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The Messiah Messenger > The August Messenger Issue #470
The August Messenger Issue #470

Jul 27, 2007

THE Messiah

From the Pastor
Before this week of VBS comes to a close, I want to ask you
to join in the celebration! For the third year in a row our
attendance at the annual summer event known as Vacation
Bible School has increased! In 2005 we had 45 children
register, in 2006 we had 57 and this year we had close to
70 children!
This trend is due in large part to the magnificent and
faithful work of the VBS coordinator Julie Holzer, her able
assistant Kristen Yager, and all the adult and teen-aged
members of the VBS staff. (Sorry I could not list all the
helpers but thank you for your work in building the Kingdom
of God.) Each VBS week is filled with exciting songs,
decorations, and absolute joy. VBS grows each year even as
other churches have decided to either cancel VBS altogether
or hold their programs at night due to poor attendance.
What is going on at Messiah is something to be proud of and
to give thanks to God for – kids in church!
"(Jesus said) let the little children come to me; do not
stop them, for it is to such as these that the kingdom of
God belongs." ~ Mark 10:14b
We need to realize that we can and do provide a welcoming
place for children. We should continue to build on this
obvious strength by supporting our Child Care Center, by
attending all events surrounding our growing Sunday School,
and by supporting (in whatever way we are able) the
programs and projects that are focused on welcoming and
teaching our children and the surrounding community's
children, about the amazing and sustaining love of God in
Christ Jesus.
Does this focus include building a multi-purpose room where
our children and those children around Messiah can come in
and play? What do you think? The next step in the growth of
Messiah is up to each of us and our commitment to the
source of the ongoing Kingdom of God – the children.
I pray that we never lose sight of the fact that our
children are the future of the church and the hope for the
Kingdom in the coming years.
May God continue to bless and inspire you as you serve the

Noteworthy News
Congratulations to our own Kim Melendez, who isn’t “Miss
Kim” anymore! Kim and Mike Bujalka were wed Sunday, July
15th, in a private ceremony in Las Vegas! It was a
full-blown Christian ceremony, and Kim’s sister Laurie and
her husband Sam attended with nieces Emily and Kaitlyn. The
whole service was available for viewing on line for 24
hours after the ceremony, so most of the Child Care
teachers got a chance to watch it. And no, Elivs did NOT
perform the wedding! ? (Ms. Kim loves Elvis, but he wasn’t
invited to this one!) Congratulations, and we wish you ALL
the best! God bless your marriage!

With 67 kids signed up this year, we have increased our
registration AGAIN for the 3rd year in a row! Plus we added
some Child Care children on days that they were off from
regular school, and we were very glad to have them! The
children spent the week learning songs from Pastor Paul,
playing games, hearing stories, doing crafts, and eating
snacks with several other volunteers. Thanks to all who
made it possible, especially to Julie Holzer for her drive
and passion when it comes to VBS.

A failing high school football coach finds that in order to
succeed he must convince his team that there's more to
sports than fame and glory in an inspirational tale of
courage on the gridiron and the power of God's word.
Messiah will show this inspirational movie on Friday and
Saturday, September 14th and 15th, to be sure that everyone
has a chance to see it. Then, Pastor Paul will include
themes from the movie into his message for the next several
Sundays. We will also include discussions of the movie’s
powerful message in Sunday School and Adult Forum. This
event is FREE, and is an excellent opportunity to invite a
friend or neighbor to Messiah. Watch next month’s Messenger
and the News from the Pews for more information about times
and volunteer opportunities.

Upcoming Events (Remember: Always check with church office
before you schedule an event – there is a room assignment
calendar maintained by the Office Administrator.)
July 20-September 20
Once again St. Matthew’s Center for Health is showing the
artwork of several of its talented residents. This popular
attraction is on display until September 20th, and features
the work of Loretta Fuller, Janet Hitzman, Helen Koster,
Henry Pils, Nelly Ramir, Norma Simmons, and Jo Duro
Smolenski. For more information please call 847-825-5531 or
visit www.stmatthewcenter.org.

August 12th at 2:00 PM
Pat and Tom Daniels will be hosting the annual Choir Picnic
at their home at 1635 Forest Drive in Glenview. You and
your family are invited! Please bring a dish to share, such
as salad, rolls/bread, entrée or desert. Everything else
will be provided. RSVP with number of persons/type of dish
to 847-824-0497 or tadpat@comcast.net.

