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The June 2021 Messenger #636

Jun 1, 2021

The June 2021 Messenger #636

Come, Holy Spirit

When a friend gave us the gift of wind chimes, we hung them on our porch, but then asked our neighbors to let us know if the sound was too loud for them. They reported that they liked hearing them. So now at different times of the day or night, when we are outdoors, we hear the soft sound of chimes.

What’s intriguing about wind chimes is that the notes are played by an invisible hand—the wind. It’s the angle and force of the wind that determines what notes are played.

As Christians we confess that God is wind, or Spirit. God plays the world like an instrument— a wind instrument!

God is the invisible power moving the world in all kinds of ways that we can’t see, ways so close and intimate that we can’t detect it, but we see the result. God is renewing the earth, bringing forth good things, breathing peace, creating order, reconciling enemies, making the flowers bloom. All this activity is not in human control—the Spirit blows where it wills.

But the blowing of the Holy Spirit is not random. The Holy Spirit it is always moving the world toward harmony, justice, and delight. When the Spirit moves in human beings, it moves us closer to the life of Jesus. Through the Spirit, we become part of Jesus’ resurrection life.
A teacher once asked her students what it might mean not only to believe in the resurrection of Jesus but to live out faith in the resurrection. They answered:
•   Plant trees
•   Visit the imprisoned
•   Work for justice
•   Bake good things
•   Observe the Sabbath
•   Paint, draw, write, sing
•   Feed the hungry
•   Love beauty

What would you add to the list? How is the Holy Spirit leading you to be part of how God loves the world?

Faithfully, Pastor David

Season of Pentecost

Having been taken through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and baptized by the Holy Spirit, the church now emerges into a long season of renewed and deepened discipleship. Pentecost is the longest season of the church year. The season after Pentecost, also called Ordinary Time, begins the day after Pentecost and ends the day before the first Sunday of Advent. It may include 23-28 Sundays, depending on the date of Easter.

From a historical perspective, Christianity didn’t start with Jesus’ birth, his death or even his ascension to heaven. It started with Pentecost — the day the “Holy Spirit” entered a room holding Jesus’ apostles and entered each of them, an event which “makes the church the church.”

At his Last Supper, Jesus instructed his 12 disciples to go out into the world to minister and heal the sick on their own. It was at that point that they became “apostles.” Fifty days after Jesus’ death the Holy Spirit descended onto the apostles, making them speak in foreign tongues. In the Bible, “foreign tongues” referred to foreign languages (suggesting the apostles could now go into other parts of the world to preach their message.) This “Pentecostal” experience allowed the apostles direct communication with God, which signaled a major shift in the religious landscape and laid the foundation for what would become Christianity.

Because Pentecost is the day that the Holy Spirit touched ordinary people, the Season of Pentecost focuses on the Spirit and the way in which it touches everyone in the world. One of the ways the Spirit reaches the world is through the Christian church.

We celebrate the birthday of the church, the birthday of ministry, and the birthday of evangelism.

Christians spend the Season of Pentecost looking at the relationship of God with His people as they experience his Holy Spirit. It is a time of outreach, and a time of letting the Spirit flow through each Christian to touch God's creation. It is a time of discipleship, of going into the world to make disciples of all nations.

Father’s Day Sunday June, 20th

This One’s For You, Father Figures - By Sara Kleinsmith, June 18th 2015

This is for you, father figures. I would say “You know who you are.” but you probably don’t. You probably aren’t aware of the impact you had. You have no idea how much you shaped us. On this Father’s Day, here’s a little reminder of the good you did.

Here’s to you, uncles, and grandpas, and godfathers, for teaching us how to catch, tell time, or tie a shoe. Thanks for being patient with grandma and showing us what love looked like when she yelled at you for your slow driving. Thanks for the guidance and the wisdom, for the war stories, and all the birthday gifts. We knew how much we were loved because you rarely laughed so much, as when we were around.

Here’s to you, brothers, and cousins, and older, wiser friends. Thanks for not letting that kid bully us on the playground, for going to get mom when we fell and cut ourselves, for letting us tag along, and for all the great advice you gave us on, well, just about everything. You were our guides, one step ahead, and we got tougher knowing you were leading the way.

Here’s to you, teachers and mentors. You, who took the time to put the smiley face on the math test, or gave the high five after the school play. You, who challenged us and refused to accept anything less than our best effort. For helping us form our thoughts, for giving us knowledge, and for your time, you can’t be thanked enough. You’ll never know how much your approval meant.

And thank you, also, artists, storytellers, public figures, heroes, fictional and real. You gave us encouragement when we were lost, and gave us reasons to dream.

