The Messiah Messenger > The September Messenger Issue #459
The September Messenger Issue #459

Sep 1, 2006

From the Pastor

Just back from vacation, I enter my office. Many of you
know the feeling that grips you as you come back to "work"
after some time off. A pile of phone messages and notes
about things that need your attention - your busy life at
work is stacked neatly into piles of paper. You realize
then how much you do in the course of your day. Couple
that with the added meetings and chores attached to the
beginning of a school year and a sense of being overwhelmed
creeps slowly into your heart and mind with each passing
And the ministries of Messiah might be part of what adds to
the busyness of your lives as well as mine. As September
approaches there are meetings and discussions about Sunday
School, Adult Forum, The Child Care Center, Choir, Bible
Studies, Confirmation, Property Development, Senior High
Classes ... The list goes on and on.
Where does God fit into all of this? More specifically,
how does your relationship with God find its way into your
busy life?
The August 2006 issue of The Lutheran contains several
relevant articles. In an article entitled, "Busyness: A
Spiritual Issue," a parish pastor wrestles with this
question individually and on behalf of her congregation.
This brief and poignant article is worth your time and
consideration as you begin what is for many the most
stressful portion of the year. For those of you who are
too busy to read the article, I offer you this excerpt on
what to do in busy times:

As the author, Pastor Faye Codding, realized as she began
to set boundaries on her schedule:

“The boundaries weren't just time-related. Yes, we all need
time to allow God in. I knew that. But this was different.
It was an intentional decision to not let my schedule
dictate my time with God. I wasn't necessarily less busy,
but my busyness was changing. It was more than intentional
living or simple living. It was, in fact, adding God to the

Let us make sure to do just that as we venture into this
new season of the church together.
May the time we spend with God give us the strength and
courage to do the will of God.
May God find you within the busyness of your days and give
you peace,
Pastor Paul

Noteworthy News
Sunday, September 10th

Our Rally Day this year will be focusing on Sunday School
and our children. We will have one service at 10 AM, and
we welcome the choir back with us for worship. This
service will be OUTSIDE, weather permitting, with the
children singing, and an expanded coffee hour after the
service. Also following the service will be games for
families, and a chance to sign up for Sunday School.
Invite a friend! Come join the fun!
After Rally Day, our regular schedule begins on Sunday,
September 17th. We will have a traditional Lutheran
Worship service at 8:30, then Christian Education Hour at
9:45. That is when we have Youth Sunday School Classes and
Confirmation Class in the Christian Education Center
(formerly known as the Parsonage). Adult Forum is the
grown-up’s class, and they also meet at 9:45, but in the
Fellowship Hall downstairs (coffee and treats included!).
Another worship service follows at 11 AM, this one of a
more contemporary nature.
A complete listing of the worship services and Sunday
School curriculum classes for the 2006-2007 year is
included on the yellow sheet in the center of this

Beginning on September 10th, and available for pickup in
the narthex, we will have updated phone and address
directories. This is NOT a photo directory, but rather an
update on all the changes that have happened since the last
directory came out in 2004. We will still continue to
publish changes in the back of the Messenger, but will most
likely create a new directory to be handed out every couple
of years.
Please pick up your family’s directory – they will be
sorted in alphabetical order in the narthex. Whatever is
not picked up will be mailed in October. PLEASE help us
save on postage costs, and get your directory on September

Upcoming Events
Saturday, September 9th
Two annual events that are a great way to step into Fall!
The Lutherdale Fest Quilt Auction is now celebrating it’s
20th year, and can be found at N7891 U.S. Hwy 12, Elkhorn,
WI. Call 262-742-2353 for more information, or check out
one of the flyers posted around the church.

The Family Fun Fest at St. Matthews is always a crowd
pleaser! Food, music, raffles and more. You must call for
reservations at 847-825-5531, and then go have a great
time! St. Matthews is located at 1601 N. Western Ave. in
Park Ridge.

Tuesday, September 19th at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall

Messiah Brotherhood Dinners begin this coming September 19,
2006 with our Steak and Fish Barbeque. All "Men" of
Messiah are invited to this meeting. Lisa Hassenstab
presenting the programs of Lutheran social Services, dinner
cost is $7.00.

Also, starting every 2nd Saturday of the month (except
December) all "Men" of Messiah Lutheran Church are invited
to meet for breakfast at "Old Country Buffet" at 9:00 AM
for an informal gathering of good hearted souls. First
breakfast meeting is September 9th. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 17th at 2:00 PM

Pat and Tom Daniels will be hosting the annual Choir Picnic
at their home at 1635 Forest Drive in Glenview. This is a
great get-together to kick off the year! If you are in the
choir, or want to be in the choir, you should come! Call
Tom or Pat at 847-824-0497 to let them know you are coming.

Upcoming Events (continued)
Thursday, September 28th 9:00 AM to ?