August 17th at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall
This new small group will feature another program designed
around crafts. People may bring with them any craft project
that they are working on and join us for some camaraderie,
coffee, and snacks. We plan to have some babysitters
supervising young children while a movie plays in the
sanctuary. We plan to make this event the 3rd Friday of
every month, so join us!

August 24th 6:00 – 8:00 PM
The Child Care Center welcomes anyone who would like to
attend or participate in the 2007-2008 Open House. The
children come to meet their teachers, and we love to have
some congregation members to welcome the new families to
our spiritual home. Talk to Karen Black if you can be
available to greet, or just come and hang out! The Child
Care begins the Fall school year on Monday, August 27th.

Sunday, September 16th at 11:00 AM
Several people have expressed interest in joining Messiah,
and we will officially welcome them to the congregation on
September 16th. The 11 AM service will be followed by a
reception in the Fellowship Hall. If you are also
interested in joining, but you haven’t spoken to Pastor
Paul yet, please do so. He will be scheduling a New
Member’s Inquiry Class in the next few weeks.

Men’s Breakfast   Saturday, August 12th at 9:00 AM at Old
Country Buffet in Park Ridge (Dempster and Luther Lane).
Friendship Day   There will be no Friendship Day in August.
September 27th will be "Ingathering" when we package the
health kits, layettes, and quilts for shipping to the LWR
warehouse. LWR is no longer requesting clothing. We need
help from 2 men and also if any ladies can offer help for
that day it would be appreciated starting at 9 a.m. We do
not have the dates the trailer will be in the parking lot,
but usually is the first weekend in October. We will need
volunteers for that Saturday and Sunday to be there when
other churches bring in their boxes. A sign up sheet will
be in the narthex. "Angels in the Narthex" will continue
through the Labor Day weekend. Thank you so much for your
generous contributions. "He won't forget the love you have
shown his people." ~ Hebrews 6:10 ~ Eva Thoren, Chair

WELCA Board   August 1st @ 9:00 AM
Child Care Board   August 15th @ 7:00 PM
Executive Committee   August 21st @ 7:00 PM
Leadership Planning   August 26th @ 11:30 AM

Facing the Giants
Rally Day Celebration
All Christian Ed Classes Resume
LWR InGathering

This Month in Worship
All Sundays in August offer Worship at 10:00 AM.
August 5 – Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
Ecclesiastes 1:2, 12–14; 2:18–23; Psalm 49; Colossians
3:1–11; Luke 12:13–21
August 12 – Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
Genesis 15:1–6; Psalm 33:12–22; Hebrews 11:1–3, 8–16; Luke
August 19 – Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
Jeremiah 23:23–29; Psalm 82; Hebrews 11:29-12:2; Luke
August 26 – Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Isaiah 58:9b–14; Psalm 103:1–8; Hebrews 12:18–29; Luke

Thanks to a lot of work by Kristin Yager, Pastor, and
Jennifer, the 2007-2008 Worship Schedule is now available.
We have included it as an insert in this newsletter. This
schedule shows worship times, congregational meetings,
Sunday School lessons, and Celebration Sundays. This
schedule is also available on line at
www.messiahparkridge.org/schedules.html. We will provide
our VBS families with this schedule, encouraging them to
join us for Sunday School in the Fall.

August 5 –    1 Thessalonians 1-2, Faith and ministry
August 12 –    1 Thessalonians 3-4, A life pleasing to God
August 19 –    1 Thessalonians 5, Be strong and faithful
August 26 –    2 Thessalonians 1-3, Judgment and lawlessness

The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex
by the hall to the Educational Wing. Flowers are $30, and
the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the
sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or
“Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box.

Note to all those purchasing flowers: Your flowers are
yours to take home!
If you wish to donate them to one of our shut-ins, please
be sure to
let the Altar Guild know. Thanks!

August 5 –    Flowers are given for Marissa Reeve’s 16th
birthday. Bulletins are given for Marissa Reeve’s 16th
birthday by Grandma Jean.
August 12 –    Flowers are given in memory of Susan Nugnis’
birthday. Bulletins are given in memory of Bill Anderson on
his birthday.
August 19 –    Flowers are given in memory of Olav Johnsen by
Joyce Johnsen and the Herak family.
August 26 –    Flowers are from Valeria Bowman in memory of
brother Durwood Johnson.


