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The Messiah Messenger > The March Messenger Issue #489
The March Messenger Issue #489

Feb 26, 2009

THE Messiah

In this issue…
“Create in Me a Clean Heart”
Scam Stopped by Steigerwalds
Window Dressing
World Day of Prayer
Church Cleanup Day
Fun Fair Requests
Easter Lilies
Egg Hunt Goodies
Adult Forum Schedule
Worship Assistants
Rev. Knutson Letter
LSSI Letter
Laser Tag Fun Day
Memorial Report
Movie: Because of Winn-Dixie

From the pastor
“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. . . Restore to me the JOY of your salvation” Psalm 51:10, 12a

When was the last time you experienced pure and utter JOY? What was it like? How did you feel? What took place that brought you joy? How long did it last?
The Season of Lent is upon us, and as we heard the words of the Psalmist on Ash Wednesday, and as we sing the words above as part of the offertory each Sunday in Lent, it strikes me that we are pleading for God to do three things: create in us new and clean hearts; renew a proper spirit within each of us; restore joy within us.
We know that only God can create. As we look at this psalm, we see that our hearts of stone have to be re-created and we must rely on God to do this. So we look to God—to remove our sin-sick heart and make it into a new, God-loving, God-centered heart. But our heart will become sick again, and soon, if our spirits are not right—a spirit that thirsts and longs for God, searches for God, and lives for God in God’s ways. It is a spirit that asks God to feed it, strengthen it and transform it.
But notice the last verse of our offertory: “Restore to me the JOY of your salvation.” As Lutherans, we are often reserved about expressing our emotions about church and salvation. We will laugh and dance and sing when we celebrating a birth, or a wedding, or a new job or promotion; but when it comes to God, we are serious.
God wants us to experience and live out of JOY—joy that God loves us; joy that we are baptized children of God; joy for the salvation JESUS bought for us with his death and resurrection. Pure, unadulterated JOY! That is our Lenten journey—that is our Lenten task. To be mindful that salvation is given to us freely through Jesus, joy and thankfulness defines us as the baptized children of God, and joy for our salvation informs every relationship and decision we make in this life. Do we have difficulty experiencing joy because we have not earned our own salvation? Is it because we’ve never had to pay for it? What gets in the way of expressing and experiencing our joy?
As we journey through Lent, let us all look to God to create new hearts within us and renew our spirits, so that this Easter and always we may truly live in the JOY of our Salvation!
In the name of the one who gave himself for us,

Noteworthy News
Our own Chuck and Jackie Steigerwald were almost victims of a terrible scam that could have cost them $4,600. Thanks to an alert and considerate woman named Viry at Wal-Mart, the Steigerwalds averted a scam that would have sent this large chunk of money to someone pretending to be their grandson. Here’s how it happened:
The Steigerwalds received a phone call from someone claiming to be their grandson, who told them he was in Canada, and he was in trouble, and he didn’t want his parents to find out. Could they PLEASE MoneyGram him some money! So, concerned Grandma and Grandpa headed over to Wal-Mart to issue a wire transfer of the money. They encountered Viry, the young lady behind the desk, who informed them that she had experiences previously where money sent to Canada under these circumstances never reached the intended recipient, and she encouraged them to go home and contact their grandson for confirmation. They did, and when they reached home, they spoke with someone again who they thought was their grandson, and he confirmed that his need was real. They headed BACK to Wal-Mart, and initiated the transfer, with Viry’s help.
When they got back home, they got another phone call, this one from their REAL grandson, who was safe and well in Michigan, and knew nothing about the money. Jackie called Viry back immediately, and Viry was able to intercept the MoneyGram before the Steigerwalds lost $4600 to a con man.
This scam was reported in the local newspaper. Some of the report was incorrect, however, because it mentions assistance from a bank teller, and that did not happen. Only Viry from Wal-Mart kept this disaster from happening. So the lesson? If someone calls and asks for money, PLEASE be sure to check with the real person before sending the money. These cons artists play on your concern and emotions. If you cannot reach your family member, and aren’t sure what to do, contact the local police on a non-emergency line and ask for assistance and advice. And thanks to Viry for her integrity and assistance!
Have you seen the improvements to the hallway beside the Sanctuary? Monies that were given in memory of Doris Preintiz were used to install new, brighter lighting fixtures in order to better illuminate the windows on the north side of the Sanctuary. We have also installed a white Plexiglas covering to make the windows “glow,” and to protect them from damage. Patrick Brennan, our new handyman helper (Patti Daniels’ son) did the work, and they look great! Thank you to Patrick, and to the Preinitz/Hrodey family for the generous donation to get this done.
Upcoming events
(Always check with church office before you schedule an event – there is a room assignment calendar maintained by the Office Administrator.)
Friday, March 6 at 10 AM

World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer each year, and who, in many countries, have a continuing relationship in prayer and service. World Day of Prayer will be held at St Andrews Lutheran Church 206 N. Northwest Highway (at Elm). This year the service was written by the Women of Papua New Guinea (different countries participate each year). Messiah Lutheran Church Women try to support this event every year. Contact Millie Anderson if you are interested in going, and would like to carpool with anyone.