In case you are not familiar with InGathering, it is when
we pack all the items we have collected for the Lutheran
World Relief trailer. We complete the Health kits and
Layettes. We also pack the quilts... Clothing we still need
CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. We need several men "volunteers" to
help. If you have a few hours to help us, come by 9 AM and
stay as long as you can. If you plan to stay for lunch,
please bring a sandwich or whatever you like for lunch.
Delicious dessert will be served at the morning coffee hour
and for lunch. If you make any purchases for LWR please
keep the receipt even if you are donating them. We may be
able to get matching funds. Also remember to save and
donate old sheets, blankets, drapes, and any material to us
to make quilts. They may be left in the Tower Room metal
box or the LWR box across from the church office. The
semi-trailer will be in the Messiah parking lot Sat. Oct 7,
loading from 9AM to 12PM and Sunday Oct 8, loading from
12PM to 2PM. Other churches in the district will be
bringing their boxes to be placed on the trailer as well,
and we need volunteers to be there. There will be a sign up
sheet or sign up on the registration sheet in the bulletin.
We thank all who are willing to help in this important
"He won't forget the love you have shown his people." ~
Hebrews 6:10

Naomi Circle   Thursday, September 14th at 9:30 AM. We will
meet at Jeanne Johnson’s home, at 1046 N. Hamlin in Park
Ridge. If you need directions, please call Jeanne at
Choir Rehearsal   Choir Rehearsal resumes on Thursday,
September 7th at 7:00 PM. We will have an informal coffee
and treats session, and then rehearse at 7:45 PM, beginning
our regular schedule.   
Executive Committee   September 12th @ 7:30 PM
Child Care Board   September 20th @ 7:00 PM
Property Development   September 28th @ 7:30 PM

Fall Congregational Meeting……...Celebration Sunday/Pancake

Youth Corner
As an outreach program to Lutheran General Hospital,
several people from Messiah brought a mini version of VBS
to the children of the In-patient Pediatrics Unit. Many
thanks to Anne Wiberg, Irene Luck, Julie Holzer, Laura
Hauser, Marissa Reeve, and Dan Kovach, for taking the time
to spread the word of God’s love.
We also received a Thank You from Lutheran General:
“On behalf of Advocate Health Care, thank you for your
donation to Lutheran General Children’s Hospital. Your
gift enables us to create a positive environment filled
with love and support for our littlest patients. We are
grateful for your kindness and partnership as together we
build a brighter day for our children.
“We want to thank you for giving up your time and coming to
the hospital. The patients enjoyed the treasure chests,
and other activities. Thank you for the extra crafts you
left, other patients will enjoy them as well.”
~ The Child Life Staff at Lutheran General Children’s

This Month in Worship
Please note the schedule changes.
September 3 – Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost (10 AM)
Deuteronomy 4:1–2, 6–9; Psalm 15; James 1:17–27; Mark
7:1–8, 14–15, 21–23
September 10 – Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost (Rally
Day, 10 AM)
Isaiah 35:4–7a; Psalm 146; James 2:1-17; Mark 7:24–37
September 17 – Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost (8:30 &
11:00 AM)
Isaiah 50:4–9a; Psalm 116:1–8; James 3:1–12; Mark 8:27–38
September 24 – Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost (8:30 &
11:00 AM)
Jeremiah 11:18–20; Psalm 54; James 3:13—4:3; 4:7–8a; Mark

Saturday Worship services resume on Saturday, September
16th, and will again have the schedule of 1st and 3rd
Saturdays of the month at 5 PM. The service will include
live music – come check it out!

Our own members, Terry and Faith Fretheim, wrote the
2006-2007 Bible study for "Lutheran Women Today." The
topic for this year is “Hope in God in Times of Suffering.”
Terry is Professor of the Old Testament at Lutheran
Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Faith is a retired
staff member of Women of the ELCA. The Fretheims will
present the first lesson at The Moorings on Saturday,
September, 23 at 9AM until noon. The focus is on the
overuse of the word “suffering,” the variety of ways people
try to explain suffering, and some questions people and the
Bible raise about suffering. Come and enrich your
understanding of God and suffering. Please call Charlotte
Baumgartner 847-956-3292 to register your attendance.

Our regular Adult Bible Study will resume its regular
schedule on
Wednesdays at 10 AM and Thursdays at 6:30 PM beginning
September 13th.

