pews for use each Sunday.
May 23 – Confirmation
Join us as we welcome Kevin Kovach as a full, confirmed member of Messiah! A celebration reception follows the service.

   May 2   May 9   May 16   May 23   May 30
   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am
Acolytes   Jessie K   Tommy H   Kevin K   Melissa H   Thomas Y
Communion Assistants   Kathy K   Kim H   Pat K   Julie H   Floyd Y
Readers   Neil H   Tait J   Anne W   Kevin K   Susan R
Worship Assistants   Pat K   John F   Diane B   Karen B   Dave S
Projection   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H
Ushers   Bob B,
Steve Y   Bob B,
Steve Y    Bob B,
Steve Y    Bob B,
Steve Y    Bob B,
Steve Y
Greeter   Val B   Val B   Val B   Val B   Val B
Bread Providers   Sunday School   Jensen Family   Bud D   Available.   Available.
Counters   Dave H,
Dave S   Dave H,
Dave S   Dave H,
Dave S    Dave H,
Dave S    Dave H,
Dave S
May 9th may change based on the availability of Scouts to participate in the service.

Sunday   Flowers are given …    Bulletins are given …
May 2   By the Penumaka Family.   By the Penumaka Family.
Also in honor of Abedi and Lensa’s wedding day by mom Worknesh.
May 9   In honor of Tryg Jensen’s birthday by the Jensen Family.
May 16   Available.   Available.
May 23   In honor of Kevin Kovach’s confirmation by Brad, Pat,
and Dan Kovach.   Available.
May 30   In honor of Dan and Kevin Kovach’s graduations by Brad and Pat Kovach.   Available.

The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex by the hall to the Educational Wing. Flowers are $30, and the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or “Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box.

Note to all those purchasing flowers: Your flowers are yours to take home!
If you wish to donate them to one of our shut-ins, please be sure to let the Altar Guild know.


Manna Dates
Orders for Manna will be ONE WEEK EARLY in May to accommodate Mother’s Day. Orders due on May 2!

Geraniums for Pentecost
They are $5 each. Check your weekly bulletin starting May 2nd for order forms, or call Jennifer in the church office to place an order. Deadline for ordering is
Sunday, May 16th.
The flowers will be displayed on the altar on Pentecost morning, and an insert in the bulletin will list the names of those honored and remembered by the flowers.

All adult members of Messiah are invited to help Kevin Kovach celebrate his Affirmation of Faith in Confirmation by writing him a letter. Please include in your letter encourage-ment to continue growth in his faith, to let him know what your faith means to you and any special memories of your confirmation. This will be a wonderful treasure for him to keep as he affirms his baptismal vows on Sunday, May 23. Your letters can be hand written and left in the office or e-mailed to: office@messiahparkridge.org

Blessing of Bicycles
Bring your bicycles, your tricycles, your scooters, your helmets and your bells to worship with you on Sunday, May 30th. This will also give you an opportunity to decorate your bide for the Memorial Day Parade!
As we look forward to the start of the outdoor play season, we want to bless these tools and toys for fun and for safety. Come to worship and bring things with you. We'll come outside at the conclusion of worship for a special congregational prayer of blessing.

Renewal of Vows
Messiah members who would like to celebrate “special” wedding anniversaries this year (e.g. 1, 5, 10, 15, 20…50, etc.) are invited to participate in a Renewal of Vows at the worship service Sunday, June 13. All are invited to join the celebrating couples for refreshments following the service. Let us know of your participation and your anniversary date using the YES sheet in the Sunday bulletin or by contacting the church office by June 7.

Holy Week Thank You
It took a HUGE crew of volunteer readers, assistants, acolytes, ushers, greeters, Altar
Guild-ers, bulletin stuffers, carpet vacuumers, singers, musicians, egg hiders, cooks, and all-around participants to have Messiah’s 2010 Holy Week be as successful and fulfilling as it was. A hearty “thank you, and well done!” goes out to all who helped from Pastor Lynne and Jennifer.

Please note: Now that we are done (hopefully?) snow plowing, the gate to the back parking lot will be locked in the evening. If you have an event scheduled that may use the back lot, please contact the church office prior to the event to get the combination.

