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The Messiah Messenger > The June Messenger Issue #480
The June Messenger Issue #480

May 29, 2008

THE Messiah

From the President

When we look back over the last four years, it is overwhelming to see the changes we have gone through as a congregation in such a relatively short time. It was fall of 2004 when Pastor Larson left Messiah and Pastor Straw came on board as our interim minister. A year later in fall of 2005 we called Pastor Stolz and benefited from his ministry through October 2007 when we began his medical leave, ending with his death on March 30, 2008. Meanwhile we were fortunate to be able to rely on Pastors Wiberg and McIntyre during much of Pastor Stolz’s absence and then we were joined by Pastor Sauerberg as a temporary part-time pastor. That’s a lot of change in a short span of time!
And in spite of all this change (or because of it), we experienced a lot of changes in us, too! We’ve had a resurgence of energy and growth – people have been stepping up and getting the job done to carry out our mission! There is a great deal of enthusiasm and momentum at Messiah these days that we want to continue to build on. However, because we have been through so much in recent years, we are also in a vulnerable position and could potentially backslide if we are not careful – and we definitely do not want to do that. So that makes this interim period very important to us, and that is why the synod encouraged us to be thoughtful and deliberate as we take our next steps forward.
The interim period is not just a gap in the middle of two pastors. It is meant to be “an active time of ministry full of new possibilities for bridging from the past into the future,” according to information found on the ELCA website. It’s a time of transition – a time to consider and celebrate the past, an opportunity to assess current realities and an ideal time to look forward and prepare for the future. The ELCA sees it as a time for the congregation and interim minister to collaborate on five developmental tasks:
•   Come to Terms with History
o   Grieve the end of an era in the history of the congregation.
o   Identify and address unresolved issues.
o   Celebrate past accomplishments.
•   Examine Leadership & Organizational Needs
o   Facilitate shifts in lay leadership.
o   Examine changing leadership needs.
o   Develop current & future leaders.
•   Rethink Lutheran Linkages
o   Reconnect with ELCA & synod resources and programs.
o   Reflect on Lutheran theology and tradition as it impacts mission and ministry.
•   Develop Identity & Vision
o   Look objectively at congregational strengths and weaknesses.
o   Examine the community context for ministry.
o   Redefine the purpose and direction of the church.
o   Orient toward the future.
•   Commit to New Leadership
o   Support the call process.
o   Prepare for new pastoral leadership.
o   Gather resources and organize to facilitate ministry start-up.

The first step in entering this interim period was to secure pastoral leadership. The leadership of Messiah discussed where we are at and what we perceived our needs to be and translated that into a job description. This was submitted to the synod leadership, who after careful review sent us mobility papers on a pastor with interim experience and training. This individual has gone through an interview process with us and has accepted the interim position beginning at the end of June.
First Things First …
Before we introduce someone new, however, we must also say farewell to Pastor Sauerberg. Pastor Sue came to us during a very tough time and stayed with us and supported us through an even tougher time. She was the “right fit” for the time when Pastor Paul was trying to still lead us but needed the support and consistency of a pastor at Messiah to be his ears and eyes and legs when he could not be here. When Pastor Paul died, along with several of our church family members and friends, Pastor Sue weathered those storms with us and reached out to us with great care and compassion. For all she has done, we are very grateful. We wish Pastor Sue well on her journey to find a permanent call that is the right fit for her experience and many skills. Please join us on her last Sunday, June 22nd for a potluck luncheon to honor her and wish her God’s blessings as she continues on with her ministry.
Interim Pastor
The following week (week of June 23rd), Pastor Cynthia Munker will start as our interim pastor. Pastor Munker is in her 12th year as an ordained pastor, after previously working as a Head Start teacher in the Detroit area. She served two churches as pastor and then entered into interim ministry. She served as interim at St. Matthews Health Center down the street from Messiah and then at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Chicago. Pastor Munker has also received initial training in interim ministry with the ELCA. Please come out and welcome Pastor Munker on her first Sunday, June 29th. Her installation as our interim pastor will take place in July.
Now What?
“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10
First, we breathe! We have been engaged in constant, frenetic activities for an extended period of time and it is important for us to catch our breath. We are mindful of moving ahead with a call committee and the call process, but first we need to give ourselves a chance to regroup a bit. As we get to know Pastor Munker and begin to work through this interim period it will become evident when its time to push forward with the call process. Meanwhile, it is important that we continue to carry out God’s mission for us at Messiah – one step at a time.