Goodies for Coffee Hour
Diane Blanks has gotten people to sign up to bring goodies
for coffee hour for all but two Sundays for the rest of the
summer! If you can bring a baked good (coffee cake,
muffins, cookies, whatever) on August 12th, or if you can
bring fruit on August 26th, please let Diane know. Goods
can be store bought, and not fancy! Thanks!

Another Wedding!
God’s blessings on Trish (Smith) and Robert Funk, who were
wed here at Messiah on July 21, 2007.
Congratulations to that couple, as well!

There are information packets in the narthex, and Floyd
Yager can help with questions, or you can contact Rebecca
Dahlstrom (708-763-0879) for information. Other information
can be found at www.mcselca.org/diakonia. Classes in
Schaumburg are Thursday nights from 7pm until 10pm and
beginning September 6th.

We had good success with our Pilates class in July and
August. Another session is scheduled to start September
12th at 7:30 PM. More details are to follow, but mark your
calendars for fitness in September!

AL-ANON Support Group
continues to meet on Wednesdays at 1:30 PM. AL-ANON is
support for friends and family members of alcoholics.

Youth Corner
Rally Day is the “kick-off” for the Christian Education
year! Please join us on Sunday, September 9, 2007 after the
10 am worship service for a fantastic sports themed picnic
(get it? KICK-OFF!). Then have some fun and test your
knowledge of the church season with some sporting games!
This should get everyone excited for the upcoming year, as
well as the following "Facing the Giants" movie weekend.
Please register your children (ages 3 - 5th grade) online
for Sunday School at www.messiahparkridge.org beginning on
August 1, 2007.
We will again use the Firelight curriculum in the
rotational style, where we will cover one lesson for 4
weeks. The lessons we will cover are titled Circle of
Seasons: Living the Church Year. This is a great
introduction to the church seasons, which are a foundation
for worship and provide a predictable rhythm to grow in
Christian faith.
We are also looking for volunteers to help us teach the
curriculum, we would ideally like a commitment for an
entire 4 week rotation. If you are interested, or have any
additional questions, please feel free to contact Kristin
Yager, at 847-692-6260 or kyager324@aol.com.

Messiah Ministries
Food donations tend to drop off in the summer, when they
are needed most. 12.4 million hungry children in the United
States don’t get the school-provided lunches in the summer
that they receive during the school year.
Here are some other startling statistics about hunger in
our community:
•   In 2006, requests for emergency food assistance increased
•   1 in 8 households has reduced the quality of its diet to
utilize money elsewhere (i.e., rent, clothing, day care).
•   3.9 percent of U.S. households experience hunger.
•   7.1 percent of U.S. households are at risk of hunger.
Our food pantry’s biggest “customers” are senior citizens
on a fixed income. The next biggest group is families with
children. Please, bring canned goods to Messiah on Sundays,
and leave them in the boxes in the narthex. Our Child Care
Center contributes richly to the Pantry every week during
Chapel…let’s try to match their offerings. And please, no
Ramen Noodles or dry soup or gravy mixes…these don’t
provide the nutrition that is needed. Focus on pasta and
pasta sauce, canned fruits and vegetables, canned soups,
and peanut butter and jelly. Thanks.

The Friendship Day Kettle for Lutheran World Relief will be
in the narthex June thru Labor Day. Our Friendship Day
Ladies have a master’s degree in Bargain Hunting but that
takes time. The congregation is our sole means of income.
You have been very generous in the past and, we thank you.
For about $5.00 we can put together a Health Kit, including
a hand towel, soap, wash cloth, toothbrush, toothpaste,
strong comb, nail file or clippers, and 6 (3/4”) band aids.
Cloth diapers are about $10 a dozen, and each layette needs
4. We haunt garage sales for gently used baby shirts or
onesies, sleepers, sweaters, and receiving blankets. If you
or your children have any of these to donated, please place
them in the MLCW box in the Tower entrance or across from
the Office. Remember, He will not forget the love you
showed to his people. Thank you and God Bless.