Thank you so much, healers, therapists, and doctors, for the reassuring smile before the shot, the lollipop for the tears kept in, and for showing us that healing is possible. Your confidence, skill, and patient manner take us through our fear even today.

Thank you fathers-in-law and fathers of friends. Whether it was the pat on the back for a burger well grilled on the Fourth of July, or just the fact that you signed the Christmas card, “Love you both, Papa.” You have no idea what it means to be accepted by you.

Shout out to the step dads, friends of Mom, and “friends” of Mom, for the time you were in our lives, we appreciate the support you gave the woman in our lives.
Thank you to all of you: the pastors, the neighbors, the bosses, the tutors, the volunteers, the troop leaders, the driving instructors, and all-around good men. You have no idea what it meant to have you in our corner. You didn’t think we saw that thing you did. We saw. You didn’t think we heard that thing you said. We heard. You didn’t think we felt the love you gave. We did. It made us.

For ALL the father figures, for being there when others weren’t or couldn’t, we can’t thank you enough. You showed us what a good man is, and taught us about what we could be. Happy Father’s Day. This one’s for you.

Outdoor Services Have Begun!!
Plus, Online Church Services Continue:

We began outdoor services on Sunday, May 23rd! Although the service was ushered in with a herald of helicopters landing at Lutheran General, it was a beautiful day and wonderful to see fellow members of our Messiah family in person! Come join us for worship outdoors – bring your own chair or use one of the available folding chairs. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Outdoor services will continue until we are able to meet indoors again. The Executive Committee continues to monitor directives from the state of Illinois and are hopeful the state opens fully soon in the next several weeks. Watch for notices from the church on further developments related to indoor worship!

Meanwhile, as a reminder, all of the church services can be viewed through two different avenues. All of the services are posted on the Messiah Facebook page as well as our YouTube channel under the name Messiah Park Ridge. The YouTube channel can be found at this web address, https://www.youtube.com/user/holzerp. Services are posted at 10:15 am Sunday mornings, but can be watched at any time. If you need help accessing either viewing platforms please reach out to the church office and we can help. Thanks to Paul Holzer for making sure we can participate virtually in worship for the last 3 years!

Messiah has a long history of service and we’ve continued this strong tradition through a myriad of trials – in part due to dedicated and talented leadership. We’re currently in need of additional leaders. Please prayerfully consider participating in leading our current ministries and shaping the future of Messiah through roles as:
•   EC Vice President
•   CCC Board Member
•   Confirmation Teacher
For information on these positions please talk with Pastor David or a member of EC or contact the church office – these are all important and rewarding roles!!

The Executive Committee, with Pastor David, continue to meet virtually on a regular basis – in addition keeping a continual eye on local, state and national developments. We thank them for continuing to lead us through this difficult time.

Ways to Donate
Messiah still needs your support! There are still bills to pay to continue to operate plus unexpected expenses!

Thanks to all who made special donations to offset the cost of the new boiler. It has been installed!

Besides the traditional check or cash donation/offering (which can be mailed to the church office), there are various other ways to support Messiah. Check out Messiah’s website on ways to contribute: https://www.messiahparkridge.org/contribute.html

A variety of avenues to contribute are outlined including via Messiah’s Facebook page, Pay Pal, Simply Giving, Amazon Smile and Good Shop. Over the last several months Messiah has collected donations from several outlets and, to clear up some confusion, an explanation of the different giving avenues is provided below.

Facebook: Facebook users can donate via Facebook by going to Messiah’s “business page” https://www.facebook.com/messiahparkridge (as opposed to our “group page” https://www.facebook.com/groups/MessiahLutheranPR). To make regular donations to Messiah’s general fund click on the Donate button on the right of page. For specific fundraisers (such as Bucks for the Boiler) click on the Fundraiser title under the header for specific information.
Donating through Facebook is a simple contribution method.

Pay Pal: Pay Pal is another online giving tool accessible through Messiah’s website. Pay Pal is a payment system that is linked to your personal account and you can securely personalize your giving as you see fit. You can set up Pay Pal giving by clicking the Contribute tab on the homepage of Messiah’s website, www.messiahparkridge,org.

Amazon Smile: As more of us are doing our shopping online please remember to use AmazonSmile when shopping on Amazon. With Messiah designated as your charity of choice, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate a portion of every qualifying order to Messiah. If you need instructions on how to set up your AmazonSmile account, please reach out to the church office and we can assist you. We have received money from AmazonSmile thanks to member purchases.