Noteworthy News
Over the past couple of years the Metropolitan Chicago Synod has developed a Synodical Deacon program. Last year at the Synod Assembly the synod officially set apart its first group of synod deacons. The purpose of the Synod Deacon Program is for the certification and support of those engaged in service as deacons in congregational ministry. Requirements for the program include: Active membership in an ELCA congregation for at least one year; Application; Biographical essay; Entrance information questionnaire; Interview with the Bishop’s Advisory Group, the supervising pastor, and a leader of the congregation; and a Program of spiritual formation and theological education, such as Diakonia. This past winter Floyd Yager completed the requirements for the program and was accepted into the program after an interview with the Bishop's Advisory Group on May 10th. The plans are for Floyd, along with several others, to be set apart as a synod deacon at the upcoming Synod Assembly on June 7th at 9:30 AM. As a Deacon at Messiah, Floyd will continue to work on developing Youth Ministry as well as working with the Pastor in various areas of congregational ministry. Congratulations on your accomplishment, Floyd, and thanks for your hard work!

On May 4th we were blessed to welcome some new members to Messiah!
Dorothy Burger – “Dotty” to her friends, has been a visitor for quite some time. Her background is in caregiving, and we welcome her to Messiah with open arms!
Ralph, Teresa, Haley, Ralphie (and baby!) Lippert – This lovely family comes to us from the Child Care Center. Haley and Ralphie have been attending Sunday School all year, and the Teresa is expecting their 3rd child later this summer. Welcome, welcome!

Messiah’s Brotherhood has apparently gotten tired of getting together and just eating breakfast once a month. With the help of Vic Berzins, they have started the “Men’s Fix-It Club” where they will meet every month at Messiah, have breakfast downstairs, and then spend the morning doing small jobs around the church. A “congregational honey-do” list, if you will! Anyone interested in joining in the fun should show up the 2nd Saturday of the month ready to eat, and then work! Sign up will be in the narthex, and breakfast will be provided. The first “fix-it” (and clean up) day is June 14th starting at 9AM.
Upcoming Events
(Always check with church office before you schedule an event – there is a room assignment calendar maintained by the Office Administrator.)
Sunday, June 8th at 11:30 am (following the service)
This is our mid-year meeting. We have a lot to discuss, considering the many changes that have affected our congregation in the last months. We encourage EVERYONE to be there.

Friday, June 20th 6:30-8:30 PM
This will be a special craft night, featuring a representative from Creative Memories. She will go over digital and regular scrap booking. This should be a lot of fun, and we encourage everyone to attend…bring a guest!

Friendship Day   June 26th starting at 9 A.M. If you plan to stay for lunch, bring your sandwich or whatever, goodies will be provided. If you would like to work at home to make quilt tops, receiving blankets, or baby sweaters, please contact Eva. Also please check garage sales for gently used baby clothes, onesies, or shirts, sweaters or fleece tops, sleepers or gowns, receiving blankets or hooded towels, baby wash cloths, diaper pins, cloth diapers (we usually have to buy these), clothes size birth to 24 months. Instructions for sweaters are available. We cannot send booties nor caps – LWR is very serious that only things on their list be send. It may create a problem is everyone doesn't get the same thing. List of layette items is available. Call Eva Thoren at 847-823-2594.
WELCA Board   June 3rd @ 9:00 AM
Executive Committee   June 10th at 7:00 PM

Fireworks!!!         Vacation Bible School!!!!          Bunko Night!!

This Month in Worship
All Worship Services are at 10:15 AM unless otherwise noted.
June 1 – 3rd Sunday after Pentecost
Deuteronomy 11:18–21, 26–28; Psalm 31:1–5, 19–24; Romans 1:16–17; 3:22b–31; Matthew 7:21–29
June 8 – 4th Sunday after Pentecost
Hosea 5:15—6:6; Psalm 50:7–15; Romans 4:13–25; Matthew 9:9–13, 18–26
June 15 – 5th Sunday after Pentecost
Exodus 19:2–8a; Psalm 100; Romans 5:1–8; Matthew 9:35—10:8 [10:9–23]
June 22 – 6th Sunday after Pentecost
Jeremiah 20:7–13; Psalm 69:7–10[11–15] 16–18; Romans 6:1b–11; Matthew 10:24–39
June 29 – 7th Sunday after Pentecost
Jeremiah 28:5–9; Psalm 89:1–4, 15–18; Romans 6:12–23; Matthew 10:40–42

June 1 –    Baptism: Tom and Pat Daniels’ grandsons
Teacher and Graduate Recognition
June 8 –    Congregational Meeting follows worship
June 15 –    Regular Worship Service
June 22 –    Pastor Sue’s last Sunday with us
      Pot Luck Luncheon in her honor follows worship
June 29 –    New Interim Pastor Munker leads worship

Don’t forget that coffee hour on our front lawn follows worship every Sunday in Summer!
Also our music in the summer features a “hymn sing” … let the office know what your favorite hymns are, and we will try to sing them this summer! Watch the YES! Sheets to write down your favorites.