March 14th is our inside spring clean-up day for Messiah!! Please come out and help clean-out, repair and clean-up around the building!! We’ll start at 9:00 a.m. and go until 3:00 p.m. or until the work is done – whichever comes first! Lunch will be brought in. Please sign up on a YES sheet or let Pat Daniels know if you are able to come for all or part of the day.

Saturday, March 14th at 7:00 PM
First United Methodist Church Park Ridge
418 Touhy Ave, Park Ridge

Featuring the Peter Mayer Group, this concert will
benefit the new Sunday evening meals program provided by St. Paul of the Cross. Tickets are available at Allegero Music Center, 800 W. Devon – 847-692-6021, or email CatherinePeterson@comcast.net. For more info about the Peter Mayer Group, go to www.PeterMayer.com and click on the message board!

Sunday, April 25th
As already announced, we will be hosting The Gospel Messengers from Carthage College on Saturday, April 25th at 6:00 p.m. followed by a potluck. Tickets will go on sale by the end of March – watch for announcements! This is a fundraiser for the building, so help is needed to make this evening a success. Help is needed to publicize, sell tickets, help the choir with set-up, organize the potluck, host students in your homes, etc! We will be hosting 37-47 students along with the choir director so please consider opening your home!! Please let Carol Hrodey know if you can help organize what should prove to be a great evening!

Spring Forward   Daylight Savings Time begins March 8. Remember to move your clocks forward 1 hour!
Men’s Breakfast   Saturday, March 14th at 9:00 AM the men will meet at Messiah to help with the clean up day instead of meeting for breakfast! Consider this a “fix-it” day for the men’s group. There will be coffee with light breakfast items to eat and we plan on working until about noon.
Friendship Day   Friendship Day will be Thurs. March 26th starting at 9AM. If you plan to stay for lunch, bring a sandwich or whatever you like, dessert will be furnished. Please feel free to come for an hour or so if that is all you can spare. We need help to continue this very important mission work. You will feel rewarded for your effort. You may also work at home, making quilt tops, baby sweaters, receiving blankets and baby wash clothes. Just see Eva Thoren or call her at 847-823-2594. Thanks and GOD BLESS.

Leadership Team   March 8th at 11:30 AM
Child Care Board    March 17th at 6:30 PM
Community Egg Hunt      Holy Week        Easter Breakfast and Services       

This Month in Worship
All Worship Services are at 10:15 AM unless otherwise noted.

March 1 – 1st Sunday in Lent
Genesis 9:8–17; Psalm 25:1–10; 1 Peter 3:18–22; Mark 1:9–15
March 8 – 2nd Sunday in Lent
Genesis 17:1–7, 15–16; Psalm 22:23–31; Romans 4:13–25; Mark 8:31–38
March 15 – 3rd Sunday in Lent
Exodus 20:1–17; Psalm 19; 1 Corinthians 1:18–25; John 2:13–22
March 22 – 4th Sunday in Lent
Numbers 21:4–9; Psalm 107:1–3, 17–22; Ephesians 2:1–10; John 3:14–21
March 29 – 5th Sunday in Lent
Jeremiah 31:31–34; Psalm 51:1–12; Hebrews 5:5–10; John 12:20–33

LENTEN SUPPER AND STUDY SESSIONS – As part of the Lenten discipline Messiah offers several opportunities for study and fellowship in March:
•   On Wednesdays in Lent, beginning March 4th at 6 PM, we invite you to gather for a light supper together in the Fellowship Hall.
•   Then at 7 PM youngsters attend First Communion Class while adults attend our devotional and discussion time, “Faith in Daily Life.” Each week will include reflections by various members of the congregation on different topics from their faith and experiences.
•   An Adult Bible Study will be also be offered each Tuesday at 7 PM and Wednesday at 9:45 AM in Lent beginning March 3rd entitled “Ten Commandments: Tablets of Stone.” Anyone available is welcome to join us each Wednesday for Chapel with our Child Care students at 9:15 AM.
We hope you join us for any or all of these terrific opportunities!
March 1 – Sunday School Lesson
March 8 – Meet with Sunday School students
March 15 – Pancake Breakfast / Celebration Sunday
March 22 – Preparing goodies for Community Egg Hunt
March 29 – Preparing goodies for Community Egg Hunt