Good Shop: The Goodshop is an online source that offers coupon codes to online shoppers all while giving a percentage back to the shopper’s charity of choice. Win, Win! Once you have created an account and selected your charity of choice, all you have to do, before starting your online shopping, is to first go to the www.goodshop.com and find the coupon code of the store you will be ordering from. You then copy the coupon code, do your shopping, and paste the code in the appropriate area during check out. That’s it! Messiah will receive a percentage from your order directly from Goodshop. The percentage amount is listed alongside the code.

Communication With Church & Each Other:
Let’s remember to stay in touch with church and with each other! Phone messages, regular mail and email continue to be monitored throughout the week. If you are in need of pastoral care, please leave a message on the church phone or send an email to the church at office@messiahparkridge.org or Pastor David at messiahpastor1605@gmail.com. Please be sure to check it regularly so you don’t miss any updates. If you know someone who doesn’t have email or doesn’t check it regularly, please keep them up to date! And let’s stay in touch with each other! If you have information to share with all members, submit it to the church office for the weekly Messiah Message Board!

June 2021 Virtual Activities!

Men’s VIRTUAL Brotherhood Breakfast
Men’s Brotherhood will hold a Virtual Breakfast gathering on Saturday, June 5th at 9:00 a.m. All Messiah men are invited to participate. Contact Rich Seggeling or Paul Holzer if you have questions.

Messiah VIRTUAL Book Club
The next virtual book club will meet TONIGHT, Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 7:00- 9:00 pm on FB Messenger Rooms. The next selection is The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick.

If you haven’t read the book of course, it may be too late to participate in tonight’s Book Club. However, Paul sent out several suggestions for the next book:

Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks: Lots of short stories all over the board and topics. He does the reading on the audiobook which made it that much more enjoyable.

Sourdough by Robin Sloan: This was a re-read for me after Trudi started baking sourdough. Very quirky but Trudi loved the characters he wrote in there

Get A Life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert: Trudi read this for a library romance book club. It's a British romance and the heroine has physical difficulties and is looking to accomplish a bucket list. Trudi loved the writing.

How To Date Your Dragon by Molly Harper: Instantly available on hoopla. (audio book only)
A super quick and fun read, How to Date Your Dragon is another well-written supernatural quasi mystery by Molly Harper. Her latest release is set in Mystic Bayou, a small town in Louisiana, where humans and supernatural creatures coexist peaceably.

Gilead by Marilynne Robinson: Paul found this book on a ist, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/12-books-that-will-lift-you-up-when-you-are-down_n_55ca2c6ae4b0f1cbf1e65991

If interested in any of these selections, let Paul know – or if you have other suggestions! All are welcome to attend and if you have questions, please contact Paul Holzer.


“These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”
You might remember Maria (played by Julie Andrews) and the von Trapp children singing the song “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things” in the 1965 movie, The Sound of Music. For many of us, music is one of our “favorite” things. While I can’t quote chapter and verse from a music expert, I have a theory that the music we favor first found its way into the deep recesses of our brains (and hearts) when we were teenagers and young adults. That’s the music which seems to make “sense” to us and to which we can most easily return to and enjoy.

In the 1960s, I became a lifelong fan of the music composed and sung by the Beatles. Four floppy-haired Englishmen produced scores of songs that swept this nation and many places around the globe. Several years ago, I remember going to a “tribute band” concert celebrating the Beatles’ music during the city’s summer carnival. I can still remember people my age sitting in their lawn chairs singing the songs word for word. I was among them. The melodies had been etched into our brains—and hearts.

As a child, I remember my father turning on the kitchen radio to his favorite local station. The music it played reflected America’s Big Band era, Hollywood movies, and orchestral favorites of the time. My dad also owned a humongous “stereo” console. The stereo played many 33 RPM vinyl records including his favorite classics and songs from Broadway musicals. I also remember attending “community concerts” in my hometown where skillful musicians, singers and instrumentalists, performed music, mostly classical. My father also had a sizeable collection of sheet music published in the 1920s and 30s and 40s. Much of it was the popular music of those years, but it also included the music of faith, some of which I knew from worship in our local congregation. Some of the best memories I have of my father and me are when my dad would sing while I accompanied him on the piano in our living room.

Several music genres—classical, Big Band, Broadway musicals, 50s and 60s Rock music, and the music of the Christian faith—have joined together to help me become who I am today musically. And this brings me to the real focus of this article.

All of us are shaped by music and we all have our “favorites.” At Messiah, this includes our favorite hymns of faith. Messiah has had a summer tradition of encouraging its parishioners to share their “favorite” hymns for use in Sunday worship. For Summer 2021, please let me know what yours are.