A quick Youth Update.....
Thank you to those who attended our lunch at Chipotle in April. Next time on "Invite a Friend" Sunday we will have to work on "inviting a friend"! It was good to have five of the youth be able to make it....And a big Thanks to the new Chipotle restaurant on Golf Road in Niles for hosting us and providing us lunch.
May should be a good month as we wrap up the school year. First, on Friday evening May 7th we will head to Evanston for an overnight at University Lutheran Church at Northwestern. We will be there for the night for a meal, education, games, Vespers Worship, fun, fellowship and a great time!!! Then in the morning will head to a service project helping to cut brush and clean at the Skokie Lagoons....We has a good time two years ago, but missed out on the overnight last year. I hope we can get a good group. The folks at ULC are very nice to us and this is a great chance to meet some new friends and have some fun! Please let me know if you will be going!
We are TENTATIVELY scheduled for a Lock-in at Messiah on Saturday night, May 15th. We are looking for some adult chaperones who may want to sleep in the church as Mr. Yager cannot make it that evening. If we can find adults who want help organize some games, movies, and play a bit of sardines with the Youth Group we will have this Lock-in. We will know for certain by early May.
On May 16th, the youth group will be cooking pancakes for our congregational breakfast. Breakfast begins at 9am, so we will need you there by 8:30 to help prepare and get the pancakes going. If the lock-in happens the night before it will be easy to be ready by then, otherwise please mark your calendars to join us and help serve the congregation!

   May 23rd is Pentecost and traditionally at Messiah the date we use for confirmation. Kevin Kovach will be confirmed at worship this day, and it will be great if many of his friends from the Youth Group can be in attendance at the service. Please plan to come to the special day for Kevin.
Two more events that are coming and we are hoping to schedule soon.
First, We have the opportunity to have a late night (Midnight to 6am) Laser Tag Lock-in at the Laser Zone on Palatine and Rand Roads. It is really cool, multiple layers, music, smoke, and so on. We need to have 35 people, so we are hoping to do this one of the first weekends when school is out and invite the college kids and friends to join us. We will have the whole place to ourselves, play Laser Tag all night, have pizza and sodas, and just have a great time! Tentatively we are looking at June 11 or 12 or June 18 or 19. I need to have a firm commitment. The cost per person will be $15 for 6 hours of Laser Tag and snacks! I need to get an idea of the interest from you all and a commitment to attend and bring a friend or two so we get 35 people! The sooner I hear from you on this the sooner we can book it. If I don't get response by mid-May I will assume there is not an interest.
Second, we will need your help this summer, as always, with VBS. This is a huge ministry we do each year and it can only work with lots of volunteers. I hope as you see the information about this event you will be among the first to sign up to help out. The kids that are there really look up to the teens that help and we need you!
Do Justice, Love Kindness, and Walk Humbly with God,
~ Floyd Yager
We would like to take a minute to introduce you to Daniel Shaughnessy, youngest son of Cathy Shaughnessy, a teacher in our Child Care Center. Outwardly, Daniel looks like any 7-year-old who loves school, riding his bike, and playing at the park with his 2 brothers and sister. The difference is that Daniel has Autism.
Autism is a development disorder that affects 1 in 110 children, and it impairs the ability to communicate and interact with others. Daniel’s family has made the commitment to help raise awareness for every child and family affected by Autism. Last May they participated in their first annual “Walk Now for Autism” at Soldier Field – the signature fundraiser for Autism Speaks, an organization that is active in raising funds for research and awareness about Autism. Together Daniel’s group raised over $4000 at last year’s event.
This year’s walk will be Saturday, May 15th. To donate to Autism Speaks and support Daniel’s team, go to:
Click on “>>more” in the Team Ranking box. Search for Daniel’s Dream in the box. Open the team page for Daniel’s Dream. Make a donation to the whole team, or to one specific participant.
Thank you for your generous support!   