   March 1   March 8   March 15   March 22   March 29
   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am
Acolytes   Kevin K   Thomas Y   Andrew F   Melissa H   Tommy H
Communion Assistants   Pat K   Floyd Y   John F   Julie H   Kim H
Readers   Rich L   Teresa L   Neil H   Tait J   David S
Worship Assistants   Vikki H   David S   Diane B   John F   Pat K
Projection   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H
Ushers   Dave K,
Bob B,
Julie H,
Sue B   Dave H,
Bob B,
Julie H,
Sue B   Dave H,
Bob B,
Julie H,
Sue B   Dave H,
Bob B,
Julie H,
Sue B   Dave H,
Bob B,
Julie H,
Sue B
Greeters   Russ R,
Linda R   Russ R,
Linda R   Russ R,
Linda R   Russ R,
Linda R   Russ R,
Linda R
Counters   George H,
Tom J   Dave H,
Tom J   Dave H,
Tom J   Dave H,
Tom J   Dave H,
Tom J

The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex by the hall to the Educational Wing. Flowers are $30, and the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or “Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box.

Note to all those purchasing flowers: Your flowers are yours to take home!
If you wish to donate them to one of our shut-ins, please be sure to
let the Altar Guild know. Thanks!

Mar. 1 –    Flowers are given in memory of Charity Grove.
Mar. 8 –    Flowers and bulletins are given for Jim and Trudi Handzel’s wedding anniversary.
Mar. 15 –    None.
Mar. 22 –    Flowers are given in honor of Nick Boomer’s birthday by Nancy and Chris Boomer.
Mar. 22 –    Flowers and bulletins are given in honor of Kristin Yager’s birthday. Flowers are also given in memory of Betty Hrodey by the Hrodey Family.

See the back of the Child Care insert for a larger version of month’s calendar.

Child Care Fun Fair
This is a congregational event with the Child Care Center! Coming May 15th, the
Annual Messiah Child Care Fun Fair Messiah members are asked to volunteer to run games the day of the event, which is a GREAT way to meet our CCC families. We are also looking for donations for the silent auction. All proceeds will go to the building of the new Memorial Patio on the SE corner of the building.

Easter Lilies on Sale
They are $11 each. Check your weekly bulletin starting March 9th for order forms, or call Jennifer in the church office to place an order.
Deadline for ordering is
Sunday, March 29th
The lilies will be displayed on the altar on Easter Sunday morning, and an insert in the bulletin will list the names of those honored and remembered by the lilies.

Manna Order Dates
Start thinking about those Easter Baskets! Our order date for this month is March 8th, cards will be available March 12th!

Our wonderful Miss Kim, after many years of taking care of our children, now has 2 of her own, and needs to “step down” as the nursery attendant. If anyone knows of people who might be interested, please check the YES! Sheet. This is a paid position – not a lot, but it is paid!
NOTE: We have one interested person, but we’d like to get someone else, too, to work out a rotation! Please let us know if you are interested, or know someone who is.

We will be accepting donations of individually wrapped, non-chocolate, peanut free candy and small trinkets (stickers, erasers, etc) to be stuffed into the Easter Eggs for the community wide Easter Egg Hunt that will be held at Messiah on Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 10am. The members of Adult Forum will be stuffing the over 2000 eggs that will be hidden on the church grounds and playground for both the community wide Easter Egg hunt as well as the Sunday School Easter Egg hunt to be held on Easter Sunday! The Egg Stuffing will take place on Sundays March 22nd and 29th.