1. Send an email to my Messiah music account: messiahmusic1605@gmail.com.
2. Write the songs on a piece of paper, stick it in an envelope with my name on it, and bring it the church office at Messiah. If the office is locked, place the envelope in the door’s letter holder.
3. Mail a letter to my home address at 619 Yale Court, Des Plaines, IL 60016.

I will do my best to use as many of your suggestions as possible over the summer. Many thanks.

Bill Decker, Music Coordinator

From Pastor Knutson’s May Newsletter:

Dear friends,

Warm greetings from Southern Africa!

On Sunday May 23 the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa consecrated Bishop Naledzani Sikhwari as the first female bishop in ELCSA and the first female Lutheran bishop on the African continent.

Bishop Sikhwari based her sermon on the Epistle and Gospel readings for Pentecost from Acts 2 and John chapter 15, saying “We need to be taught again by the Holy Spirit to be a teaching church….we are also expected to be united as ELCSA….but unity does not mean uniformity….language should not be a barrier….gender should not be a barrier and COVID-19 should not be a barrier for us to remain in fellowship….Let us allow the Holy Spirit to lead us….to be light and salt for the world.”

Thank you for your prayers, support and your participation in God’s mission locally and globally.

Yours faithfully,
Rev. Dr. Philip Knutson
ELCA Regional Representative – Southern Africa
Johannesburg May 27, 2021
My blog page address is https://southernafricanconnections.wordpress.com/

Check out Pastor Knutson’s blog at southernafricanconnections.wordpress.com

Assistance Ministry
Thank you to everyone who continues to assist with this outreach to our neighbors in need. You have continued to donate food, toiletries, clothing and provide financial assistance.

We have been blessed with food and monetary donations from friends of our Messiah members as well as our congregation. We are doing our best to keep our costs down by finding creative ways of making nourishing meals using our donations. Our guests have enjoyed our hot meals to go but miss the socialization of eating together.

As of May 24, we were able to have our guests eat together, outdoors! We brought tables and chairs outside and served them a restaurant style plated lunch and a bag lunch to go. They were appreciative of this and several stayed the whole time talking. Pastor David was able to talk with several of our guests and they enjoyed that as well.

We will continue to follow Cook County and CDC guidelines and hope to continue serving our meals outside and then hopefully soon, inside. All of our team serving meals are fully vaccinated. We have been encouraging our guests to consider getting vaccinated as well and most of them are.

As always, we ask that you keep our guests in your prayers. We also welcome your help if you would like to cook, bake, provide a salad, drop off veggies from your garden, share excess food from a party, etc.

Thankfully, Connie Kaufman

Quilts & Kits
We’re looking forward to the prospect of returning to being able to work on quilts and kits again once the state of Illinois fully opens up. Once we’re able to return to worship indoors, we’ll look at scheduling our first quilt session in over a year! Yay! As we get into summer months, we get closer to back to school sales (sorry kids!) to gather items for school kits – plus the September ELCA Day of Service when we traditionally assemble kits and begin to prepare for the annual ingathering. Meanwhile, if you see any sales, on any of the items for kit or supplies for quilts let us know where the sale is! Also, we are happy to take donations of new or gently used flat sheets (any size) or material for our quilts.

If you want to check out the Quilts & Kits program at Lutheran World Relief, go to https://lwr.org. The new photo is a picture of the LWR Quilts & Kits Affinity Pin created to celebrate the 75th anniversary of this ministry. To order a pin go to https://lwr.org/qkpin.
Trudi Handzel & Carol Hrodey

Christian Education
Messiah Lutheran Child Care Center
The Child Care Center is looking ahead to summer and fall registration already! Since open houses aren’t currently possible, evening tours can be arranged for both sessions. Check out the February Newsletter for details on the Child Care website: www.messiahchildcare.com
Registration for the summer program is now open. For more information on CCC Activities and Programs contact CCC Office at 847-825-3767 or see the website at www.messiahchildcare.com

Upcoming Manna order dates:

Orders Due Available for Pick-Up
June 1st June 4th

We want to extend a special THANK YOU to Pat Kovach for her work as the instructor for our Confirmation students. Pat has worked diligently with the students even through the challenges of the pandemic.

Pat is stepping down from her position at this time so we are looking for replacement(s) for this very important job! Please talk to Pastor David or contact the church office if you are interested to work with our youth – what a rewarding position!

Congratulations Graduates!!
We congratulate this year’s graduates and wish them Godspeed as they embark on their next adventure! We’re proud of you!