   June 1   June 8   June 15   June 22   June 29
   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am   10:15am
Acolytes   Kevin K   Jenni H   Joe L   Tait J   Andrew F
Communion Assistants   Pat K   Vikki H   Rich L   Julie J   John F
Readers   Larry R   Joe L   Dottie B   Tait J   Nancy H
Worship Assistants   Diane B   Vikki H   John F   David S   Pat K
Projection   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H   Jim H
Ushers   Dave K, Connie K, Brad K,
Kevin K   Dave K, Connie K, Brad K, Kevin K   Dave K, Connie K, Brad K, Kevin K   Dave K, Connie K, Brad K, Kevin K   Dave K, Connie K, Brad K, Kevin K
Greeters   Jean R   Jean R   Jean R   Jean R   Jean R
Counters   Dave H,
Bob B   Dave H,
Bob B   Dave H,
Bob B   Dave H,
Bob B   Dave H,
Bob B

The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex by the hall to the Educational Wing. Flowers are $30, and the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or “Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box.

Note to all those purchasing flowers: Your flowers are yours to take home!
If you wish to donate them to one of our shut-ins, please be sure to
let the Altar Guild know. Thanks!

June 1 –    Flowers are given by Russ and Linda Raymond in memory of Art and Dorothy Raymond.
June 8 –    Flowers are in honor of Samson and Chuchu’s 3rd year anniversary. Bulletins are given by John and Sue Fox in honor of Peter’s baptism anniversary.
June 15 –    Flowers are given in honor of Pat Kovach’s birthday. Bulletins are given in honor of Mary Jane Kovach’s birthday.
June 22 –    Flowers and bulletins are given in honor of Michael Yager’s birthday.
June 29 –    Flowers are given in honor of Mary Jane Kovach’s 39th birthday.


Floyd -
We very much enjoyed meeting, learning, and serving with you and the students this weekend! I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to come to ULC for such a great time. Also, many thanks for the canned food donations. At worship today, many grateful and joyous remarks were made regarding the number of items collected. The residents of the Howard Area will be very appreciative, as are we at ULC. It was great to get to know you and all the kids, so I hope we can get together again some time in the future.
(from the Youth Group trip to ULC)

Summer Hours
From June 9th thru August 22nd the church office will be open 9AM to 1PM.
Also, the church secretary is on vacation August 4-8, and DESPERATELY needs someone to fill in for that week. Please call the office if you can do it…this is a PAID substitute position. Thanks!

Manna Order Dates
Manna orders will be due on June 8th at the congregational meeting. Cards will be available June 12th.

Jim Seggeling's Eagle Scout Ceremony will be June 22nd (Sunday) anyone wishing to attend please call Rich Seggeling at 847-975-3610 by June 14th.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the fundraiser for the Stolz family a success! It was a great evening downtown and raised approximately $4500 that night, plus another $1000 or more that came in afterwards. Linda and the boys were overwhelmed and very appreciative of the outpouring of continued support. A special thanks to the following for their donations and/or participation in this event:
Millie Anderson   Char & Bill Baumgartner
Adrian Blanks   Diane Blanks
Chuck & Nancy Boomer   
Clare Doud    Marilyn Duckett   
Sue & John Fox    Jim & Trudi Handzel
Vikki Hanson   Laura & Neil Hauser
Julie Holzer   Carol Hrodey
Dave & Julie Jensen    Audrey Krell
Dave & Connie Kaufman   
Ravi & Neenah Penumaka
Pat & Brad Kovach   Edith Reeve   
Rich & Jean Seggeling
David Swanson   Tom Vacala
Kristin & Floyd Yager

Messiah Ministries

In June, the Friendship bucket entitled Angels in the Narthex will be in the Narthex under the stained glass windows. You have been very generous in the past and we hope that will continue. Please do not feel any gift is too small … or too large. All of the items for the HEALTH KITS must be new. The layettes may be GENTLEY USED ITEMS. Most people having the garage sales are very understanding when you say it is for Lutheran World Relief. We have an MBA in shopping so your money is spent very wisely. There are 2 ELCA boxes, 1 metal one inside the Tower entrance and one across from the church office. Items may be put in either box. A list of the layette items is available. Ingathering is the 4th Thursday in September, the 25th. We assemble the health kits and the layettes then. We need several men to help that day and some ladies also. It is usually done by noon...Please think about it. We assume the trailer will again be in our parking lot, but that info is not available yet. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS

To the congregation of Messiah Lutheran Church –
We have 11 day old twins in the NICU at Lutheran General Hospital, and received a Mother's Day gift from each baby, courtesy of your church. It was so kind of you all to reach out in such a way. The contents of the gift were not only sweet but quite useful. We are members of Trinity Lutheran in Des Plaines, and it seems that since our troubles began with preterm labor at 25 weeks, we have been surrounded not only by good Lutherans, but by good Christians. Through friends and family we have literally thousands of people praying for our children, as well as the rest of the babies in the NICU and the medical staff who care for them. It is so marvelous to know that an entire congregation of strangers would be involved in the growth and healing of our babies through a kind gesture.
In His love,
Andy, Rachel, Gavin and Gretchen Rehan

Youth Corner
Messiah Summer Youth Group Events
June 14, 2008 -- Youth Outing: Parsonage Cleanup and Re-decorate followed by Ice Skating and LASER TAG – We will meet at Messiah at about 9am on Saturday and begin some work to "clean up" the basement of the parsonage. The Men of Messiah will be having a "fix it" day at the church, we can put our muscle to work in cleaning, making small repairs, and planning for the next stage of painting and bringing in furniture to create a nice Youth Hangout. From there we will continue on to Rink Side Sports at Gurnee Mills Mall where we will have pizza, play in their arcade, play LASER TAG, and ice skate. All of this for only $6 per student! It will be a fun event to which you can invite your friends. We need RSVPs by June 8th so that we can finalize chaperones and plans. Return time to Messiah will be about 7:30pm.
July 3, 2008 – Park Ridge Fireworks at Messiah – The annual Park Ridge Fireworks are on July 3rd. Invite a friend and don’t miss it. We can also use your help to sell refreshments!
July 18-19, 2008 – Youth Lock-in at Messiah to Prepare for VBS – With Vacation Bible School right around the corner, we will have a lock-in to have some food, fellowship, and fun with all the Youth Leaders for the program. We will learn the program and songs so that you can be ready to help out with the kids that come to this special ministry at Messiah. As many of you know, the VBS program continues to grow. It is a chance for us to put our best foot forward, so this evening of preparation will ensure we do a great job. And, yes, we will find time for a game or two of “sardines” in the church! Times TBA, but we most likely will start about 6pm on Friday night.
July 28 – Aug 1, 2008 – VBS at Messiah – The Faith Finders Detective Club will begin in full swing on Monday July 28th. We will need your help to lead the children, and help teach them about God and His great love for us. VBS had about 70 kids attend last year and we would love to have you come help work with the kids, teach them the songs, lead some crafts, etc. There is a role for everyone, so please mark this on your calendar.
August 15-16, 2008 – Messiah Lutheran Rummage Sale – We are planning to have a “youth run” rummage sale on Friday August 15 and Saturday August 16. The proceeds will be split between the Messiah Youth Group and the Maine Township Food Pantry. The work will consist of bringing out the goods for sale on Friday morning, running the sale, moving unsold goods back into the Church on Friday evening and then doing it over again on Saturday. We will have sign-up for shifts on the two days. We will soon be advertising to the congregation members to start collecting “goods” they would like to have sold. This will be a fun event, take some work, but should be a great way to interact with your peers and work on behalf of the church and the Maine Township Food Pantry.
A complete list of Youth Activities thru Dec. 2008 is available on the “Youth” page of our website!


Matthew Seggeling, 6/1
Christine Ruterschmidt, 6/2
Lorraine Elder, 6/3
Vikki Hanson, 6/3
David Tjhio, 6/5
Edward Corkill, 6/6
Susan Bromstad, 6/7
Katharine Scheck, 6/7
Jimmy Olson, 6/9
Maryanna Valenta, 6/9
Claudine Ward, 6/12
Nancy Boomer, /13
Susan Kopij, 6/13
Linda Raymond, 6/13
Paul Tietz, 6/13
Pat Kovach, 6/14
Avery Valenta, 6/16
Natalie Norberg, 6/17
David Divita, 6/19
Barbara Loverme, 6/22
Mary Jane Kovach, 6/23
Michael Yager, 6/24
Floyd Yager, 6/26
Sara Christiansen, 6/28
Jake Saul, 6/29
Jessica Saul, 6/29
LuAnne Jelonek, 6/30

Neil & Laura Hauser, 6/3/1995 – 13 years
Samed & Lauri Hamden, 6/9/2007 – 1 year
David & Donna Hanson, 6/12/1965 – 43 years
Mark & Anne Wiberg, 6/18/1960 – 48 years
Joseph & Evelyn Burval, 6/20/1936 – 72 years