For the past year our congregation has begun efforts to TURN AROUND a decline in worship attendance that affects many of our churches. Here are some of the "new" (actually very old) behaviors that Messiah wants to make permanent:
1. We are asked to PRAY that the Holy Spirit will guide the Church into a time of renewal. (Pick up a copy of Christ In Our Home from the narthex for daily use.)
2. We are encouraged to BRING A FOOD ITEM for the Food Pantry, each time we come to worship. (Jesus said, "Remember the poor.")
3. We are learning to INVITE neighbors, family, and friends to come with us to our church services. ("Each one invite one.")
At a recent meeting, church leaders reviewed our mission statement: "With Christ, Reaching Out and Welcoming All God’s Children.” The consensus is that the statement adequately describes what our congregation is to be about. However, here is a further elaboration of what might be understood to be our MISSION … Working with Christ, we reach out, welcoming all of God's children to a faith community, in which our friendship with Jesus and each other continues to grow.
In this Community we regularly receive the Bread of Life, the forgiveness of sins, and the challenge to "MAKE A DIFFERENCE” out there in the day-to-day world. All of this is a sacred privilege, for which we SING thanks and praise to God. ~Mark Wiberg


Arline Baranowski, 5/1
Harold DiVita, 5/1
Jonathan Herak, 5/3
Ralphie Lippert, 5/3
Philip Holzer, 5/4
Nancy Smith, 5/5
Emily Hamden, 5/6
Paula DiVita, 5/8
Nancy Herak, 5/8
Trygve Jensen, 5/10
Darrell Eckert, 5/12
Tiffany Erthal, 5/12
Elvera Beyer, 5/15
Odell Duckett, 5/15
Roger Jones, 5/15
Helen Levy, 5/17
Jessica Schneider, 5/17
Jacob Stolz, 5/19
Joe Levy, 5/20
Bradley Paulus, 5/20
James Handzel, 5/22
Amber Saul, 5/22
Alyson Allemeier, 5/23
Clare Doud, 5/24
Ruth Jeppesen, 5/24
Terry McIntyre, 5/24
Peter Nugnis, 5/25
Larry Fogel, 5/28
Bradford Kovach, 5/29
Michelle Litwin, 5/31
Bill and Kirsten Boyce,
5/2/2009, 1 year

Don and MaryJane Kovach,
5/5/1956, 54 years

Jen and Vince Manzella,
5/23/2009, 1 year

Floyd and Kristin Yager,
5/23/1998, 12 years


Pastor: Rev. Lynne Morrow (847) 612-6950
Director of Music:    Tom Daniels
Organist:    Sue Fox
Child Care Center Director: Karen Black
Office Administrator:    Jennifer Schneider
Bookkeeper:    Helen Levy
Property Maintenance:    John Handzel, Jr.
Custodian:    Worknesh Deressa
President:   Carol Hrodey
Vice President:    Vikki Hanson
Secretary:    Nancy Boomer
Treasurer:    Brad Kovach
Financial Sec.:    David Hanson
Contact the Church Office for phone numbers or email addresses for these folks.

Adult Forum:      Rich Levy,
         David Swanson
Altar Guild:      Linda Raymond
Brotherhood:      Rich Seggeling
CCC Board:      Donna Berzins
Christian Education:   Julie Jensen
Choir:         Patti Daniels
Confirmation/HS:   Floyd Yager
         Julie Holzer
Evangelism:      David Swanson
Friendship Day:    Trudi Handzel,
Sandi Collie
Music:         Tom Daniels, Sue Fox
Property Coordinator: Patti Daniels
Publicity:      Teresa Lippert
Stewardship:      Floyd Yager

MEMORIAL REPORT as of April 24, 2010
All gifts to the Memorial Fund are automatically acknowledged to the giver by a personal note, which includes a confirmation of the amount. Unless otherwise designated, all gifts go into the Property Reserve Fund. Addresses and envelope numbers on memorial cards or checks are much appreciated. The purpose of this report is to confirm that gifts are received and properly allocated. If you don’t see your gift listed here after 2 months, please contact Karen Black.

There were no memorials recorded in April. Any memorials received in April will be reported in the JUNE Messenger.