Graduating from Child Care Center:
Alexander Nikiforos Emilia Martinez
Jacob Woppel Mac Schroeder
Mila DeCicco Teague Sullivan
Ariana Prieto Charlie Mlekodaj
Dylan Grady Ellie Lane
Emilia Smith Maeve Kottmeyer
Connor Murphy Finley Doyle
Gabruela Ziolo   

Samantha Fogel - Graduated from Lake Zurich High School and will attend Harper College in the fall.

Caitlyn Levy   - Graduated from Maine South High School and will attend Illinois State University in the fall

Ralphie Lippert - Graduated from Main South High School will attend to Oakton Community College in the fall.

Christian Travis – Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Ball State University

Tryg Jensen   - Graduated from University of Minnesota with a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration. Tryg will begin a Fellowship with Geissinger Health Care System in Pennsylvania!

Scouts – Congratulations to the Newest Eagle Scout!!
Adan Mulvaney of Troop 105 has achieved the level of Eagle Scout!! Her Eagle Scout ceremony took place at Messiah on May 15, 2021 Adan coordinated a team of scouts to improve Messiah’s landscaping on the west end of our campus as part of her quest to become an Eagle Scout.
Sending a big THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to Adan!!

THIS MONTH IN WORSHIP The following are the scripture readings for June

June 6th –Second Sunday of Pentecost
Genesis 3:8-1, Psalm 130, 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1, and Mark 3:20-35

June 13th – Third Sunday of Pentecost
Ezekiel 17:22-24, Psalm 92:1-4, 12-15, 2 Corinthians 5:6-17, and Mark 4:26-34

June 20th – Fourth Sunday of Pentecost
Job 38:1-11, Psalm 107:1-3, 23-32   2, Corinthians 6:1-13, and Mark 4:35-41

June 27th – Fifth Sunday of Pentecost
Lamentations 3:22-33, Psalm 30, 2 Corinthians 8:7-15, and Mark 5:21-43

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE We pray for each other, our congregation, our families, our community, our state, our country and the world during this challenging time.

Those who mourn:
We pray for Connie Kaufman and her family as they mourn the loss of Connie’s brother, Dave Holm.

Those who are ill, in recovery, or facing adversity:
The Dumerer Family The Hauser Family Mary Jane Kovach Trudi & Jim Handzel
Richard Levy Daniel Kovach Carol Hrodey Joe & Nick Levy
Maria Raicia (mother of Laura Hauser)
Sonja Snell (family of Bill and Cindy Decker)
Katie Brandon and Carol Rudy (friends of Dotty Burger)
Domonic & Leah Mareuccilli Family, Anne Flick (friends of the Lippert Family)
Teresa & José (aunt & uncle of Cookie Bonilla)
Pat & Ted Gradt, Amanda Jensen (friends and family of the Jensen Family)
Ron, Carol, Margot, Maggie, Steve W., Mary, Bruce, and Terry DeSchepper
(friends of David Swanson)
George, Pattie Aaron, Sandi Farley, J.T. & Becky (family & friends of the Handzel Family)
Ed & Toni (friends of Rich Seggeling)
Joshua Harady (friend of Tim Saul)
Brady Nelson (family friend of Alaine Wong)

Those who are homebound:
Arlene Baranowski Barb Loverme Dorothy Nagel Eva Thoren Dorothy Pollack   

Those serving in the armed services and first responders:
(those known to us & all those who serve)
Brandon Ajyek Tim David Tyler Daye Jarred Engvall Bobby Hanson
Jenni Hanson Mikey Hanson Andreas Johnson Claudine Ward Jason Koesler
Joey Rosequist Brian Nagel Eric Nagel David Nagel Officer Matt McGannon

Those attending college and graduate school:
Thomas Yager Phil Holzer Nick Levy Novena Christal Haley Lippert
Dina Salemi Arden Sasak Adam Hauser Ryan Hauser Kevin Kovach
Nikolas Ryczek Michael Yager

Those who celebrate:
Matthew Seggeling 6/1, Bennett Nugnis 6/1, Christine Ruterschmidt 6/2, Vikki Hanson 6/3,
Susan Bromstad 6/7, Nancy Boomer 6/13, Susan Kopij 6/13, Pat Kovach 6/14,
Natalie Norberg 6/17, David Divita 6/19, Barbara Loverme 6/22, Mary Jane Kovach 6/23,
Michael Yager 6/24, Floyd Yager 6/26, Jake Saul 6/29, Jessica Saul 6/29, and Zachary Clauser 6/29

Anniversaries this month
No Anniversaries this month!




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Park Ridge, IL 60068
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