Marissa Reeve, 8/1
Jackie Steigerwald, 8/1
Zachary Hall, 8/3
Kristin Kopij, 8/5
Sandra Deines, 8/7
Ron Duty, 8/8
Kevin Kaufman, 8/8
Arlene Johnson, 8/9
Cindy Norberg, 8/10
Lois Anderson, 8/13
Barbara Shapiro, 8/13
Greg Nastali, 8/14
Ravi Penumaka, 8/15
Michael Deines, 8/20
Donna Berzins, 8/21
Belletech Deressa, 8/21
Abedi Markos, 8/23
Jean Nastali, 8/23
Clare Rodin, 8/23
Michele Valenta, 8/23
Kyle Ippolito, 8/26
Brian Deines, 8/28
Samantha Knab, 8/28
Debra Oswald, 8/28
AnitaMarie Corkill, 8/30
Margaret Lobitz, 8/30

Susan and Edward Kopij – 8/25/1974, 33 years
Vic and Donna Berzins – 8/31/1983, 24 years

Messiah Leadership for 2007
President: Carol Hrodey (262) 652-3187
Vice President: Vikki Hanson (847) 823-2117
Secretary: Nancy Boomer (847) 678-3048
Treasurer: Brad Kovach (847) 297-4883
Financial Sec.: David Hanson (847) 296-6796

Stewardship:      Floyd Yager
Evangelism:      David Swanson
CCC Director:      Karen Black
CCC Board:      Donna Berzins

Maintenance:      Vic Berzins
Capital Campaign:   Dave Kaufman
Property Committee:   Various Members
WELCA:      Eva Thoren
Brotherhood:      Rich Seggeling
Christian Education:   Kristin Yager
Confirmation/HS:   Edith Reeve
Adult Forum:      John Fox
Choir:         Pat Daniels
Music:         Tom Daniels, Sue Fox

Memorial Report
This report is as of July 20, 2007.
All gifts to the Memorial Fund are automatically
acknowledged to the giver by a personal note, which
includes a confirmation of the amount. Unless otherwise
designated, all gifts go into the Property Reserve Fund.
Addresses and envelope numbers on memorial cards or checks
are much appreciated.
The purpose of this report is to confirm that gifts are
received and properly allocated. If you don’t see your gift
listed here after 2 months, please contact the office.

Given by:   Pat Fragale
Fund:      Property Reserve

Did You Know That…?

Pastor Paul was in a production of “The King and I” when he
was 12? He played the English boy, and his brother played
the Crown Prince of Siam!

Our secretary Jennifer has a B.F.A. in Theater? She spent
her first 7 years in Chicago (1993-2000) as a freelance
theatrical technician, picking up jobs that ranged from
hanging lights, to stage managing, to designing props for

(Pastor Paul and Jennifer will kick off this column with
some tidbits about themselves, but we want info from
members for next month’s edition!)

Prayer Requests
Please include the following individuals and families in
your prayers this month:

Chuck Boomer
Sue Bruce
Joe & Evelyn Burval
Ruth Corkill
Mr. Dennis
Larry Dietrich
Ardene Ejnik
Chris Jacobsen
Corine Jensen
Richard Levy
Nancy Maher
Aidan Ray
Mary Reter
Gloria Solum
Pastor Sally Terrell
Linda (Rodin) Ufkes

We also want to remember in our prayers our military
Jason Koesler, Tim David, Lars Johnsen, Kevin Ward, and
Patrick and Claudine Ward.

We praise the Lord for the safe return of Kevin Hrodey, who
has completed his tour of duty in Iraq. Welcome home, and
thank you, Kevin.

Directory Changes
Please let the office know if you are moving! Thanks!

Kim (Melendez) Bujalka
4254 N. Overhill
Norridge, IL 60706
(Miss Kim got married!)

Please note that the Child Care Center’s phone number on
your directory cover is wrong. The correct number is

In this issue…
Kid’s Kingdom of God
Miss Kim Got Married!
“Facing the Giants”
Young at Art – St. Matthew’s
Choir Potluck Picnic Party
Messiah Craft Night
New Member’s Class
Child Care Open House
Food Pantry and Angels in the Narthex
Register for Sunday School Online
Did you know…?
2007-2008 Worship Schedule

1605 Vernon Avenue
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068

Church Staff
Rev. Paul Stolz, Pastor
Jennifer Schneider, Office Administrator
Karen Black, Child Care Center Director
Vic Berzins, Director of Property Maintenance
John Handzel, Property Maintenance
Worknesh Deressa, Custodian
Tom Daniels, Director of Music
Sue Fox, Organist
Angela Berger, Bookkeeper




1605 Vernon Avenue
Park Ridge, IL 60068
p 847.823.6984           f 847.823.6996