Oversized African American Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a teen from across the tracks and a broken home, has nowhere to sleep at age 16. Taken in by an affluent Memphis couple, Leigh Anne (Sandra Bullock) and Sean (Tim McGraw), Michael embarks on a remarkable rise to play for the NFL. Bullock's performance garnered a Best Actress Oscar and Best Actress Golden Globe Award. Kathy Bates co-stars.
I think the most important aspect of this movie for me is that it isn’t just Leigh Anne who is there for Michael – it begins with the teachers and coach that try to bring him along into a very white, Christian prep school. The coach’s motives may not be completely altruistic (he is, after all, hoping Michael will play sports), but he challenges the admissions board to live up to their values as Christians, and give the kid a chance. Then in a powerful moment of recognition, Leigh Anne sees Michael in need, and invites him to spend the night on her family’s couch. Despite her justifiable concerns for the safety of her family (and their material possessions!) Michael proves himself to be a good kid who just needed someone to love him, and the relationships that he builds with not only Leigh Anne, but the whole family, are rewarding on both sides. The movie ALSO explores the flip side of the generosity – many questions are asked about what motivates Leigh Anne to help this boy – white guilt? A new charity case? Even the NAACP steps in, assuming the whole thing was to get Michael to play football for Ole Miss, Leigh Anne and Sean’s alma mater. At the heart of it all, though we find a woman willing to go the distance for a complete stranger, a Good Samaritan with guts and grit.
I wondered ¾ of the way through the film about its PG-13 rating. Close to the end, though the racial differences are brought slamming to the fore and harsh language and difficult themes are prevalent. I wouldn’t recommend this for children under 9 or so, but it is worth watching with your older kids. The performances are excellent, and the story is inspiring.


PLEASE HELP US! We love to pray for folks – we really, really do! But some people have been on our list for a long time, and we would LOVE an update…especially if we can include an Answered Prayer in our Joys section of the Sunday bulletin. We are developing a new Prayer Ministry that would involve regular personal contact for those on our Prayer List, and we want to get more info about their prayer needs. Please contact either Pastor Lynne or the church office. Thank you!
Please include the following individuals and families in your prayers this month:
Nancy Best, Viv Beyer, Val Bowman, Lois Bunt, Evelyn Burval, Sara Christiansen, Clare Doud, Ardene Ejnik, Pearl Fox, Ruth Jeppeson, Larry & Arlene Johnson, Jean Johnson, Kennet, Richard Levy, Aidan Ray, Richard Reeve, Aleida Rodriquez, Chuck Steigerwald, Cathy Stultz, Linda Ufkes
We want to remember in our prayers our military personnel: Jason Koesler, Tim David, Lars Johnsen, Andreas Johnsen, Kevin Ward, and Claudine Ward, and Samantha Krawitz.

AND our college students: Julie Berzins, Bobby Hanson, Trygve Jensen, Joey Ejnik, Eric Ryczek, Adrianne Blanks, Kevin Kaufman, James Seggeling, Paul Stolz Jr., and Natalie Norberg.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to HIPAA laws, pastors are NOT notified if you are hospitalized. If you are in the hospital and would like us to know it, you or someone acting for you has to call the church office and tell us.

Please let the office know if you are moving! Thanks!

Directories are HERE!
We will be mailing out our directories early in May.

Moni Ryczek has a new email address - fussball3@sbcglobal.net
Marilyn and Gene Borgeson have a new email address - borgflil@comcast.net

The Messiah

1605 Vernon Avenue
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068

Phone: (847) 823-6984
Fax: (847) 823-6996
Child Care Center Phone: (847) 825-3767
E-mail: PastorLynne@messiahparkridge.org
Homepage: www.messiahparkridge.org
Child Care Email: messiahchildcare@sbcglobal.net

MAP Property Insert

Summary of Considerations for Messiah Accessibility Project:

?   Overall Objective for Messiah Lutheran Church Campus:
Create an overall safe, clean & welcoming environment that is accessible for worship, Christian education, fellowship and community outreach to support our mission “With Christ, Reaching Out and Welcoming All God’s Children”
?   Initial Priorities: accessible main entrance, first floor accessible bathroom, design to include exterior plan to make entrance clear and welcoming, cost not to exceed $250,000 including architectural fees
?   Additional Considerations for Long Term Plan: access to all levels of church (elevator); expanded narthex or “meet & greet” space; clear, main entrance / distinct & secure entrance for Child Care Center; 1st floor meeting space/multipurpose space; consolidate offices; clear flow within building; energy efficiency throughout campus; definitive purpose for parsonage; definitive home for Sunday School, Choir/Music; various sized meeting spaces; CCC gross motor room; functional storage; accessible entrances throughout campus; exterior plan to include adequate lighting, outdoor meeting space/garden, parking; update, refurbish to create attractive, inviting space
?   Where did $250,000 figure come from? Initially told by a builder that project would cost approximately $250,000; advised by representative of ELCA Mission Investment Fund to not pursue a loan any greater than $250,000 to $300,000; felt this amount was a “doable” sized debt for our congregation.
?   Reviewed 2 options:
o   Simple addition of two bathrooms in approximate area where bell tower was (approx 552 square feet @ $200 / sf) plus movement of doors in existing vestibule on north side to face north (rather than “hidden” door facing east). Total cost approximately $129,600.
o   In addition to above, “square” off new bathroom space, across west side of building to north end to create new gathering space and create new entrance, including moving “Life of Christ” window to north side. (approx 1510 square feet @ $150 / sf). Total cost approximately $249,620
o   Additionally – can add covered walkway from north side entrance to parking lot – additional $10,000 - $15,000; both options = +/- 15%; both options create accessible entrances on both west and north sides
?   Why should we consider the addition of a gathering space?
o   From a financial perspective - fits into the original rough cost estimate of $250,000; if we opt not to do this now, there would be additional cost to do it later due to construction inefficiencies and likely increases in construction costs; consider that there may be a window of opportunity where the economy may be improving and we may have some advantage in lower construction costs
o   Has been one of our stated needs / goals for our building (think about current narthex and our ability (or lack of) to “gather” in it
o   What does a gathering space give us?
?   The feel of the Gathering Space is one which invites you to linger and interact
?   It primarily serves to bring the community together before (and after) worship – it’s about facilitating the development of community
?   It can be utilized for a variety of functions, all related to its primary purpose. For example, meetings and smaller social gatherings can easily be accommodated in this space. It can expand the use of our building by the community
?   Creating an environment that truly feels like a natural place for the community to gather (including the unchurched), fits with our mission to “With Christ, Reach Out and Welcome All God’s Children”
?   What not consider an elevator? There are limited options with current building due to configuration of basement structures in comparison to main floor and second floor structures – the current options do not give access to all areas of building and would cost a minimum of $150,000 + and be an “add-on”. There are better options for including an elevator as part of future phases in a long term plan.

Financial Considerations

IF:   We were to totally finance this project through a loan for $250,000 at 5% interest over 5 years that would be paid back by members of the congregation it would require an average of $31 per month per household.

HOWEVER:   If we can find other ways to raise money, the loan amount can be reduced along with the monthly average per household.

•   We already have almost $5000 from fundraising and donations – that reduces the monthly average to approximately $30 per household
•   There is a grant we will apply for in June that can yield $30,000 towards the project – that would reduce the loan to $215,000 and the monthly average to approximately $26.70
•   If we can raise another $30,000 through a mass letter writing campaign to miscellaneous community businesses, corporations, “friends” of Messiah, foundations, etc – that would reduce the loan to $185,000 and the monthly average to approximately $23.
•   If we use $20,000 from the current capital fund – that would reduce the loan to $165,000 and the monthly average to $20.50
•   If we can raise $100,000 and reduce our loan to $150,000 it would be an average of $18.62 per household per month for 5 years - perhaps the cost of a pizza or two!
•   Additional fundraising can be done to continue to reduce monthly family commitment – for example, quarterly fundraising activities could generate an additional $5000 or more per year with good planning and participation. Ideas for fundraising activities include but are not limited to:
o   Direct appeals for specific projects (congregation & community – ex: contact groups using facility for possible donations & support, etc)
o   Direct appeals for donations of materials from companies
o   List smaller projects for donations from congregation
o   Encourage expanded use of Memorial Fund to include Honorariums, etc
o   Encourage estate planning
o   Encourage expanded use of ongoing fundraising activities including Manna, Recycling, Good Search & Good Shop
o   Specific fund drive for projects
o   Continue & expand fundraising efforts – concerts, Harvest Festival, “Dinner Out” for Messiah at restaurants participating in fundraising, etc
o   Search for additional grants
o   Seek corporate/foundation sponsorship
o   Increase facility use and/or review donations for facility use
o   Bond issue
o   Continue cost cutting – via energy efficient projects, reviewing contracts, etc.


?   Recommendation from Property Task Force is to consider moving forward with plan for accessible entrances, accessible bathrooms and enlarged gathering space WITH specific conditions for percent of congregation participation and levels of fundraising prior to breaking ground
?   Meanwhile, we ask the congregation to consider and pray for guidance. We ask for affirmative votes only if you can commit to support this project financially and/or by assisting with various fundraising efforts.




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