   September 3   September 10   September 17   September 24
   10:00   10:00   8:30   11:00   8:30   11:00
Acolytes   *   *   *   *   *   *
Communion Assistants   *   *   *   *   *   *
Readers   Char L   Kristin Y   Vikki H   Donna B   John F   Laura H
Worship Assistants   Char L   Carol S      Diane B   John F   Pat K
Projection   Ravi K   Peter F   Peter F   Jim H   Peter F   Tait J
Ushers   Chuck S, Jackie S,
Russ S,
Rick R   Chuck S, Jackie S,
Russ S,
Rick R   Skip H, Roy S   Chuck S, Jackie S,
Russ S,
Rick R   Skip H, Roy S   Chuck S, Jackie S,
Russ S,
Rick R
Greeters   Ricky R, Marissa R, Diane B   Ricky R, Marissa R,
Diane B      Ricky R, Marissa R, Diane B      Ricky R, Marissa R,
Diane B
Counters   David H,
Diane B   David H,
Diane B      David H,
Diane B      David H,
Diane B
* Still need people, PLEASE HELP!!!

The sign-ups for flowers and bulletins are in the narthex
by the hall to the Educational Wing. Flowers are $30, and
the Bulletins are $10. Envelopes are provided next to the
sign-up calendar, or you may simply write “Flowers” or
“Bulletin” on your regular envelope in the Other box.

Note to all those purchasing flowers: Your flowers are
yours to take home!
If you wish to donate them to one of our shut-ins, please
be sure to
let the Altar Guild know. Thanks!

September 3 –    Flowers and bulletins are given in memory of
Paysoff and Marilyn Tinkhoff.
September 10 –   Flowers are given in honor of Kyle Hauser’s
first birthday. Bulletins are given in memory of Aunt
Giselle and Uncle Vlasta by the Hauser Family.
September 17 – None.
September 24 – None.

For our calendar, please visit our webpage Calendar.
This page is a placeholder for our paper printed

Special Article


“I keep hearing that Manna Orders are due, but I already
give as much as I can to Messiah, I can’t afford to give to
another program.”
If that thought, or something close to it, goes through
your mind when you hear about the Manna Program, let me try
to help to clear up some facts and explain how this program
can benefit Messiah.
First, the Manna Program is a program by which you are able
to buy many different types of pre-paid gift cards and
Messiah gets a percentage of the proceeds. You do not pay
any premium over the face amount. If you buy a $25 gift
card for your use or to give away, it is worth $25 to you
and can be redeemed at that store, restaurant, or gas
station for $25.

“So then, what is in it for Messiah?”
Depending on the retailer Messiah gets 2% to 25% of the
amount of the card back that can be used to help build
General and Benevolence funds! So, in purchasing this $25
gift card, you have your original $25 to use at the
and Messiah get $.50 to $6.75! You pay no extra, but
purchase the card a bit in advance of when you use it.

“This doesn’t sound like a lot of money for Messiah, so why
go through the hassle?”
First, it is not much of a hassle at all! Once a month
Manna orders are collected and sent in. You can fill out a
form through the Messiah website to order
( or
pick up an envelope in the narthex. Indicate which cards
you would like and enclose a check for that amount in your
next weekly contribution for the amount of cards you would
like to purchase and mark your envelope with “Manna” and
the amount. Your cards will normally be to you the week
after the order is placed! That is all you need to do.

“Aren’t “gift cards” only for special occasions?”
They can be used for that, but the cards purchased can be
used at places you shop each and every month. Grocery
stores like Jewel, Dominick’s, Walgreens; Restaurants from
Burger King to Lettuce Entertain You; Retail from
Blockbuster to Home Depot to Toys ‘R’ Us; AMC movie
theaters, Shell Gas, Exxon/Mobil, and Jiffy Lube are just a
small example of places for which you can purchase a gift
card through the Manna Program!
As you will see, many of the places are those which you
frequent every month. With a little planning ahead you can
help Messiah to grow its general fund and expand its
ministries. Using a grocery store as an example (since
everyone needs to purchase food) assume for a moment that
50 families used the Manna program each month to purchase
$150 of cards for groceries. This is $7500 in total.
Assume at this grocery store Messiah earns 5% back. This
is $375 each month for Messiah. The great part of this is
it takes no extra money from your pocket! It was $7500
that members of Messiah were going to spend at that grocery
store anyway and Messiah gets some benefit of those
purchases! Over the course of a year this is more than
$4500 for Messiah.
“What can $4500 purchase?”
How about all of the 200 new hymnals with a few bucks left
over? Rather than asking for a special donation for this
purpose Manna could help fund this. How about closing the
gap on the new signage to let people know about our church?
What about dues for United Power? Or how about something
more mundane as helping offset the cost of running the air
conditioner in the church all summer?
The Manna program is up and running.
It is easy to use and can have great benefit for both you
and Messiah. Please take the time to learn more about the
program and participate. The program can easily be used
for those mundane monthly purchases, but also can be used
as we approach the holiday season at the end of the year
and you are thinking of purchasing gifts for friends and
If you have any questions you can contact Kristin Yager.
She can provide you a complete list of the retailers
involved (you will be surprised by how many there are they
you frequent regularly) and will help you get started in
trying out the program. And as always, check out our
website…all the vendors are listed there, as well.