Messiah Leadership IN 2008

President: Carol Hrodey (262) 652-3187
Vice President: Vikki Hanson (847) 823-2117
Secretary: Nancy Boomer (847) 678-3048
Treasurer: Brad Kovach (847) 297-4883
Financial Sec.: David Hanson (847) 296-6796

Stewardship:      Floyd Yager
Evangelism:      David Swanson
CCC Director:      Karen Black
CCC Board:      Donna Berzins

Maintenance:      Vic Berzins
Capital Campaign:   Dave Kaufman
Property Committee:   Various Members
WELCA:      Eva Thoren
Brotherhood:      Rich Seggeling
Christian Education:   Kristin Yager
Confirmation/HS:   Floyd Yager
Adult Forum:      John Fox
Choir:         Pat Daniels
Music:         Tom Daniels, Sue Fox

Memorial Report as of April 28, 2008
All gifts to the Memorial Fund are automatically acknowledged to the giver by a personal note, which includes a confirmation of the amount. Unless otherwise designated, all gifts go into the Property Reserve Fund. Addresses and envelope numbers on memorial cards or checks are much appreciated. The purpose of this report is to confirm that gifts are received and properly allocated. If you don’t see your gift listed here after 2 months, please contact Karen Black.
Given by:   Millie Anderson for Property Reserve Fund
Given by:   Mildred Anderson and Paula DiVita for Property Reserve Fund
Given by:   David Lindberg for Property Reserve Fund
Given by:   Audrey Krell, Valeria Bowman, David and Donna Hanson, Don and Mary Jane Kovach, Mildred Anderson, Lois Bunt for Property Reserve Fund
Given by:   Tom and Pat Daniels for Music Fund
Given by:   Kristin Yager & family, Don and MaryJane Kovach for Property Reserve Fund
Given by:   Paula DiVita, Don and Mary Jane Kovach, George Hrodey, Bunny and Lee Sues, William and Betty Kipple for Property Reserve Fund
Given by:   Paula DiVita, George Hrodey, Marilyn Duckett, Audrey Vandlick, George Johnson, Donna Koszczuk for Pastor Paul Memorial Fund

Messiah Movies
(Now showing in theaters.)
We rejoin the Pevensie children (Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund) as they are attempting to adjust to being back in the “real world” where they are no longer kings and queens of the magical land of Narnia. Suddenly they are transported back to Narnia, lovingly created for the screen by the best in today’s CGI. The movie tackles issues that young people often have about being both a child and an adult in the same body. Some viewers may struggle with the fact that the storyline of the movie doesn’t follow the book very closely, and a few minor storylines are left out in the interest of time. But overall this is a beautifully done, exciting, movie that explores the characters of the children more deeply than the books ever did. My favorite scene – Edmund, who has evolved from a snotty little traitor in the first book/film to a “fell warrior” of power and integrity, delivers King Peter’s challenge to the bad guy. None of the children are actually children anymore, and with the help of Aslan (God) they can become greater than they ever thought possible in our world. There is some battle violence, and some of the scenes are very dark and could be confusing to younger viewers. But I recommend this as a great family movie to see.

Prayer Requests
Please include the following individuals and families in your prayers this month:

Chuck Boomer
Joe & Evelyn Burval
Ruth Corkill
Mr. Dennis
Clare Doud
Ardene Ejnik
Pearl Fox
Chris Jacobsen
Richard Levy
Char Lobitz
Nancy Maher
Ann O’Keefe
Aidan Ray
Mary Reter
Gloria Solum
Carol Smith
Linda (Rodin) Ufkes

We also want to remember in our prayers our military personnel:
Jason Hood, Jason Koesler, Tim David, Lars Johnsen, Kevin Ward, and Patrick and Claudine Ward.

Directory Changes

In this issue…
One Step at a Time
New Deacon
New Members Joined
Men’s Fix-It Club

Readings and Worship Schedule
Flowers and Bulletins
Worship Assistants Schedule
Summer Office Hours
Fundraiser a Success
Angels in the Narthex
Reaching Out to LGH NICU
Movies: Prince Caspian Review

1605 Vernon Avenue
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068

Church Staff
Rev. Susan Sauerberg, Pastor
Jennifer Schneider, Office Administrator
Karen Black, Child Care Center Director
Vic Berzins, Director of Property Maintenance
John Handzel, Property Maintenance
Worknesh Deressa, Custodian
Tom Daniels, Director of Music
Sue Fox, Organist
Angela Berger, Bookkeeper




1605 Vernon Avenue
Park Ridge, IL 60068
p 847.823.6984           f 847.823.6996