Messiah Ministries
Dear Friends in Christ,                     
In October 2008 I was privileged to attend a meeting called by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe together with other international and regional partners.
During the consultation the leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe issued a moving Communiqué regarding the crisis in the country saying:
We, as leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe and representatives of various departments of the church, met in Bulawayo from October 21-22, 2008 to deliberate on the crisis in Zimbabwe.
We are experiencing desperation from the majority of the people in rural and urban areas who face daily life threatening situations without food, water, basic health care and medication. Social service delivery and economic and financial infrastructures have broken down and human suffering has reached unprecedented levels.
We acknowledge local and international efforts to bring about a lasting and just political solution.We also acknowledge efforts by the ecumenical bodies to address the root causes of the crisis.
We confess that we have not done enough and that the prophetic voice of the church has been muted in the face of corruption, injustice and human rights abuses.
We are deeply concerned by the lack of progress in reaching a meaningful political settlement and the negative impact this has on the lives of the majority of people in our country and in the region as a whole.
We observe the resilience demonstrated by the majority of men, women and children but declare that the situation has reached disastrous proportions, characterized by hunger, starvation, preventable deaths and migration.
We had seen a window of hope towards a political settlement following the September 15, 2008 agreement for an “All Inclusive Government”.
We therefore call on the political leaders and parties in Zimbabwe to end the current impasse and honor their obligations in the signed agreement for the good of the nation.
We call for solidarity in prayer and action by ecumenical bodies in our country in the process of rebuilding, reconciling and healing our nation.
We call on the global Lutheran and ecumenical community for prayer, mutual accompaniment, resources and action in addressing the crisis.
We commit ourselves to actively and prayerfully addressing the root causes of the crisis, alleviating suffering and restoring human dignity and justice for all.

In response to the situation and in support of our companions in Zimbabwe the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is providing $600,000 to help the ELCZ sustain medical services and personnel at its four rural hospitals. The ELCA also allocated another $330,000 for the purchase of 90 metric tons of seed and fertilizer which was delivered by truck in December, a critical time for planting. The Lutheran Development Service in Zimbabwe distributed the seeds, fertilizer and emergency food supplies to some 15, 000 families. (See The Lutheran (January 2009 edition, p.12). For more information visit http://www.elca.org/Who-We-Are/Our-Three-Expressions/Churchwide-Organization/Global-Mission.aspx. We continue to seek ways to support and learn from our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe during this difficult time.
We thank you for your continued support through the ELCA Missionary Sponsorship program. Thank you for your prayers and your participation in God’s Mission locally and globally.
Yours faithfully, Philip Knutson, ELCA Global Mission
Regional Program Assistant – Cape Town, South Africa, February 4, 2009

Youth Corner
March 14, 2009 -- Ice Skating, Laser Tag, and Lock-in --- On Saturday March 14th, we will meet at Messiah at Noon (eat lunch before you come) and then we will get on the road to Gurnee and spend the afternoon with Ice Skating and Laser Tag. We have passes for 10. A pass includes skate rental, ice skating during public skate hours (1pm until 3pm on Saturday) and a game of Laser tag. If we want to play more laser tag, each additional game is $6. We will skate until 3 PM, play some laser tag and be back on the road to Park Ridge by 4:30 or so. We can stop on the way back for a light dinner, then be back to attend the concert at First UMC, it begins at 7pm. After the concert we will return to Messiah for a lock-in....light snacks, games, movies, and fellowship. You will need to have clothes for an afternoon of ice skating and laser tag, a casual concert, and the lock-in AND for worship the following Sunday morning. Note, before worship on March 15th we have a pancake breakfast, so you will have a meal before worship. We are planning this to be a day of fun, so please come join us.
A little note on the concert....The theme is "Stirring up the Water -- Songs of Faith" and the band is The Peter Mayer Group. Peter Mayer is the lead guitar player for Jimmy Buffet and he is Lutheran. The cost of the concert is $15 for a student and the proceeds are going to the Park Ridge Ministerial Associations Meals Program. The program serves meals to those in need on Sunday nights from October until April. It is in place of the PADS site that never got established in Park Ridge. The Youth Fund will pay for the concert tickets for you....BUT we have to know you are coming and have a commitment by Sunday March 1st! So, PLEASE, let Floyd hear from you and let him know if you are coming to the ice skating and laser tag beginning at Noon. Or if, you can't spend the day and want to meet us at the concert and come to the lock-in, that works too.

Other Upcoming Events:
March 28, 2009 - This Saturday the Metro Synod of Chicago is hosting its 6th Annual Youth and Youth Worker Event. Fresh Fire VI is scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2009 from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM at The Lutheran School of Theology. The theme is Faith Revolution. It will be a great chance to interact with other youth from Lutheran Churches throughout the Chicago area. I hope a few of you are able to attend. More information can be found here: http://www.mcselca .org/freshfire.html Take a look, the registration fee is $25 per person and we have money in the youth fund for this, but we will need a commitment to attend by the beginning of March so we can register our group.