Messiah Ministries

In order to have support for the ideals United Power
represents, a forum to hear the views from the candidates
running for the Illinois Senate is scheduled for either
Sunday, October 15th or the 22nd at 3PM. The location has
not yet been determined. Cheryl Axely, the Republican
candidate, and Dan Kotowski, the Democratic candidate, will
answer questions with a yes or no either supporting the
agenda of United Power or not. A small amount of time will
be allotted for them to speak about issues on their
platforms. Set these dates aside and plan to come and hear
so that your vote in November will be informed and
meaningful, and consistent with your beliefs.
~ Submitted by Charlotte Baumgartner


This year’s walk will be held on Sunday, October 15th, and
it usually begins around 2 PM. There are two routes
through Niles and Park Ridge – the regular 6-mile walk, and
an abbreviated 3-mile version for people who are perhaps
pushing strollers, or who don’t think they can make a
6-mile hike, but still want to participate.
Anyone who is interested in collecting pledges and walking
see either David Swanson or Trudi Handzel. We had a small
group last year who really had a nice time…it would be
great to have a bigger group this year. If you aren’t able
to walk, be sure to support our walkers by pledging!
More information about times and where to meet will be
available in next month’s Messenger.


Joey Olson, 9/1
Leona Johnson, 9/2
Paul Stolz, 9/3
Effie Laster, 9/5
David Hanson, 9/8
Victor Berzins, 9/9
Melissa Litwin, 9/9
Lauri Melendez, 9/9
Melissa Vacala, 9/10
Daniel Christiansen, 9/11
George Magerl, 9/11
Melvin Shapiro, 9/12
Caitlin Levy, 9/13
Marilynn Duckett, 9/14
John Handzel Sr., 9/14
Michael Hanson, 9/14
Donald Wageman, 9/14
Kyle Hauser, 9/16
Tom Hanson, 9/17
Ruth Corkill, 9/18
David Jensen, 9/18
Richard Levy, 9/18
Mary Reter, 9/20
Holly Norberg, 9/21
Lois Patterson, 9/21
Worknesh Deressa, 9/22
Stacey Hall, 9/22
Steve Loverme, 9/23
Julie Jensen, 9/25
Thomas Daniels, 9/27
Pat Fragale, 9/28
Joe Hulterstrum, 9/28
Linda Ufkes, 9/29

John and Lorraine Handzel – 9/13/1952, 54 years
Neil and Jennifer Wagner – 9/26/1987, 19 years

Messiah Leadership Team for 2006

President: Dave Kaufman (847) 788-0442
Vice President: Carol Hrodey (262) 652-3187
Treasurer: Brad Kovach (847) 297-4883
Secretary: Trudi Handzel (847)359-7830
Financial Sec.: David Hanson (847) 296-6796
Stewardship: Les Herak
Evangelism: David Swanson
Child Care Center: Donna Berzins
Visioning Task Force: Floyd Yager

For the Memorial, Honorarium, and Thanks to God Fund
This report is as of August 13, 2006.

Given by:   Daughter Kristine Berine

If there are any omissions in my report, I mean if you have
donated to this fund and it was not acknowledged by me and
not listed in my report, please let me know. This does
happen now and then, and I certainly want to check it out.
If it did not come to me, I will certainly do everything I
can to find where it is. However PLEASE ALLOW SEVERAL
to make things easier for your chair, donations not
designated, unless requests are made by the family, will be
put into Property Reserve, a much needed fund.
I would like to thank those who put their address on the
Memorial Card. It saves me the time it takes to look it up.
Also, if the family address is not available in our church
book, please include it along with the relationship. F.
Y.I. Amount of the donation is acknowledged only to the
donor. If requested, I give a total amount to the Family.
And remember, it helps if you put your envelope number on
the check.
A note from your Financial Secretary: Please put your
envelope number on the memorial card. Thank you.   
Millie Anderson, Chairperson

Prayer Requests
Please include the following individuals and families in
your prayers this month:

Dolores Broezell
Joe & Evelyn Burval
Mr. Dennis
Lorraine Handzel
Sue Horger
Luanne Jelonek
Arlene Johnson
Louise Johnson
Richard Levy
Susan Lyle
Nancy Maher
Sue Nugnis
Aidan Ray
Mary Reter
Jenney Schafrik
Carol Smith
Pastor Sally Terrell
Linda (Rodin) Ufkes
Patrick Ward

We also want to remember in our prayers our military
Kevin Hrodey, Jason Koesler, Tim David, Lars Johnsen, and
Patrick and Claudine Ward.

Directory Changes
Please let the office know if you are moving! Thanks!
No directory changes this month




1605 Vernon Avenue
Park Ridge, IL 60068
p 847.823.6984           f 847.823.6996