Jennifer Wagner, 3/2
Joyce Johnsen, 3/4
Marilyn Borgeson, 3/6
George Hrodey, 3/7
Kim Hanson, 3/8
Steven Helms, 3/8
Nancy Magerl, 3/8
John Fox, 3/9
James Valenta, 3/9
Julie Holzer, 3/10
Emma Penumaka, 3/12
Michael Berzins, 3/15
Debbie Chervinko, 3/16
Eric Williams, 3/16
Samed Hamden, 3/18
Vera Koehler, 3/18
Zachary Loverme, 3/20
Nicholas Boomer, 3/21
Emily Demonte, 3/21
Adeline Sauer, 3/23
Mark Wiberg, 3/23

Kristin Yager, 3/24
Diane Williams, 3/26
Krist Christiansen, 3/27
William Downie, 3/28
Alan Christiansen, 3/29
Pierson Anderson, 3/31
Matthew Valenta, 3/31

Jim and Trudi Handzel – 3/8/1986, 23 years

Messiah Leadership IN 2009

President: Carol Hrodey (262) 652-3187
Vice President: Vikki Hanson (847) 823-2117
Secretary: Nancy Boomer (847) 678-3048
Treasurer: Brad Kovach (847) 297-4883
Financial Sec.: David Hanson (847) 296-6796

CCC Director:      Karen Black
CCC Board:      Donna Berzins
Property Coordinator: Patti Daniels

Stewardship:      Floyd Yager
Evangelism:      David Swanson
WELCA:      Eva Thoren
Brotherhood:      Rich Seggeling
Christian Education:   Kristin Yager
Confirmation/HS:   Floyd Yager
Adult Forum:      Rich Levy, David Swanson
Choir:         Pat Daniels
Music:         Tom Daniels, Sue Fox

Memorial Report as of February 24, 2009
All gifts to the Memorial Fund are automatically acknowledged to the giver by a personal note, which includes a confirmation of the amount. Unless otherwise designated, all gifts go into the Property Reserve Fund. Addresses and envelope numbers on memorial cards or checks are much appreciated. The purpose of this report is to confirm that gifts are received and properly allocated. If you don’t see your gift listed here after 2 months, please contact Karen Black.

Given by:   Martin and Christine Ruterschmidt for the Music Fund

Messiah Movies
Available on Netflix or Blockbuster
A lonely 10-year-old girl (AnnaSophia Robb) adopts an orphaned dog, Winn-Dixie (named for the supermarket where she found him), who helps her make friends in a small Florida town. The inseparable bond between the girl and her beloved companion unites the townspeople and helps heal her own troubled relationship with her father. Based on the Newbery winning novel by Kate DiCamillo, this movie captures the innocence and charm of the book, and addresses with grace and warmth issues of single parenting, economic downturn, and abandonment.
This is a terrific family movie that I have enjoyed watching many times. The way one wacky dog affects so many people’s lives in this small town speaks to how we all impact one another in ways we cannot begin to imagine. Everyone has something in their past that may make them feel unloved, or unworthy. But the unconditional love of a dog (or God) is always there to bring them home. May favorite scene is between Opal, the girl who adopts Winn-Dixie, and Otis, the ex-con who runs the local pet store. Musician Dave Matthews plays Otis, and while he shouldn’t give up his day job as singer/songwriter, he is perfect in this role. He explains to Opal that he was put in jail because of a mistake in judgment, and now everyone believes the worst of him … except Opal. Then he sings to her that she is “like a butterfly; a caterpillar’s dream to fly.” This is a sweet, special movie with funny bits, and serious bits, and ends with the whole ensemble singing “Glory Glory Hallelujah/Lay my Burdens Down” at the end.

Prayer Requests
Please include the following individuals and families in your prayers this month:

Lois Bunt
Evelyn Burval
Ardene Ejnik
Pearl Fox
Chris Jacobsen
Ruth Jeppeson
Larry and Arlene Johnson
Richard Levy
Nancy Maher
Pete and Carol Olesen
Lois Oset
Helen Paul
Sumdara Rao
Aidan Ray
Mary Reter
Chuck Steigerwald
Linda (Rodin) Ufkes
Anne Wiberg

We also want to remember in our prayers our military personnel:
Jason Hood, Jason Koesler, Tim David, Lars Johnsen, Kevin Ward, and Patrick and Claudine Ward.

Directory Changes
Please let the office know if you are moving! Thanks!
No changes to report this month.

1605 Vernon Avenue
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068

Church Staff
Pastor Cynthia Munker, Interim Pastor
Jennifer Schneider, Office Administrator
Karen Black, Child Care Center Director
John Handzel, Property Maintenance
Worknesh Deressa, Custodian
Tom Daniels, Director of Music
Sue Fox, Organist




1605 Vernon Avenue
Park Ridge, IL 60068
p 847.823.6984           f 847.823.6996